Which Rookie Actress/Actor Do You Think Is Good At Acting?

With so many new actresses/actors coming into the market and taking over from their previous successors whether they’re good at acting (or even better than the senior actresses/actors) there have been many who were praised for their acting abilities.From “Yaya” Urassaya, Kimberly Ann, to Min Pichaya, and many other actresses and actors who are still rookies from the scene are rising immensely fast.

Which actor/actresses do you think (who is still considered a newbie/rookie) is considered good at acting in your perspective? (They can be anyone who is still considered a newbie and does not have to be in the pictures or mentioned above.)

75 responses to “Which Rookie Actress/Actor Do You Think Is Good At Acting?

    • Porshe Saran and Gunjae Sal so talented!!! no doubt will become one thailand rising star ; )

  1. As for girls, the better ones are definitely Baifern and Noona. As for boys, I choose Om, he won at Tv Gold Awards.

  2. i havent seen all the girls’ acting ability but i have seen kim, yaya and min so far. they are all good rookie actress.
    as for the boys, i have seen them all. nadech, mark, om and dome are all great rookie actors. and hot too! haha 😀

  3. Min Peechaya, Mai Davika, Barry Nadech, Mark Prin, Yaya Urassaya. All of these people are great actors

  4. I have only watched Ch.3, and I think Yaya is pretty good but she just need to improve on her facial expression when she cries to make it more “appealing”. But she is very versatile for doing a sad and a comedy/romantic lakorn. I also thought Mint is pretty good too.

  5. Kim, Yaya, Baifern, Nadech, and Mark. I wasn’t a fan of Mark in his first lakorn, Ngao Rak Luang Jai but after 4 Hua Jai Haeng Khun Khao, I can’t help but to adore him. I haven’t seen any of Om’s lakorns but I’ve watched one part of his lakorn, where he plays pra’ek for the first time, Sao Chai Hi- Tech and his acting wasn’t all that great. As for Dome, he looks like he’s a good actor lol but he’s sooo pale…and he’s got sexy ass lips…:)

    • Umm…. If you read on it says: Which actor/actresses do you think (who is still considered a newbie/rookie) is considered good at acting in your perspective? (They can be anyone who is still considered a newbie and does not have to be in the pictures or mentioned above.)

  6. I choose Dome…..He is pretty good and good looking in Rak Maimee Wantai…..His songs are good too….

  7. I think most of the newbies now are better then pancake!! She suck!! I like yaya and I like noona also!

  8. YAYA,NADECH,FERN,NOONA…actually i want to choose p’dome and p’om too but then..hmm..not that ‘super’ rookie even they are good too…i totally for yadech and fern-noona,i like their movies and dramas..haha, so biased? i don’t care..it’s true XD

  9. I like all of them. the new waves are really talented.
    For actress, acting wise I think Baifern is the best but overall I have to say Yaya is the best out of them.

    Actors, I think Nadech wins all. I like Mark too, if you think his acting wasn’t good, you have to watch Wayupak Montra, he’s very good at crying. It’s so real.

    • hhaha..About Mark Part.I didn’t watch WM because I don’t
      like Ghost story lakorn.Damn, I should have watch it.
      but you should tell me when he cry i should go and watch
      that scene.

      • It’s in ep.8 I’m not sure if it’s ep.8.7 or 8.8 but it happened when Din, Nam and Fai ask Kati’s father to help Lom and they cried. Mark was the best out of the 3 sibling on crying. It’s so real.
        But yeah, his acting is still up and down, I think it’s due to the director. Om has the same problem on this but to me Mark’s acting is more charming than Om and his young look is more attractive.
        I think Nadech is the most stable so far, he’s good since his first lakorn already.

        • Okay,.Thanks. I can check it out.I agree
          with you Mark’s acting is like in the middle
          while barry’s acting is better than his.But
          I Like Mark more, he is my man.ha.:)I think
          he will improve on his acting.go mark!

  10. Geez…if only I can get pass how they annoy me so much. (Not all, just a few but don’t wanna name names. Mainly from Ch 7) All need improvements here and there so they are good but not great yet.

  11. ^^For acting not look, yaya is not really good and nadec and mark, maybe Om for the boy and noona for the girl but I like min too

    • Had you watched Four Hearts of the Mountain? 4 HuaJai Haeng Khun Khao yaya is real good in there and also Game Rai Game Rak which is now airing in ch.3 I gotta say, “Go Yadech!”

