Golf tearful reconciliation with mom via press conference


After Golf Pichaya’s mother gave a teary interview to the media press that her son had left home and cut off communication from her for over 6 months. The family feud became talk of town and causing Golf to become the object of criticism on the internet.

Yesterday, at a press conference held by Nithipaisarnkul family, Golf broke down crying and apologized to his mother for leaving home.

Golf’s mom also confessed she is sorry for giving a press interview about her son – although at the end of the day, the mother said, it was worth it because she got her son back. 

Golf: Today I’m here to talk about everything that’s being coming out in the news. I want to explain to everyone so people could understand what happened. Because the press have asked for my parents but my mom was working overseas and my father only just got back. But today, everyone is here, so we’re going to talk it over so everyone can listen to what’s going on.

Mom: Everything that I wanted to say, I have said it all in my interview

Golf: As everyone has heard from the news. I just want to say that it’s my fault for not communicating with my mom. In the past, I may have hurt her feelings and I knew that but I was not brave enough for confrontation

Dad: Honestly, part of my job in the fashion industry is to travel a lot, I don’t really get to spend much time in Thailand and when Golf left, it was because his dance school is closer to Grammy and our house is far away from the school. He usually has morning classes and Golf has been getting up at 5am every morning to get to class on time and every night he doesn’t finish work till late so I was worried about him. When he came to me to ask me to move closer to his school, I took him to find a place. From my understanding, I thought I would go and tell his mom about it later but then I got caught up and had to travel again, I never had the chance to tell his mom. I think sometimes our society needs to understand that everyone has a job to do, Golf has to concentrate on his music and in a rational point of view I feel that convenience is very important for a man and the fact that neither of us had communicated to mom first had hurt her feelings. I think part of it is also my fault”

Mom: I was travelling to Australia and his dad told me before I got on the plane. I haven’t had time to take in the information and honestly I think he was afraid that I would stress out because that’s what I do and I am very close to Golf and I love him very much. At the time, I didn’t ask why he wanted to move and when I got back, the issue was unresolved so I assumed he left because he was angry and upset

Golf: Because I have talked it over with my father about it already. He took me to the school and around the area. In my new place, the travelling time between home and school is only 15 minutes

Mom: I have to admit at the time I was angry, I felt bad because I thought at the very least, he should discuss this with me first. So I was angry with him and I didn’t want to talk to him. The day he moved out, I was too angry, I didn’t want to ask him anything. I thought I was better off not talking to him and let it linger.

How long did you let it go on for?

Mom: Around 6 months

Dad: Honestly, the whole time that he was living outside of home, Golf knew his mother was angry with him and he was too afraid to talk to her

Golf: I wasn’t brave enough. I was afraid that if I talk to her she would get angry. During the time that I was living outside, I called my dad often, I would always ask about my mom, is she still mad at me?

Did you try to communicate with your mom?

Golf: The last time she travelled overseas, I messaged her and…(cries)


Mom: I have to say that I can be petulant. I like to win, Golf knows what I’m like and he is scared of me. Sometimes when I talk to my kids, I can be quite mean to them

Why didn’t you talk to your mom?

Golf: My mother is petulant and when I talk to her she usually gets angry so I thought I should just leave it for a while and when it gets better I would go and apologize to her later for upsetting her

Is there anything you want to say to your mom now?

Golf: I spoke to her yesterday already. And today I want to say that I’m sorry for upsetting her. It made me feel bad too

Mom: Golf and I have sorted everything out with each other and because I’m his mom, I love him very much and I was hurt a lot too. I am very close to Golf (cries) in the past, he’s been a playful child and he has always been a good kid to me

Was Dew the reason that came between the relationship between you and your son

Golf: Please don’t talk about a third party. It’s my fault for not communicating. I wasn’t brave enough for confrontation like this and in the past 6 months, I had to work so I didn’t get a chance to deal with this

Mom: How about I’ll just stick to answering questions about my son and my son only. Because the problem is between me and my son, I just want to deal with my family

Have you spoken to Dew Arisara about this?

Golf: I have and she didn’t say anything. But of course she wants me to sort it out with my family but today I really don’t want to talk about anyone else. I just want to talk about my family

Are you going to move back home?

Golf: I’ve discussed this with my parents already, I will go home once every week

Who are you living with at the condo?

Golf: By myself

Where is your school?

Golf: My school is in Nana, my house is in Talingchun

Mom: I’ve made a deal with Golf, on days when he doesn’t have school, he will come back home. We’ve talked it through already. In the past, when you love someone so much, you get upset a lot. But I don’t think any mother in the world would ever want to destroy their child. I love my son and I was upset, all I wanted to do was to let him know that I was upset

Are you upset that your interview became talk of town

Mom: Of course I am, but at the very least, I got my message through to him and he came back. I supposed what I did was worth it. But my son is not a bad person, but sometimes we don’t see things the same way

Golf: From now on I’ll do my best, sometimes I spend too much time working that I neglect my family. From now on, I will spend more time with my family

Mom: Golf didn’t leave home without a word, he left home with only his father’s permission and not mine. All I knew was that he was leaving, he never told me why

Golf: I just want to say to everyone that if you ever have problems, talk it over straight away and don’t leave it too long, because you will get caught up with work and you will forget

Source via Gossipstar

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25 responses to “Golf tearful reconciliation with mom via press conference

  1. Damn. And I was ridiculing him on the other post. I guess people just needs to listen to both sides of the story. At least its about school and not over a girl. I’m happy. Its a family reunion again, yay!

