Celebrities Offsprings

[Lift Supoj and Nong Prao, Jetrin and Jayda, Nok Jariya and Johnny Anfone’s daughters, Mum Jokmok with Nong Em and Nong Mick]

When celebrities have heirs/heiresses there is no doubt everyone wants to see their offsprings if they are handsome or beautiful like their parents/parent, but it seems like some can even be a celebrity themselves or is one!

[Nong Kevin/Kavin (son of famous Muay Thai boxer Samart Payakaroon (pictured below)), Nok and Chatchai Plengpanich with 2 of 3 children, and Nong Nate and Nong Noei children of Lukekwaang and Not.)]

[Nong Mack and Nong Kin sons of Mam Kataleeya, Nong Noni with mother Ann Siriam, Nong Plangton and Etan sons of Mew Lalita, Mew Lalita and mother Jaruwan Panyopas.]

[Nan and father, Chalit Feungarom, Nong Neua with mother Kob Papatra, Nong Hani daughter of Funden and Beau Sunita, Lukekate Methinee and son Nong Sky.]

To view more pictures click on the source links below.

[Source via Sanook! and Pantip]

11 responses to “Celebrities Offsprings

  1. I went to see more pics of the parent and their kids..guess who I saw..Cherry. She with a little girl..so when did Cherry has a kid? I didn’t know she has one?!

  2. All the families are cute,
    but the family I think look a lot alike is Mum Jokmok’s kids. They have the dad’s look.

    • wow is that lady in the picture with Mew really Lalita’s mother????????????You can tell she was pretty when she was younger.They look nothing alike.

  3. I still think Film kid is the most cutest. But all above are cute too and look like their parents. Kevin look cute in that picture

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