Pinky: “Til this day, I am still smiling”

Even though she doesn’t have any new work coming out, but she is still taking on events from time to time. Although she is constantly in the news and gossip world, the news or gossip never made “Pinky” Savika Chaiyadej give up.

“Til this day, I am still smiling.”

We hear that she is working hard and studying her script. She says that after she’s done with her international work, she will return to Thailand.

Source: Daradaily

36 responses to “Pinky: “Til this day, I am still smiling”

  1. I’ve already lost respect for her and won’t be supporting her movies/lakorns, but good luck to her career, she might need it lol.

  2. What ever happened to her Bollywood movie? I thought it was in promotions and supposed to release? How come I haven’t seen anything on it yet?

  3. hmmm..i used to like her cuz of wong wian hua jai..but after her scandal i really really feel disappointed…i still hope she would come back with a great drama..cuz i know she’s good in acting, but she just fails in attitude..*sigh*

  4. I somehow thought that she did give up when she left CH3’s lakorn. I haven’t seen her for a while but I am disappointed in her for the things she had done. She’s young and pretty why go after another woman’s man? SMH

  5. Of course she’s smiling. You have to have a thick skin to be a home wrecker and feel no shame. I don’t think she’s doing a lakorn anytime soon. I can’t see her play the innocent N’ek anymore. In the back of my mind, I would always think of a home wrecker when I see her face.

  6. Stop with the rude comments people. If you guys don’t like Pinky stop reading about her. Is that so hard?!?

    I’m glad to hear that she can still put a smile on her face after what she had to face with.

    • She brought it on herself, knowing full well what she was doing.

      Plus, this is an open forum, all can post their comments if they wish, including you and me.

  7. whether she has shame or not, she has to fend for herself. although i despise what she did specially still denying what she did, i can’t bring myself to say anything nice to her, so I will leave it at that.

    • It always urks me when people say, “they’re human, give them a break.” Yes, humans make mistakes & that is unavoidable for all, but some individuals are just so unbelievably thick-headed to not ADMIT to one’s mistakes and just sincerely be sorry for it. And that’s where Pinky stands. So how could people “give her a break” when it seems like she doesn’t want to owe up to anything, and rather simply ignore it hoping people will just forgive her? Where’s the lesson in that?! And as a once-fan of hers, it just really irritates me that she would be this type of person. So understand why people wouldn’t like her or have something bad to say about her. It’s because they have a REASON to. And she’s a public figure. You can’t really expect people to not express their opinion/criticism of celebs, whether it’s good or bad comments. It’s how people feel about that person.

    • I’m not personally attacking you, but think about it, if it was YOU in Tanya’s shoes, can you just really say “she’s human, give her a break”?…I highly doubt

  8. just when i thought i was going to forget about her. the one thing i hate about her the most is this, never admitting fault and act like she didn’t do anything wrong. what’s going on in this girl’s head? does she not know that what she did was inappropriate?

  9. I don’t get all the negative comments. Would you rather she falls into a deep depression for everyone who hates her to be happy? Seriously, what a evil way of thinking.
    I’m glad she’s still smiling mainly because its proves life goes on. Good luck to whatever she decides to do with her career. I always think kindly of those who stay positive in a difficult situation.

    • People just want her to openly admit to what she’s done and just be sincerely SORRY for it. Not brush it off like nothing…Hhow can you expect people to just forgive her when she is so in denial of doing WRONG? That’s like…I caught you stealing, but you never will admit to it even when there’s evidence, so I guess I’ll just forget about it. Um, NO.

  10. She wouldn’t have so many haters if she kept her panties on. She’s very thick faced and fake. The girl is pretty, got good education but she likes to take things that isn’t hers. I don’t understand why people are standing up for her, sure we all got the right to think differently but come on the girl don’t deserve no pity, she didn’t pity Tanya and her baby, so why must we pity her

  11. Thick-faced much? She did one of the worst things that you could do to another woman and is pretty much still brushing it off as if it was nothing. So, if she never gets a job in lakorns again, I can’t say that I’m sorry for her.

    @Ravanh: I understand that people make mistakes, but this isn’t one of those kinds of situations where the other woman didn’t know her lover/boyfriend was married. He didn’t lie about his marital status to her. Pinky knew that he was married and knew that he had a family. Even if Peck didn’t respect his own marriage enough to not cheat on Tanya, she should have been woman enough to tell him that she wasn’t willing to be labeled a home wrecker. Peck didn’t lose anything. Pinky lost everything. Her reputation is in shambles and she’s having to defend herself to EVERYONE. IMO, Pinky should have cared enough about herself and everything she has worked for to not get into this kind of situation.

  12. The eff she done wrong and she now know that shes wrong, give her a break i bet everyone here have made a mistake so come on.

  13. she dererved everything she gets now for wrecking someone’s marriage… For those who are supporting her… I don’t think you will if she sleeps with your boyfriend or husband… fullstop. Maybe she should have answered like the famous notorious square-faced person of Thaialnd… saying… it’s an honest mistake (but don’t mean it) and then take off to some remopte island. Hahahah

  14. everyone deserve a second chance.. I hope she will be able to face all the gossip & wish all the best for her career.

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