Raptor Concert is set for mid 2011

After 13 years away from the microphone, “Louis Scott” and “Joni Anwar” is set to return as “Raptor” for a concert scheduled to be held mid of this year. Louis confessed RS Promotion CEO “Hea Hoh” Surachai Chetchotesak has officially accepted their concert proposal for the return of  famous duo-boyband of the nineties, Raptor.

“I have discussed the concert with RS and the other band member. I believe there’s going to be good news soon. We are planning to hold a concert that would be worth the wait. Right now we are in the process of discussing venue, how many audiences we plan to hold and whether or not we will be doing old school stuff. As for whether or not we will do rap songs, this we will definitely do because I think if we don’t people will be disappointed. But we might have some new remixes and new songs”

“There will definitely be surprise guests; we have talked about many potential people. Some have already agreed to it but they haven’t given a formal confirmation yet. We’ve invited a lot of people, so it will definitely be a surprise”

“Joni is the brain child for ideas. He wanted this and that and offered a lot of suggestions. As for me, I’m going to need to get back to the gym because right now, I’m not as fit as I used to be. I need to put more work into it. If you ask if I have always kept in touch with Joni, well I think Raptor was the catalyst that brought us together. Because I’ve drifted towards movies and lakorns, and Joni took on Artsie jobs, but Raptor was always in the middle”

“I don’t think the concert will happen as late as end of this year, it’s more likely to be mid of this year”

When your body is looking fit enough, will you be considering posing for a sexy photo shoot?

“Sexy photoshoot? Well I’m going to need to get to the gym first. I know I haven’t worked out in over a year and a half. Right now I’m still not confident. But you never know (laughs) some people have asked me if I wanted to do one and I said I’m still not confident that I could but once  I’m at the stage where I’m confident with my body then I would want to do one. But it wouldn’t be too scandalous, it would be a part of my life, where I want to cherish photos of myself when I’m sort of in the middle, not too young and not too old (laughs)

Source via Manager

12 responses to “Raptor Concert is set for mid 2011

  1. Awwww…I love those little boys back in the days. I can still remember listening to their songs and humming along even if I don’t know a single word. lol

  2. I hope the concert is a success…. would love for them to be able to tour the U.S. *fingers crossed*

  3. hehe mr. louis scott, my lover…ohhhh why do you have to be oh so hot! he’s slowly killing me..

  4. EEEH! Wish I could find my old raptor album. It’s been sooo long! Louis is still charming and cuter than ever!

  5. Bring it on, Louis! I bawled when Raptor left the industry now I’ll cry tears of joy for their return.

    Have to dig out the albums and put them on replay!

  6. I’d like to attend this concert if it becomes official and dates are scheduled. I should be in Bangkok in the middle of this year! I wonder how we keep ourselves updated with their concerts…anybody has any idea? any web page links?

  7. i AGREE COMPLTELY WITH 2J….a lot of peeople will be crying for their return even if its a reunion..the hysteria and craziness will return!! show the new pop stars how its done??!! ONLY raptor can pulll this off there was something speciala bout them…and nobody can replace that…its very rare..and they had the best songs of the 90’s and i will love them and cherish them always and pass down the good ol thai pop music to my kids ect…I HOPE THIS WILL BE ON DVD!!!! not everyone can fly to thailand!!

  8. that is great! i wonder if there is any way we can get them to host a concert here in the US! how? oh how?! its exciting to know that they will be making a comeback! yay!!

  9. Wish i was there! but i hear they were releasing a DVD?! does anyone know where we can pre-order it or anything?? 🙂 please help, i am dying to get myself a few copies! haha thanks!

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