“Yaya” Admits “Moddum” Is Cheering On “Nack”, But Denies He’s Hitting On Her

Before all of this there were rumors that “Moddum” was cheering on “Nack” Charlie to hit on hot new comer nang aek, “Yaya” Urassaya.

When met up with the actress at the opening ceremony for the lakorn, “Game Rai, Game Rak”, the actress admitted that “Moddum” did come and tell her that “Nack” was a cute person, but didn’t think he would hit on her because they both have seen each other here and there at events. Both did not speak to one another for fear of rumors being started.

The actress said she rather be friends instead even though her mother is not haulting her, but in her heart she might be possessive and another thing is that “Yaya” isn’t thinking about having a boyfriend yet. She rather wait until she’s finished with school first than they can talk about it again.

As for her ideal guy, she doesn’t have one, just as long as he has a nice personality and is cute that’s all she’s asking for.

[“Nack” Charlie (Nack Fan Chun)]

[Source via Entertain Teenee/INN News]

14 responses to ““Yaya” Admits “Moddum” Is Cheering On “Nack”, But Denies He’s Hitting On Her

  1. MODDUM! Why must you do this to me! I want YADECH lol — but if the future calls for other guys and girls for both of YADECH .. i can move on .. right now .. i’m in this protective mode lol

    Thank you na .. i’m so happy grgr opened — can’t wait to see the finish product of YADECH ^^

    • Nack isn’t a newcomer he’s been in the scene since his childhood years. He’s a famous child star who still rises and makes a lot of money.

      • Yes. I’m surprise how many ppl don’t recognize him from Fan Chun / Dorm / Legend of Sudsakorn as a little boy…I love love love Nak and adore him soo much…Would love to see him and YaYa…this boy’s got soo much talent in him and soo much more to offer…can’t wait to keep watching him for the rest of my life LoL

  2. That is a really good picture of her. I wish I was that narak. Maybe then Nadech will give me the time of day. HAHA! Nadech is so handsome. So so handsome. So very handsome T-T

  3. Nadech and Yaya ain’t gonna happen. The same way it was for Anne T. and Ken ppl just need to get over it!

    Nack is very cute but seems too badboy for Yaya.

  4. We will never know cuz right now they r young. If nadech n yaya r ment to be together they will if not than not … they can be good friends like anne and ken.Best of luck to both of them.

  5. Nak is cute, Yaya is cute too but I don’t think they look good together off and on screen.
    I saw photos of Yaya & him on an event, he’s pretty smaller and skinnier than her. So far, I think she looks best with Barry

  6. the title comes off like Moddum was hitting on her.If this is the Moddum that is gay than that can be misleading.

    • How is it misleading? It says moddum is cheering on nack but yaya denies Nack is hitting on her. Smh I understood it well.

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