Mo Amina Calls Aump Patcharapa “E Gae” Behind Her Back


It was revealed on Famous Thai Gossip Radio Show ‘Chae Tae Chao’ that rising new comer “Mo” Amina wanted to challenge famous number one actress of channel 7 “Aump” Patcharapa Chaichuer.

Behind Aump’s back, Mo allegedly said;

“E Gae (old woman), she’s so old who the hell wants to watch her? It’s because she’s the favourite (Khun’s Dang’s favourite) that’s why she’s still famous. If it wasn’t for that who the hell would make her Nang Aek”

‘อีแก่ แก่ขนาดนี้ใครจะอยากดู ก็เพราะเป็นลูกรักแหละ ถึงยังดังขนาดนี้ ไม่งั้นใครเค้าจะเอามาเป็นนางเอก’

Wow~ If this comment really did come from Mo as the rumour claimed, then Mo better watch out and be prepared for a challenging battle….

Source via Entertain Teenee

53 responses to “Mo Amina Calls Aump Patcharapa “E Gae” Behind Her Back

  1. It’s about time someone put Aump in her place “OLD” Drag Queen of Thailand

    • What the hell? That’s such a Rude thing to say……..

      she’s a new comer so she should at least respect her senior actress who’s won so many awards….

      Plus this MO AMINO ACID is young but she is not pretty compared to Aum and she too will AGE………

    • Completely agree! I don’t care how many damn awards she won. Her acting is still sh*t and her face is a tranny.

      • she was good in the Jaew Jai Rai Gub Khun Chai Taewada and many other lakorn with high ratings she might dress a lil sexy but i like her.

    • I agree . Who don’t age? And to all the people with negativity to say about Aum P. Seriously…,I bet half of you be watching all her lakorn and if she can’t act how come she has done alot of movies? Kob S. Is older than Aum n so is many more! If it wasn’t for the OLDER N’Ek to open doors for these non acting little girls whom film havent even made it through a year yet and already having issues and starting drama! So..,before you speak without thinking through your thick skull observe and make it more clearly…because, 1) Aum P is beautiful and not a tranny. 2) Your not even half as beautiful as she is! 3) If cannot speak nice upon somebody don’t speak at all..”an opinion can be open towards the resource only makes the one you hate Even Better!”

      • I agree wit u Sassy. Aum is beautiful and a very good actress who is very much so in high demands. People tends to pick on her because she’s not fake and not afraid to speak her mind. Because she’s not weak minded like most people that seems to put her as a target for the media n Haters. Screw being polite if you feel like it’s going against the grain then u speak up, and that’s exactly how Aum is. My mom n I r twenty years apart n both agrees that Aum is a very good actress, she can play good bad weak strong, whatever the case maybe if she can stir ur pot while watching her that just mean she’s talented!!!! For that new comer who’s opening her rotten mouth instead of down playing Aum she should take pointers n learn when, where, and what to say about who. Before she know it her acting career might sink even before it started afloat LOL

  2. I know Aum is a lot older but it’s seems rude and snotty to me coming from anyone especially a newcomer who probably thinks she all that. If she or anyone else didn’t get the push from someone up on the ladder to promote them then they wouldn’t be anybody.
    If she did say it, she’s an idiot, because one day she’ll get old and karma will strike her.

  3. Aum is getting old but she still is pretty for being the oldest nang’eak from ch7. (correct me if I’m wrong). But Mo is rude to say that. Well she’s not gonna get any famous if she did say that.

  4. I don’t understand why she’s saying that to Aum. She shouldn’t say things like that especially when she doesn’t have any kind of work that proves her to be better than Aum. Aum maybe getting old but at least she’s still being known as one of the sexiest Thailand girl out there that many guys dream of being with.

  5. i do not know who the heck that girl is but i do know that she’s been starting trouble, even with kwan and some other daras.. if she really said this i wouldn’t be surprised, aum deserves to be where she’s at through all these time! she’s just trying to gain some popularity through aum .. hmph!

  6. Whoever this little bi**h is..Fk her.. What, she can’t pick anyone on her level that she had to pick somebody higher.. Aum maybe aging, but who isn’t aging.. Aum is too high for someone that low to be picking on.. Sh*t, one day that Mo girl is get karma right back, because she is going to be aging a lot faster than Aum…

  7. Everyone does eventually get old.
    I don’t like Aum P, or do i know her personally, tae i love her as an actress.
    She does a great job in her lakorns !

  8. I just think that it is stupid how new comers think that they are better because they are younger. Everyone wants to watch a Nang Ek who has talents. Doesn’t matter if you old or young. If you can’t act good for the audience then better go back to acting school. Everyone encourages P’Aum. She’s the best and will always stay number one in everyone’s heart. I don’t know who this Mo Amina is but one thing to say, “If you trying to make a scene so everyone likes you; try harder next time.”

