Cultural Awareness Society wants to put a ban on “Dok Som Sree Tong”

Cultural Awareness Society in Thailand expressed their concerns over the character of “Raeya” in channel 3’s hit lakorn “Dok Som Sree Tong”, the society claims this lakorn is highly inappropriate due to the conduct of Raeya who mistreated her own mother and steals other people’s husbands.

“Dok Som Sree Tong” also contain a high volume of explicit love scenes and should not be viewed by children – and as a result of these reasons, the Cultural Awareness Society is on a mission to either ban this lakorn from airing – or have it remade so that the content could be less inappropriate.

Leading actress “Chompoo” Araya who embodies the character of ‘Raeya’ spoke out to Manager about the possible banning of her lakorn.

“We’ll have to wait and see but speaking as someone whom have acted in this lakorn, I don’t want them to ban it and I don’t think that they will but if they do I will be upset because I put so much effort into this. I believe everyone involved had good intention including the writers, the actors and the creators. I believe we all had our responsibilities to society in our minds when we made it, we wanted this lakorn to be a lesson for people. Ok this lakorn was made for entertainment, but this is a good lakorn”

“If they decide to ban it, it would be something that I don’t want to happen at all. Every scene contained my own sweat and tears before it could be completed. All of my experiences were put in to act out the character of Raeya, if they as much as cut off one scene from this lakorn, I would be upset because I think everyone has done their job in this lakorn to the best of their ability”

What would you do if they make the decision to ban it?

“Would I do anything? I am just a small actress (laughs) I can’t think too much, let’s just wait and see. I don’t want to get too concern over it. In the past, they have been a lot of news but people are watching this lakorn. I ask everyone and they are all watching this lakorn and I am happy about it. People enjoy this lakorn so I don’t know, a lot of people are telling me to keep fighting”

Do you agree that children should watch this lakorn with adult supervision?

“Yes, there should be adult supervision. But I believe most viewers have common sense, everyone is very advanced now, they are beyond us. So I think for someone to want to copy Raeya’s character, that person would have to be a very immature child, so yes I agree that children should watch this under adult’s supervision”


24 responses to “Cultural Awareness Society wants to put a ban on “Dok Som Sree Tong”

  1. I think they should keep it cuz its not as bad as US, european film. I know thai culture but come on. I think the thai culture is already expose to film far worst than this. I do believe tha kids should watch it with there parents.

  2. there was a scene with Raeya was saying how pra ek wouldn’t come when they have sex because he is scared of his wife, thats the reason why it was hard for her to get pregnant.. I thought it was a bit too much

  3. I don’t get what’s the big deal is. They should be concerned with exploiting young gilrs in the sex industry doesn’t Thailand have that reputation.

  4. Thai culture should be respected, that’s all I’ll say. A lot of series have slap, kiss, rape and stuff but it isn’t as rough as this lakorn. I understand what they’re trying to say.

  5. I think the lakorn is just mess up. But nowadays messed up lakorns are pretty popular. Araya’s character is all wrong for so many reasons. I couldn’t stomach the lakorn more than a few episodes, I had to stop.

    With that being said, I don’t think they should ban it. I’m sure there’s a hidden message somewhere in the lakorn. Yes, there are sex traffic, prostitute and many more things that are worst in Thailand now than a lakorn, beside isn’t the lakorn coming to an end soon anyway?

  6. no…they should not ban it!..i love this lakorn, mostly donut!!….and this is what every child should learn in life, that it’s not good to be immature like “Fah”…and these days, hella young people already start dating before 13 so what shouldn’t be ban at all!…

    • this lakorn is really really popular in thailand right now everyone is talking about this lakorn everywhere.. after they launched this news, more and more ppl begin to interested in this lakorn

  7. puhlease…some kids are bad from nature. even w/o the lakorn there are aleady lots of bad things in thailand. everything is online too.

  8. omg dont ban it, i love this lakorn!! The thai society cant hide their citizens from the truth of life. There are ppl out there who can be as bad as Reaya or worse. Portaying this kind of character on tv may help ppl become more aware and cautious of these type of ppl if they ever have to deal with them. Its 1 lakorn out of the many other lakorns made per year with many other nang eks to look at, i dont think kids will suddenly start to think its ok to be like Reaya.

    • I know I think I might start now. LoL I remember watching Song Kram Nang Fah and then Bam! everyone wanted to banned it…lol its just entertainment don’t take it so seriously, there are worse things on screen that should be banned

    • Reason why they want to band it I guess… They look up to their Dara’s… Easily influenced I guess… Not all.. SOME

  9. If they ban this lakorn, they are the biggest hypocrite that ever walk this planet. And this is a prime time lakorn, why are the damn kids still up watching this stuff anyways.

  10. Dude regulate what you’re kid is watching. If not than the Cultural Awareness Society should do some lessons on parenting instead. I haven’t watch this lakorn but I’m proud of Araya for standing up and voicing her opinion. Liked she said she put her sweat in tears into this lakorn, banned it and all those months worth of work is down the drained!This is RIDICULOUS!! Cultural Awareness Soceity!! you need to focus on the HUGE sex trafficking industry happening in your country! Make aware that. Fix it and then come back and talk about a small 12 episode lakorn.

  11. omg, supervise what your kids watch…seriously?!? ban it from the whole country when all the parents have to do is pay more attention to what their children watch and keep them from watching it if it’s inappropriate. the character might be wrong in so many ways but it doesn’t fix anything to “shelter” society from such a character. it is a lakorn and the character’s actions might be escalated to get the point across but there are such persons out there in the real world and hiding it doesn’t make it go away.

  12. Didn’t plan on watching this lakorn, but when I read that this lakorn was the subject of being banned, I had to watch. LOL

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