63 yr old man in wheelchair arrested for sending death threats to Ken Theeradeth


Yesterday “Kanjana Wongpuapan” mother of famous actor “Ken” Theeradeth Wongpuapan filed a police report at her local police station after a death threat to her son was delivered to her home. The letter was addressed to Ken and his wife – the inside content contained death threats to Ken and a demand for the sum of 100,000 baht. If the money is not paid to him, the man threatened to harm Ken’s son “Nong Khun”, “Noi Boussakorn” and everyone in the Wongpuapan household.

Today, the man who threatened to Kill KenTheradeth was arrested by the official. He was identified to be Mr Sintorn Yordkwien aged 63. Sintorn worked as an electrician and is wheelchair bound due to disability in his right leg.

Sintorn confessed, he did send death threats to Ken as he needed the money to pay for his personal debts and he saw on the news that Ken has given money and support to the disabled in the past.

Prior to this incident, Sintorn was sued for fraud after stealing 5,000,000 baht from his local community.

Last year, Sintorn was also arrested for sending death threats to famous country singer “Chaiya Mitchai and demanding the sum of 50,000 baht. After investigating his home the official also found the list of names and addresses for other celebrities such as Comedian “Koh Tee” Aramboy, Jakajun Akumsiri, Pok Piyatida, Mam Sirivipa, Kalamare, Annie Brook and the parents of Film Rattapoom – However, Sontorn denied intentions of sending death threats to those celebs. He claims he only wrote down their address because he admired them.

Source via Manager

24 responses to “63 yr old man in wheelchair arrested for sending death threats to Ken Theeradeth

  1. ok……if he knows ken gives money for disabled, wouldnt it be better to ASK for some charity, instead of threatening to kill and end up with no money, plus getting arrested? wierd logic

  2. He’s a scam artist! Why the heck did they let him out of jail after sending death threats the first time…HE’S CRAZY! & where in the world did he get their house addresses?!!? daaang.

  3. I don’t know what to say either. I’m suppose to respect the elders but the elders are suppose to set the right path for us and this guy totally throws everything off course. He should be jailed. They’ll take care of him in there :p Seriously…lol They will! He’ll be fed and have a roof over his head.

    Poor Ken and his family having to receive such threats. They do good deeds and it’s not right for others to take advantage of someone’s kind heart.

  4. BTW, DL, I was worried about you guys and came to leave a comment hoping if everything was okay since it’s been a while since update but I saw this new article lol. But yes, I hope everything is going okay behind the scenes of Dirtii Laundry. 🙂

  5. Thank goodness they caught the culPrit. I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night. Now Ken can have peace of mind.

    • LMFAO, I was thinking the exact same thing! He doesn’t look handicapped but just old and…he kinda looks familiar. I agree with everyone else, LOCK HIM UP!

  6. I watched it on the Thai news… Apparently he wasn’t the only one involved.. He was just stupid enough to get caught.
    He took photos of the stars from the TV on his phone. Even Ploy Cherman was on there 😦
    the news said he and his accomplices had done this to 20 celebs already =|

  7. Applause to Kens mom that she reported to the police. I guess the old man really desperate to do things like that.

  8. omg.. i think he got mental sickness.. 0.0 poor him..
    a, noi looks really ages in that photo. as always, ken really fresh and handsome too.

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