    • If you read on the bottom it says you can add your own rookie actress or actor who you think is considered good in acting.Doesn’t have to be in the pix or mentioned by the blogger.

  12. For girls, its Yaya and Noona hands down. Min is improving, especially with crying scenes but her acting is still not as natural yet. For guys…Nadech is #1 because he’s improved so much and he nailed his character in DJA, I think Fai will remain in memory for a while thanks to Nadech. I love Om and he’s a decent actor but I have yet to see him take on a challenging role. As for Mark and Dome…they have a lot to improve on especially in making their acting look effortless.

  13. I only know Yaya, Kim, and Min.I can count that I
    know Namcha but I haven’t seen her acting before.
    For me Yaya, Kim, and Min haven’t really win me yet.
    I still don’t have a feelings of they are good at acting. I think I need to wait until a good Lakorn of them comes out and convinces me.
    For the guys,I think Barry and Om is good at acting.
    For my man, Mark, Sorry, He is just okay.I Love Him
    more than any of them guys but his acting is just okay.
    None of his lakorn have really make me want to watch it
    over again.But I Still Love him.He is GOOD at singing
    though.:) As for Dome, I seen only one episode of Love
    will never die only, so, I think I need to finish the
    lakorn first before I make a decision if he’s good or not.

  14. Baifern is a wonderful actress. She did so well in Little Thing Called Love. I absolutely adore Yaya. She grabs hold of her characters well. Min blows me away with her character portrayals. I’ve always loved Mark. xD Nadech is really good with his facial expressions. Om’s growing on me.

  15. Ladies: its hard, i like noona and yaya both!!! noona has only done hello stranger so its hard to judge her compared to yaya who has played a reserved girl with rome pachata to fiesty jeed. big role difference. acting wise, YAYA. Guys: Nadech to the max!! his presence on screen! even when he was second to mark in their first lakorn i think he overshadowed mark. he’s not only handsome i think he is a very good actor.

    • Noons has a lakorn out can’t remember the name but it’s about swimmers. Hot guys in swimming in swimming shorts!

  16. Mai Davika, Min Pecheya, Baifern, Noona (she made me laugh so hard in Hello Stranger), Om, and Porshe Saran in Look Khon. Plus his voice is fabulous.

  17. For the girls i think noona and kim, and for the guys it has to be nadech. om is hot but not taht good on acting

  18. In my opinion I think Yaya good,Kim and Min also Baifern, never saw Namcha act but she’s cute.

    I think the overexposure of actress make them become unlikeable,

    But for Guys Nadech ,Om are to good one!
    Even though Mark is still stiff,the guy had potential.

  19. Sadly, I have not watched any dramas with any of these actors/actresses except for Om. I normally just stick to the older/veteran(a-list) actors/actresses that I’m familiar with.

  20. i go for BAIFERN!! a lil thing called love is like legend for us, intl fans..she even hv a phil fanclub for that movie..and for guy, i go for Mark..he’s the best in 4HHK

  21. i chose om and jui they are realy cute .now i’m in love with them so hope they have a lakorn together again

  22. I like all of them but i would pick nadech and yaya. I saw mark and om ‘s lakorn but they r not really convincing for me yet . Maybe twd mark will shine. To be honest , I have always like om for his looks and his body but not his acting..lol

    • Oddio, ani#ch39;&o propendo che sia una burla (ma solo perché è talmente idiota da sperare che non sia vero) ma conosco persone convinte al 100% che:- se per sfiga ti ritrovi una banconota falsa puoi andare in qualsiasi banca ché te la cambiano con una vera- la Lega Calcio ha adottato per tutte le squadre di serie A due diversi modelli di pallone: uno per le gare in casa e uno per le gare in trasferta

  23. I think Baifern overdid her crying scenes in the movie Sing Lek Lek Thee Ria/Crazy Little Thing Called Love (did I spell it right?), but I do enjoyed that movie after it first aired here on Philippine TV. It’s also my first time to see and know her, and Mario as well.

  24. Nadech is the best out of the bunch you’ve mentioned; he’s the only one that I’m actually following because of his acting…but of course his looks too! Haha. I’m older than him, but he’s just too handsome to resist right? LOL. I haven’t seen a rookie actress that has blown me away with her acting…

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