Nadej works for 1 year, buys a 5 million baht home

Many people all over the nation are in love with newcomer “Barry” Nadej Kukimiya, whether it be his fans or business owners. No matter who it is, everyone wants a piece of this young hotness. Nadej opens up to us with his work plans for this year, as well as the new house that he finally bought for his father and mother at only age 19.

“Honestly, at first, I thought about buying a condo krub. After encountering so many factors, like if I were to buy a house, there would a big enough land for my dad to walk around and stretch his legs. Therefore, I decided to buy this house krub. It’s not too close and it’s not too far from p’Ae’s (Supachai Sriwijiton) house krub. I can even ride my bike to p’Ae’s house or vice versa, it’s not far.”

Why did you choose this old house?

“For the most part, it’s close to all my friends. Plus, p’Ae doesn’t want us to live too far so we can take care of each other. We can go back and forth to each other and it’s not far from my work either.”

It looks expensive… How much did it cost?

“Krub, it’s normal for this size house. It cost a lot.”

We heard that it cost about 5 million baht…

“That’s about right krub.”

It looks like you have a lot of work this year…

“It’s not like I wouldn’t buy it na… I have nothing to lose for buying it. After the incident, I went to make a big ‘tumboon’ with p’Ae already. My mom tells me all the time that if I have time, I should go ‘tumboon’ more often.”

You’ve had a lot of commercial shots, is that why you were able to buy a home?

“No, krub. At first, my dad made the down payment and I just take over the payments. If he allowed me to take care of it since the beginning, we wouldn’t have a problem.”

How do you feel that everything seems to be coming in perfectly for you?

“Krub, this is no one’s fault because it always depends on the situation and that moment of time. It doesn’t matter if it was that problem or this problem, I think that there is always a solution to every problem. It just depends which road you’re going to take. Like the incident last time, I’m sure no one wanted it to happen, but it’s something that is not expected. Right now, the injury is not so good. I’m still getting it taken care of.”

Source: Daradaily

10 responses to “Nadej works for 1 year, buys a 5 million baht home

  1. What “incident” are they talking about? I think that it’s pretty insulting for them to ask “You’ve had a lot of commercial shots, is that why you were able to buy a home?” Like why does it matter how or why he was able to get the house? They should be more like Congrats! You bought your first home at age 19! I’m just saying.. lol

  2. SO JEALOUS RIGHT NOW coz all i wanted is to buy a house for my mum and dad and a little house for me but right now got no money 😦 but congrats Nadej bought your first house at 19 thats a life achievement i think 🙂 keep up the good work na ja

  3. That is good for him, it’s show how much he loves his parents. At that young age buying a house is a very big thing but in the long run he can get it paid for early. Good luck with all you work na ja Nadech!! with care and love USA fan club.

  4. Love you Nadech! Keep being cute and sweet and you will have my support always. The interview was very polite!

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