  9. Wow if she calls Aum old then I wonder what she says about Anne, Noon, Aom and ect behind their backs.

  10. I’d completely understand if Yaya or another young actress who established themselves in the industry said something like this but who the hell is Mo Amina? She must be very confident about herself to be targeting senior actresses like that, hey i give her props for challenging Aump but was it a stupid move…YES!!!

  11. Obviously this rookie doesn’t know who she’s messing with…. I’m so gunna laugh when Aump fires back leaving her speechless… I’m not crazy about Aump but as a new comer, have some res

    • *typo*

      *atleast have some respect towards her since she been in the ET Industry for awhile geez… All I have to say to her is: way to start your career girl, I hope you last long enough to get to play as a nang’Eak cause I’m pretty sure with that attitude of yours…. Your either gunna get booked as a bad girls best friend or even nang’rai haha

  12. People who have statements like this are only jealous. Aum may be getting older, but she has the acting skills, beauty, and personality to stay in this industry for so long.

  13. wait, if this true, it’s so rude to say that!!…like new comer, some are good but some are hella bad and low at acting…lol….and if i prefer, i prefer aump so much more than mo…i think i’ve saw her once, but never been a fan or liking her at all….like it’s not good to challenge the an old, i mean a famous and good actress in the industry for hella years..because if u can’t compete to win her then u’ll lose face…

  14. I don’t know who is Amina a.k.a “Mo”. She need to stop asking for attention from Aump or any famous actresses. Don’t get me wrong Mo is cute but that because she still young. Although Aump are old but at least she still looking good for her age.

  15. omg i totally agree with logan and lala. putting aum in her old drag queen of thailand and adding flatface in there too. aum gets on my freakin nerves esp after that incident with kae. she thinks she’s all that looking down at people of whom her gayass bf messes with. her lakorns also suck. she’s only popular by flashing her fake assets-even that is getting old too. her beauty is overrated. big forehead, longass face, tranny looking. and i wouldn’t be scared of her fireback. she ain’t even smart all she’ll do is bring in her immature hi-so friends who ain’t got nothing better to do than to badmouth people. aum is so pathetic.

  16. kinda rude to say something like that to ur senior…even you hate her so much,just talk it in a good way,’re still young *btw how old this girl?* and you WILL DEFINITELY get old..but mo popular in Thai??she speaks like she’s o famous..i’m not aump’s fan,but i thought,if you wanna get other respects..please respect the others…and this one shows at least me, that you have no respect to your senior..hmm..that’s not’ll get hate from many ppl..and only those ppl who dunno how to respect others would like or love you..ckckck…

  17. Omg it’s not like Aum is 50 yrs old..if Aum is old than what about Mo mother? Unlucky for Mo, Aum is still more popular and prettier than her.

  18. You know it is still a rumor, nothing is confirmed yet.

    And if it is true, she better watch her back. You know I am not even a fan of Aump and I don’t even see her as attractive but I don’t think that comment was unnecessary and it was quite rude.

  19. What the eff she talking about???
    She young but she look older thatn P’ Aump and Ugly than P’ Aump lol…

  20. This girl is a new comer AND younger than Aump but yet, her looks are nothing compared to Aump. Her attitude seems snotty and too high up there. Besides, it can’t be helped that Aump is favored by khun Daeng. If she really is that jealous then go complain to the elders. It’s totally a cheap shot to trash on an elder actress who is already at Nang’ek status.

    And yes Aump may be getting older but she sure is a HOTT granny! lol.. im curious to see how good this Mo girl would even look when she age.

  21. I LOVE Aum. Mo needs to be put back in her place. She is being really disrespectful & shes only a newcomber. I dont know who she is, but Im guessing and hoping she plays the Nang Rai in Lakorns.

  22. LOL Wait, how do they even know that she said this? It’s not like she would say it out to the public and damage her career.

  23. Aum is not even old! Plus, there are tons of OLD/OLDER actresses out there that I love and still want to see in dramas. I like the older actors better than most of the new ones. All the new ones, there’s only a very few that I like. I think it’s so stupid new comers try and talk trash about the older ones. I think they should have more respect for them. And why wouldn’t Aum be Khun Dang’s favorite? She’s popular, she brings in ratings and that’s all that Khun Dang wants. I don’t like Aum 100% but I’ll have to defend her on this one.

  24. i’m not a fan of aums but i just dont like how some of these newcomers are behaving..i remember back when the older stars were once newbies they had more class and respect towards the elders. nowadays they are just competing for the fame

    • that’s because back in the days the seniors deserved to be respected, both actions and looks. what’s there to respect about aum, from the way she dresses to her actions? none.

  25. She wants to be famous that’s why she use the name of P Aump…sorry for her she cannot drag the name of our famous actress here in Thailand! I think she’s paranoid to be famous…
    She still young not proven anything,,and I think it’s hard for her to reach the star because of her attitude!

  26. damn, what an ass. how could she say such a thing.
    hope it’s not true.I wonder how is she going to
    cover this up.who is she anyway?

  27. No worry aump people jus hatin cuz u beautiful….. They jealous of ur natural beauty….

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