Jui is upset, she won’t get to marry her first boyfriend

“We tried and we had to admit the reality that things didn’t work out the way we wanted” revealed “New” Wongsakorn in regards to his break up with “Jui” Warattaya.

“Even though we’re disappointed in love, but we still have good feelings for each other. There’s no grudge as rumoured”

What’s the reason for your break up?

“Jui has already explained everything”

There’s a rumour that you asked Jui to choose between you and Posh Sarun

“That’s false news”

There’s also a rumour of a romance between you and Tarn Kanya

“Honestly, it wasn’t me”

Another rumour claimed you got busted because you went to a brothel with Stefan

“I’ve never been out with Stefan, but maybe in the future I might hang out with him”

“Our relationship is over now and I want it to be over nicely. Every single gossip that’s been coming out is heart breaking. Honestly, this is about two people so it should only end with two people. Please don’t bring  anybody else into this”

Any chance to reconcile?

“That depends on the future”

You planned to marry Jui

“Yes, she was the one, I had big expectations about my future with Jui, but in the end, it didn’t work out”

On the same day, Jui Warrattay also revealed;

“Right now I’m totally single, no flings, not dating anyone and not ready to see anyone”

Fans are hoping for you to get back with New

“Thank you so much for the good intentions. The good feelings that I still have for New, are all still there. But if he is not the one, then no matter what he cannot be the one. I shouldn’t waste my time. But if you ask if New is a good man, he will always be a good man to me”

New said, you were the one he wanted to marry

“I used to hope for the same thing. But when it came to the point when we realize we could never get there, I have to acknowledge that. When I get into a relationship with someone, I never think about breaking up. When I’m in a relationship, I want to be in it all the way”

“My mother married her first boyfriend, who is my father. So I’ve always  wanted to marry my first boyfriend too (cries)”

Reporters tried to ask Jui further questions, but the actress broke down crying and simply ended the interview.

Source via Khaosod

21 responses to “Jui is upset, she won’t get to marry her first boyfriend

  1. ooohh, poor girl.
    Sounds like they will never get back together. she must be mad at him for something, sounds like it…

  2. Wait. I thought she used to date Captain. That is so weird, from what she is saying is that New is her first boyfriend? Doesn’t sounds right though.

  3. This is so sad. I’ve been dating my first boyfriend for six years now and I totally know how she feels like. Like every relationships, there is not a single one that will be perfect. My boyfriend and I have had our ups and downs and even to the point where we were almost to the edge of breaking up but luckily, we survived through it. She makes me want to cry with her. I actually love this couple.

  4. 😦 they were both my favorite actors. I really thought they were going to last forever & they just opened a restaurant together *tears* ='(

  5. She is such a beautiful person inside and out so I know she will be okay and she will find someone better.

  6. Captain must be invisible then. if she can say that about Captain down the road she’ll say that about New too. lol. She’ll meet someone else fall in love and hoping to marry her first love. 🙂

    Break up is hard and many years invested is even harder. They are pretty people so it won’t be long before one of them find a significant others.

  7. I’m really sad about their break-up. I really believed they’d come to the point of being together forever. I watched their interview and Jui seemed really sad.
    oh well I still love these 2! ❤

  8. Man, that’s so sad. They were always my favorite couple besides Aom and Art, and Puri and Ann Alicia.

  9. This is So SAD!!!=( I Thought That They Will last Forever! Why Did They Broke Up? No Way!! I Hope They Will Be Back Together In The Future! So Sad For Both Of Them!=(

  10. Oh…if jui cried while being interviewed then I would assume that she wasn’t the one who broke it off…how sad..it sounded like Jui wanted to go all the way w/ her bf but then things didn’t turn out that way..maybe they need some time apart…oh jui!!

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