  2. I’m glad that they finally worked things out. However, I found it very hard to believe that this chaos was all due to a lack of communication. According to him & his father, Golf left to be close to school. I can understand that. But what I can’t understand is why no one cared to explain that to the mom when she became very upset thinking her son left because he was mad at her.

    Lets give them the benefit of a doubt that they didn’t have time to explain. Golf was busy with work & school…Dad was traveling. But for 6 months, they couldn’t find a time to sit down and talk things over? I would think that a 5 minute phone call should be plenty…

    In addition, she said that she is very close to Golf, yet he didn’t bother to discuss with her his plan to move out. Then he said he was afraid to explain things to her because she can be very mean. If his reason for moving out is because of school, I think this is a valid reason and he shouldn’t be afraid to talk to her. It just doesn’t make sense.

    What the mom said to the press earlier this week could potentially damage Golf’s image and reputation. So this is what they came up with in an attempt to back track her story & save everybody’s face (especially Golf). Very clever, but I’m just not buying it. I could very well be wrong; I’m kind of hoping that I’m wrong because I hate it when celebrities try to pull a wool over our eyes with their bs and lies.

    • I agree with you when you said that they held a press conference in order to save Golf’s face. Indeed, what his mom said in her previous interview damaged Golf’s reputation, since Golf got criticized by netizens after his mom’s previous interview.

      His mom doesn’t need to go through the media to get her son back… The help of his father was already enough…


  3. “Where is your school?

    Golf: My school is in Nana, my house is in Talingchun”

    YES! I can go find him now…BTW I’m not a stalker, really I’m not lol!

  4. They’re just doing damage control with this whole press conference. It’s obviously not about school, but a girl, Dew. How long has Golf been attending this dance school now? And he just decided to move? What about Mike? Doesn’t Mike need to commute too? Why didn’t he accompany Golf? Ugh, too many loose ends.

  5. Wth… lol this makes no connection with her previous interview with the press about Golf o_O Somethings not right.

  6. I find the press conference a weird. His mom’s previous press conference was kind putting blame on Dew in so many words. I think it has been a problem between her and Golf and I would be it’s the major reason for the drift.

    How his father didn’t have time to tell the mom that her son is moving out is really beyond me. It’s rather unbelieveable. Especially, since she is that devastating about him leaving, not one time did it ever comes across to him to tell her, (hey, by the way your son is leaving home)

    No matter how busy he is with traveling, there’s the phone that he can easily pick up and relay the message. The father really annoys me with his answers. This is just another BS because the fans didn’t like what they are hearing and to soften the blow they act like everything is OK.

    I don’t think it’ll end because as long as Golf is dating Dew his mother will always have a problem. It won’t be long until something surface again.

  7. Damage Control!!! That’s is what I think the whole press conference is all about. I don’t believe one bit that you have so much going on in your life that you’re to busy to talk to one another about a family member moving away from home. If that was really the case than they must not be as close as they say they are.

  8. yeah this is damage control…but either way I hope golf & his mom made up for real & that part wasn’t fake. But I know from being a golf-mike fan theyve always waken up at 5 & would be driven there in a van, but Golf & Mike both drive now so Golf prolly wants to drive himself everywhere in his orange sport car. Anyways, I still think the reason he left is bcus of dew.

  9. Oh Dear, I was questioning on the other website who’s that person beside Golf and mother, thinking it was his mom’s lesbian lover… Now I know it’s a he, and he’s Golf’s father?!!! (Sorry, he really looked like a lesbian!!!)

  10. Im glad things worked out for their family. Its hard when you dont know both sides to a story and so easy to judge before hearing.

  11. Iono but i think these are all BS…it makes no sense to me…stories are just poorly organized consider what the mother said b4…why do people lie when their stories do not even make sense at all.

  12. Is this the overprotective or overbearing mother that cannot accept the fact her son is growing up and might want to move out? It doesn’t mean that your relationship with your son is ending. She’s acting like a brat.

  13. His mom said, “I have to say that I can be petulant. I like to win, Golf knows what I’m like and he is scared of me. Sometimes when I talk to my kids, I can be quite mean to them” Can I say without offending anyone…future mother-in-law from hell? LOL…seriously..she said this about herself?

  14. At other website the news was about Golf move out because of a girl but,the real thing that he move out was about his school. I’m so happy that Golf move out because of his school not about over a girl. I think they really need some family time.Anyway,I feel sorry about them!

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