“Aom” Piyada, “Art” Sara, and “Pong” Nawat Stuck On Koh Tao For 3 Days

After a storm has hit the  many southern provinces in Thailand that caused a flooding in various areas and to many islets also. The latest news from the coast of Thailand was that actress, “Aom” Phiyada and husband “Art” Sara Jutaratanakul along with actor, “Pong” Nawat Kulrattanarak is stuck on Koh Tao  (an island) in Surat Thani for 3 days due to the storm.

They have been stuck on the island after having attending the event for the conservation of sea turtles. Reporters then went to question the PR for Exact and they revealed that the 3 are safe as the resort that they are staying at is on a good grade and it was not affected by the storm, but they’re more worried about the other tourists in that area because the island has lost connection with outside communication. With lack of roads, food, and oil for light almost out of supply. They believe that in another 3 days it will be all gone. Right now the lakorn that they have to shoot will be put on hold and “Aom” left a message to her fans to not worry.

[Source via Entertain Teenee/INN News]

17 responses to ““Aom” Piyada, “Art” Sara, and “Pong” Nawat Stuck On Koh Tao For 3 Days

  1. I will love to be stuck on that island with Pong!! HAHAHA! Is he watching that vampire lakorn with Ploy on YOUTUBE??? LOL! I wonder if he watch himself online too. He is so handsome. My mom used to hate him until she started watching his lakorns. I mean, who wouldn’t love him? I love you!!

  2. I’m glad to hear that they are doing fine. Wait. Did I hear they are doing a lakorn together? Yes, I did. I think. Lol!

  3. LOL @mouse’s comment….i used to not like him too until i watch this lakorn i started to love him LOL n i won’t mind being stuck w him either LOL

  4. What a pity when they are stranded in dire circumstances pplthink about staying on an island with pong ㅜㅜ

  5. That’s hilarious he’s watching “Ruk Mai Mee Wan Tai” with Ploy & Dome…eheehehe…maybe he wants to work w/ Ploy or MAYBE he just wants to work with Ch.3 LoL or he’s checking out the competition…

  6. omg so aum and pong r making aonother movie together??? do anyone no this??? its a good thing that they r all safe and doing good…

  7. They were there to do charity work but whatever lakorn they have in their schedule to film they will not be filming because they are stuck on koh tao. Dont mean they are in lakorn or movie together just their schedule has to be rescheduled.

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