Film Rattapoom is back from England

Upon his return to Thailand, “Film” Rattapoom had tears in his eyes after seeing the crowd of fans who came to welcome him at the airport.

Film revealed from now on he will be dedicating all of his time to work. And as for his unresolved court case with Annie Brook, Film is still adamant to get to the bottom of it ASAP. He also said, if he has the opportunity, he would also like to pay a visit to ‘Nong Teekayu’.

What are your plans now?

“Personally I want to spend time with everyone one first, spend time with you guys, spend time with my family. As for work, I’m actually on my way to sort out some stuff because in the past, I’ve been dealing with it on the phone and I didn’t really know much from it. All I know is, I have 3 lakorns to do”

Where are you off to after the airport?

“First I’ll be going back home and then I’m having dinner with ‘Film Family Fanclub’ and my parents”

How do you feel about seeing so many fans here today?

“Happy. I’m happy because when I was overseas, I was like a nobody and people didn’t know me. Every once in a long while, I will see a Thai person”

I heard that now that you’re back, you’re going to be dealing with your court case with Annie Brook

“I’ve had intention to do that from the beginning but right now it’s not in the stage where I can deal with it. I have left it in the hands of my lawyers before I left. I think they are dealing with it now. At this stage I can only talk to them to find out where it’s it. Personally, I want clarity on this”

Have you got an update on the case?

“Not much”

When are you meeting with your lawyers again?

“As soon as I get back, I will go and see them”

How do you want this to end?

“I don’t know, but I want the truth”

So you won’t be giving in to the case?

“I don’t know, but I don’t think so. Right now the whole country knows about it, so it’s got to be proven no matter what”

Janie went to visit you in England?

“She did but she went with her friends. It was Paula’s honeymoon. And maybe people saw us with each other. It’s just a friend meeting a friend. She knew I was in England”

So the meeting was planned?

“The media had written harshly about this, they said we went and slept together. But we didn’t do anything like that”

“Since I met her on that day, we have not communicated with each other since. I’ve been busy with studying and filming my show”

So will you still be in a lakorn with Janie?

“I don’t know if anything has changed. But from what I know, I do have one lakorn with Janie ‘Jao Sua Mua Nim’. But I will have to give you an update on this later in case there are any changes”

Are you planning to visit Teekayu?

“Of course I want to visit him. But I want everything to be certain first. I believe if I go and see him now, my visit will turn into something”

Source via Gossipstar

17 responses to “Film Rattapoom is back from England

  1. I just want to say one thing… FILM YOU RUINED ONE OF MY ULTIMATE FAVORITE LAKORN, KA NEUNG HA!!! Thanks RS for remaking a good lakorn but sorry your arse ruined it. LOL okay enough with my rampage. I didn’t mean to cuss but OMG I couldn’t help it!

  2. may somebody here tell me what’s wrong with him? is that lil boy his son??? and which one is his mom? it she Annie or Janie??
    seems like he pissed off some ppl here..

  3. I am just fed up with how irresponsible he is “I have left it in the hands of my lawyers before I left” or I have left it my mom, the company, to deal with. Personally, I believe that if you’ve made a mistake you’re supposed to clean it up yourself and not throw it onto others to fix it for you.

  4. Eww don’t tie this low-classed celeb. to Janie please…”she knew I was there” ??? don’t try to make news, you’ve already have more than you can handle my dear old boy

  5. I can’t stand him either. I hope they don’t pair him up with Janie in a lakorn because I’ll skip it like the last one. I clicked on this link because I saw Janie’s pict. I hope she has better taste in men then this guy.

  6. He shoul stay in England for a longer period…one or two years for example. I think people need to forget all this bad story before he could start his carrer once again. I like Film but I prefer to see him keep a low profile for the moment.

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