“Ploy-Tar” hug for the paparazzi

Although many fortune tellers have read that “Ploy” Cherman Boonyasak and Navin Tar is another couple that will not last, Ploy is determined because her love life with Navin  right now is sweeter than other peoples’.

Even though Ploy did not get the major award, she still got a hug and support from Tar. Before confirming about her love scene with ex-boyfriend Dome Pakorn Lum, Tar is not serious about it. He just won’t watch it.

Source: Daradaily

24 responses to ““Ploy-Tar” hug for the paparazzi

  1. I think they are very cute together. They’ve already gotten over some hurdles together so they might be together for a while. I don’t see her marrying though because she said herself she won’t get marry.

    • if she doesn’t wanna marry Tar, let me marry him..i really like him..hahaha..kidding…
      but seriously wondering,how’s Tar’s feeling when he watched p’dome and p’ploy’s drama..XD

  2. I don’t understand why people just can’t be happy that they are happy. Why do they feel that it is their job and their rights to “predict” such a thing? So what if they won’t last, they don’t need to know that. They need to enjoy today and enjoy it without some idiot cursing them to break up.

  3. Ew hate this couple, you could tell they are fake like wier-pan, just want more work and money. NOT GOING TO LAST

  4. I don’t know much about Tar, but he is good looking and seems very sweet and affectionate toward Ploy. Ploy seems very happy with him. Dome is hot looking too, but he has this player type of look. Even though Ploy mentioned in an interviw she won’t be marrying, but it was when she was heartbroken and was betrayed by Dome. I think that is why she said that. But once you find someone who is genuine and family oriented, then you would want to marry that person. Hope Tar and Ploy will make it to the alter.

  5. They will date for a while but I don’t see them making it long lasting. Beside, relationship in the ET world rarely last anyways. Those guys will go through a few love before finding that true love.

  6. love Ploy&Tar…Tar is not a play boy…He ‘ll be good to Ploy…Anyway I just hope P'Ploy can receive happiness…

  7. I hope they last too. I like Navin. He sang that one song “Nam Noi Pae Fai.” I liked the song the first time I saw the mv. Although, deep, deep down, I secretly want Ploy and Dome to hook back up. Dude is so HOTT! lol But I know it won’t happen. *sigh* I can’t believe I never noticed him until Ruk Mai Mee Wan Tai. I guess it’s his character I’m in love with, not him. *sigh* LOL..!!


  9. They Are So Cute.. I Love Cute Couple!!OMG!! Super Duper Cute.. Why Would The Fortune Teller Says That They Will Never Last!!

  10. no way off ploy and dome are cute together they don’t need to seprate with each other they are cute together they match and perfect already:D

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