Chae Tae Chao Revealed: It’s Not Tle’s House, It’s his Girlfriend’s House

Actor “Tle” Thanapol is in trouble after he showed off his mansion on a television show alerting everyone’s suspicion as to how an ordinary actor like Tle could afford such luxury.

When the media press tried to investigate further, Tle made up lies to say, his house is not a mansion and only appeared larger on TV because of the camera angle. However, the actor claimed – he bought this house for his parents from his hard earned income.

Weeks later, Gossip Radio show ‘Chae Tae Chao’ revealed, channel 7 actor “Tle” Tanapol has a rich girlfriend as a sponsor. The source to confirm this discovery came from Tle girlfriend’s younger sister who is currently doing work experience with GMM Grammy.

The girlfriend’s sister revealed to DJ Moddum that this house was purchased for 20 million baht from someone who was in financial trouble and sold it for below market value. Tle’s girlfriend is also friends with “Toukky” from “Ching Roy Ching Lan”, talk about small world!

Apparently, Tle’s girlfriend is a millionaire from ‘Khon Kan’ province and the total value of this house is 35 million baht, not including the cars in the garage – it was also said that Tle’s girlfriend takes care of all the finances.

Currently 3 families are living in this mansion – one part of the house is occupied by the girlfriend’s older sister, the second part is occupied by Tle’s girlfriend  + Tle’s family and the third part of the house belongs to the younger sister, who is currently working at Grammy.

This news was heard by Moddum when the sister tried to sell whitening cream to Moddum, claiming that this cream is also used by Tle Thanapol. At first Moddum, didn’t believe her and accused her of lying until the sister showed personal pictures from a trip to Hong Kong with Tle.

The sister then told Moddum that her sister purchased this house for 20 million baht and paid another 10 million baht for renovation. No financial contribution from Tle was mentioned but it was believed that he helped in certain areas.

Source via Pantip/Sanook

24 responses to “Chae Tae Chao Revealed: It’s Not Tle’s House, It’s his Girlfriend’s House

  1. Damn this is a shocker but then again this is the entertainment industry, anything is possible.

  2. I find it odd that the sister would be outting out Tle. Stuff like this is private, so I would assume she would try to protect her sister’s bf’s reputation.

  3. Ooh wow, Tle got a rich ass girlfriend. Good for him and consider to be one of the lucky man on earth. His girlfriend must be in love and head over hells with Tle. Well, I’m happy for him and his parents. If I were him, keep an eye on his girlfriend and make sure she is not going anywhere. I admit that it’s hard to find a good and kind heart girlfriend. I don’t even think about letting her go. I meant treasure her until death do us apart.

  4. Gosh, how embarrassing for him. Wonder what he’s going to say next? Lie some more or attack the sister? They live in the same house! It’d be so awkward.

  5. i was right that i didn’t fully believe he bought the house by himself. he really did have a rich sponsor, his gf! come on, he’s still young and his parents were never rich or anything. unless he has a major business, he wouldn’t be able to come up with that much. shouldn’t have lied. he dugged his own grave lol by coming out on a show. his sis in law probably don’t like him that’s why she did that lol i probably won’t like it either if a guy hung on to my sis for money.

  6. Wtf?! I heard somewhere that Tle was gay! Is that now true then?! Lol wow I hecka believed it too.

  7. Lesson learn for Tle, never lie especially on TV because someone out there will know the truth and more than eager to expose it.

    I didn’t think he was capable of having that much money to buy such extravagant house. It was way over his head. The sister must not like the idea of him claiming it his own when her sister was the one that fork up the money. Heck, I wouldn’t like it either if someone takes credit for something they really didn’t do.

    It is embarrasing that he showed the house on TV and make everyone believes that it is his and that he fully purchase it. Never lie..not on TV.

  8. Man I would be angry right now if I were Tle & my sister did all that
    dogging a brother much there? Hmmm just a little bit private stuff now everyone knows about it

  9. OoooOOOooOOoOoOo he got himself a sugar mama. Anyways I guess they turned that house into an apartment lmao

  10. don’t you think its weird that Tle’s girlfriend’s sister have a sister who is so rich but why is she trying to sell whitening cream on the street?

    • exactly what i was thinking…. plus can’t someone have a rich bf or gf without said bf/gf being called a sponsor ? That’s sound so prostitue like

  11. Good point I read that part and was like? eh? if you are rich why are you selling whitening cream? Do they have a business in it? I didn’t fully see the interview but I understand it a little. I live with my b/f for 5 years and we share stuff, sometime I have more than him and share and vs. versa..dunno…aint gonna judge

  12. Ouch! That’s gonna leave a mark…

    To be honest, I didn’t believe that he purchased the house either. Yeah he’s a celebrity but when you think about it, they don’t make much from lakorns alone. When you compare him to top earners such as Aum P, Pancake, Ken, Chompoo etc. who not only have lakorns but endless endorsements deals, he’s nowhere close to their level.

  13. I guess we’ll have to wait until he comes out to clarified the news. But it was hard to believe though since top earner like ken and etc doesn’t seem to have anything like that.

  14. The house is garishly ugly, gold colored motifs everywhere. That’s so embarassing to pass it as his own!

  15. damn, her sister is such an ass.using other people’s
    name to get something. I know that it wrong and lame
    of Tle for saying that it’s his house and didn’t use
    his girlfriend’s name.but her sister is also wrong too.
    both of them are wrong,

  16. well in one of his interview he said that he bought the house from a person who was currently building it. he just bought it off of the third party since the third party didnt have enough money or something like that to finish it off so he bought it and finish it off. he even said that the house isnt even that big but because of the camera angle and stuff like that it made the house like gigantic.i think he actually bough the house. he said its only 4 bedroom and 4 bathroom. that doesnt seem all that. i think he can afford that. and he said he got connections or friends whatever he got to help him design the house because the third party that was building built it that way all fancy and stuff so he had to just finish off of it.but im just saying though.

  17. you people wrote so much comments about Tle’s lies on TV regard his house. Its none of our business…. he just got lucky to has a rich gf. Beside his gf must be crazy in love with him to do anything for him. This called money-can-buy-love. I am sure if Tle didn’t loves his gf… he probably won’t used her money.

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