Newcomer Em busted Stefan for lying

Recently channel 7 leading actor “Stefan” Thasit Sinkanawiwat was busted on camera when a picture of him walking his co-star “Em” Jessaya Wiengket into a condo was captured by the media. When the photograph became public, Stefan clarified himself by explaining to the press – that they ‘did not’ go into the condo together, he only walked her into the lobby because she asked him to.

According to Stefan’s story, he is not close to Em, she is merely just ‘someone he knows’.

In the latest news, furious Em clarified her side of the story – which happens to be the opposite of everything Stefan claimed.

“I’m not going to deny it. We did go into the condo together. We acted in the same lakorn, we’re like brothers and sisters visiting each other in the condo. It might be my fault for taking him to my condo, but nothing happened. How do I explain this, we went out for dinner and he asked me if he could go upstairs and my friends were with me, Luketarn Alisa was there too. This happened on the same day when the clip of us having dinner leaked”

“Our relationship status, we were like brother and sister. We’re not very close to each other but I have known him for quite a long time. As for why do I trust him enough to let him drive me home, well let me tell you this, Stefan told the press he drove me home but the truth is, I drove myself. He did not drive me home, I never asked him to drive me anywhere. He came to my house on his own will”

“Was he trying to hit on me? I can’t say that he is because I’m a girl. And I don’t know if what he did could be classified as making a move on me. We talked to each other and now all these problems are coming to me. I didn’t walk into this, he shouldn’t be throwing the questions back at me, it makes me feel bad”

“Whenever I give interviews, I always tell the truth to the press. I confirm, Stefan did come into my condo. It’s a sincere answer. There were other friends at my condo too. Also he was the one who asked if he could come up to my condo. This I will confirm, I’m not a liar. We’re brother and sister, I’m brave enough to own up to that. I’m straight forward, I’m not trying to shame him or anything like that. I just want to admit that he did go up into my condo but there were other friends there too. I’m sincere and willing to confess. I’m not hiding anything. If you ask if I have lost my feelings for him after this event, well I never had feelings for him in the first place. From now on, he will just be my co-worker”

Have you spoken to Stefan about the news?

“We talked about the news and he apologised to me. But before this incident we haven’t been talking to each other. We don’t have anything to talk about. When the news came out, I texted him to say I’m not mad at him but please don’t jeopardize my reputation anymore than you already have, then he said ‘ok ja’. But then he goes and tells Prae that I went out for dinner with him on the day we did modelling together, but we went out on a different day. Now people are thinking that I set it up, I’m smart about it. If I were friends with reporters, I would probably be famous by now”

“As for people who want to think that I’m talking about this because I want fame. Well let me be honest with you, between someone who holds the microphone and someone in the background like me, regardless of the situation, reporters will always choose to interview Stefan. They don’t want to talk to me because I’m in the background. Even if I screamed, no one would hear me. So what is the purpose of me wanting fame from this”

Em ended her interview by stating that Stefan has no right to be upset with her for speaking the truth.

“Stefan has no right to be mad at me. What reason does he have to be angry. I went out for dinner with him and photos of it got published. The person who got her reputation tarnished is me. Stefan acted like I don’t even exist. But I’m a human being too, not a spirit. I didn’t go out with him because I wanted his fame, I went because he invited me to dinner”

Source via Manager

5 responses to “Newcomer Em busted Stefan for lying

  1. If they were true friends to consider each other as bro-sis, then i think it’d be okay to come over to each others place b/c they have the bro-sis bond. But different places in the world believe different things so I guess it’s just my perspective.

    • True, I have guy friends over a lot, lord I would be the whore of the town if I was a celebrity in Thailand…LoL…nothing wrong w/ a group of mix genders hanging around at a person’s place

  2. “we are brother and sister but we are not close to each other”. WTH?!!

    Such a lame exscue when they use that line. Gosh, it has been used and reused gazillion times can they just freaking admit the truth.

    I wish when reporter ask about a relationship, they’ll answer honestly.

    • I was just gonna say the same thing! Lol. She kept saying they’re like “brothers and sisters” but yet he’s lying and making you look bad and you’re busting his ass?? Doesn’t sound like a brother-sister relationship to me at all. It’s all contradicting.

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