Do You Believe Peck?

On the popular Thai webboard, Sanook there is a topic asking readers if they believe “Peck” Sanchai Engtrakul saying that he is standing affirmative to his words that he has not involved himself (for awhile) or will involve himself with younger actress, “Pinky” Sawika Chaidech anymore.

“Peck” goes on to say on the interview for ASTV that he and wife actress, “Tanya” Tanyares Engtrakul are still married.

“My status with Tanya is OK like before. We have no problems like people are speaking about. I still talk to my daughter everyday and I still look after their subsistence as usual.”

“Our marriage right now is not on the verge of divorcing. There are no problems and everything is still the same, but as for the problems we are going to let it be up to the future. I don’t want to speak of it anymore. Today everything is still the same as always, but as for how the future will turn out like? I don’t know. Right now I am doing the best that I can, but there are so many news that aren’t true popping up all the time and it’s the cause of our problems.”

“It is starting to ease up, but there are those who try to make up new rumors all the time. I don’t know what they’re thinking, but it’s OK. If a problem persists than I’ll just clear it up and I hope that today it will end and I believe that it’s about to end. There’s nothing now.”

“Now we are understanding one another more, but there are times when there are news that break out already and it causes us to have problems again. She is far from me, so she doesn’t know what is true or isn’t. But if you ask about the root cause of the problem is some will say that it’s my promiscuity which is a normal thing for guys, now there is nothing. Now I am staying still and as for the news of the younger actress that I was in the news with, I  have not had nothing to deal with her for a long time already.”

Here are a few netizen comments regarding the interview “Peck” has given to ASTV.

“I don’t believe him, but I’ll give him another chance.”

“You think you’re damn handsome? If you didn’t have money don’t think anyone would look at you. I wouldn’t even want you.”

“Tanya isn’t very smart at all. She’s an adult that is very stupid. Why she picked this guy to marry is a wonder to me. She’s not smart at all because her life is in living hell.”

“Promiscuity is a normal thing for guys? It’s because you think like this that’s why there are problems!”

18 responses to “Do You Believe Peck?

  1. -.- divorce him and get him to pay for child support. 😛 if they divorce, cant she take half or more of his wealth? or is it different in thailand compared to here?

    • How long have Peck and Tanya been married? Also maybe Peck refuse to give Tanya a divorce. In my state you have to be married for at least 10 years to get half or more then half of his wealth. You also have to serve the divorce papers to the other party with at least 3 attempts before you can get court orders. Then afterward it goes through a 6 month process if there are no assets involve. So it does take a while to get divorce here in the states if one party doesn’t want that divorce or drags it out.

  2. I found his face-nose so pig-look-alike, so disgusting; his character is match with his physical. “Promiscuity is a normal thing for guys? You’re married stupid idoit.

    He thinks, he is God gives, when he so ugly…

  3. If I’M HIS WIFE, I WOULD HAVE SOMEONE ON THE SIDE, HE IS SO UGLY MAN. I could not stand to see him everyday for sure, right alone sleep with him.

  4. i didn’t read it cuz i’m tired of this though i wonder if peck’s elders teach him that promiscuity is a normal thing for guys.

  5. so he is admitting he and pinky had something going on?? I thought he wanted to protect her now he says this! what a douche!

  6. i feel a bunch of disappointing over pinky sawika..i thought she would choose a good ‘single’ man after broke up with aum but then she did something very wrong…and this guy,, have a beautiful wife but you had an affair…ckckck..his wife should divorce him but maybe she thought bout their children…i heard about this when i went to Thai, *sigh* so where is pinky right now?

    • Didn’t you hear the phone convo….she was already messing around with Peck when she was with Aump.

  7. For the rich an affair is nothing. These girls that married the rich knew that and still does it anyways. It’s well known that more than a few has a mistress aside regardless how pretty the wife is, it has been common knowledged. They have money so they don’t really care about much, to them what is there that money can’t solve?

    I think the girls need to put some self worth in them. These guys have money but everything else they don’t have. If the guys isn’t rich these girls probably pass them on the street and wouldn’t even give them a second glance. If they want the money so badly they deserve what they get. It’s harsh but if you sacrafice yourself for money than you have to willingly take what’s coming to you. 🙂

  8. There’s probably a reason why Tanya isn’t divorcing him yet, but it’s apparent she doesn’t want to be with him, that’s why she moved far away. It’s easy for us to say, “DIVORCE ALREADY!” but there’s lots more complications that we don’t know about. I personally don’t think Tanya is dumb at all, in fact, she’s pretty smart to record all the phone convos for evidence! I don’t know what Tanya’s thinking right now, but maybe she’s weighing in her options. That’s what smart women do, they aren’t hasty with their decisions. As for Peck, I don’t believe anything that comes out of that cheater’s mouth! Seems like he just wants to hush this away pretending everything is fine, yeah right! Peck is just a selfish pig of a man & to excuse himself of promiscuity just because he’s a man…ugh! Poo chai mai mee sak-see! Same goes for Pinky, too. I can’t believe she’d let an old, ugly guy that’s married romance her. Yuck!

  9. I lost every respect I have towards pinky. Disgusting girl and bad role model. They should ban her from thai et world. One hand clapping can never make a sound, so she is the other hand clapping with peck to make this drama started.

  10. Right now a lot of actresses are holding on to their hi-so boyfriends/mate. They know that their acting career is short. They want that security even though their mates are not exclusive or willing to commit. Look at Ann and her boyfriend, Aum/Note. I’d say drop them all. Money is so not worth it. Just me.

    • That’s why they should have a back up plan. Fame comes and go, especially when the industry is so competitive. The girls are selling themselves short when money becomes the most important thing. And sadly, I think these hi-so guys know it. That is why they do what they want because of the money and think that the girl will not walk away from the fortune.

    • Um..Anne T is not holding her boyfriend to dear life…lol They have been dating for 11 years now, plus it’s Anne who wish not to be married because she still want to act. It just show how gentleman her bf is the fact that he’s willing to wait for her, so there’s a nice hi-so out there. Plus Anne has been in the ent. for 22 years now I’m pretty sure she has her own money so she doesn’t need any hi-so for Anne is not pathetic like Aum who goes around picking on other actresses because her man can’t stay faithful to her.

      I think the media should just let this story die already. They got their consequences already. And Peck is a loser. Props to Tanya for willing to stay with a stupid guy like Peck. He’s rich for nothing.

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