Nadech Brushes Off Title “King Of CF”; Isn’t Afraid People Might Get Bored

It seems like the wave of hotness for rookie actor, Nadech Kugimiya isn’t fading away anytime soon. Especially with so many products who has reserved him to become their presenter are all lined up. With the latest presenting job for the young lad is for OISHI. When met up with Nadech reporters took the chance to tell and ask him that he’s now starting to become the “King of CF’s” which Nadech hurriedly said that it’s not to that point and he’s not afraid that the viewers will be bored of him.

Plus Nadech reveals the latest scoop on his upcoming lakorn, “Game Rai, Game Rak” where he’ll meet once again with actress, “Yaya” Urassaya. Nadech said that working with “Yaya” often is making their work flow smoothly, but isn’t caring when fans want them to date because their relationship is of a brother-sister type. Which causes them working together comfortably. As for school and studying, Nadech wants to hurry and finish as fast as he can, which he’s taking summer classes at Rangsit Univerisity in the film branch of communication of arts.

But Nadech admits that he might not get to finish in 4 years, but he will try his best.

[Source via Entertain Teenee/INN News]

16 responses to “Nadech Brushes Off Title “King Of CF”; Isn’t Afraid People Might Get Bored

  1. I’m looking forward to their new drama, I just hope they don’t play the same type of repetitive character (like how they make Mark play so far).

  2. I will never get bored of you Nadech. In fact i want to see you in as many commercials as possible. It would be better if you had another commercial with Yaya too. Can’t wait for Game Rai Game Ruk.

  3. hush! i already get bored of him, i dont know, maybe i see too much of him…but yeh, he’s good looking, but i’m those type of person that get bored easily, he dont really entertain me at all…i think i prefer someone like prin better than him though…this is my own POV..

    • I don’t think you’re really get bored of him otherwise you won’t waste your time to leave a comment on his article like this. You’re jus jealous. Wait & see you’ll be more jealous because he’s gonna be bigger than this.

      • @ NOON, OK, why would i be jealous of him, i’m a girl and second, i think he’s just showing too much, i think prin should be active like him too, but maybe he’s just too silent, and whatever, it’s my POV only…so please dont be jealous…

        • I know you’re a girl, I don’t think a guy would be interested in this thingy. the feeling that you’re so uncomfortable to see Nadech when your fav star are not as popular as him is ‘a jealous’
          pls, don’t bring prin up in Nadech’s article. I’m his fan too. I don’t want Nadech’s fans hate him b/c of your comment.

          • ok, ok noon, why are you refering everything to her fav. stars now, you should just stop replying, because she’s not saying about her other fav. stars, she meant Prin, she just want Prin to show too, not only Barry..and i know ur a true/big fan of Barry, but she’s not refering to be jealous, i think your jealous, you make everything here sound stupid…

  4. If u guys r talking about mark , he does have cf but not as much as nadech , maybe the concept doesn’t suit him. They both good in their own way. I think i saw atleast 3-4 of mark ‘s cf.

  5. I think we see nadech more cuz , he doesn’t have much lakorn due to school so its easy for him to just do that. Mark on the other hand is different .
    Everyone of us have different taste and opinion about things.
    As for nadech cf, i find it entertaining cuz they r different from each other. Well made.
    I think nadech did cf b4 he became popular but it didnt really surface until now. U can’t really blame him for that. So therefore it seem like he’s got alot.

  6. Dang. I wont ever ever get bored with you Nadech! But if the character that you bring in a drama sounds so common, that.. I might be.. get bored a little. But not to you! Only the character 🙂
    Hehe. I love him with Yaya!! They are just adorable.. Can’t wait for their new drama!

  7. Nadech is soooooooo CUTE ! .. 🙂 nadech and yaya should be a couple ! they are such a cute couple ! 🙂

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