Ice did not introduce Sammy to Note – She believes It’s Fair for Aump to call and ask

“I was clear when I said I didn’t introduce Sammy to Note” Says “Ice” Apisara Kruekongka in regards to a new rumour alleging her to be the one responsible for introducing “Sammy” Bunthina to Socialite “Note” Vises, boyfriend to “Aump” Patcharapa.

 “A reporter confronted Aump at the launch of her lakorn to ask her how she felt about me admitting that I introduced Sammy to Note. I felt that was so unfair to me because I was clear to reporters when I gave them an interview at Siam Paragon”

“I think Aump understands me and knows that I didn’t introduce Sammy, it’s not just me who looks bad because of this news. Sammy looks bad too, have you ever asked her if she knew Note?”

Do you think you could look at Aump in the face again?

“I don’t know how she feels at this stage but I feel really sorry for Sammy. She is still new to the industry and a rumour like this would shock her. I’m like the middle person who shouldn’t even be in the middle because this has nothing to do with me, but somehow my name is linked to this”

Do you have to be more careful now?

“I don’t want to interfere in other people’s love life, whether as the introducer, or the middle person”

Do you plan to sort this out with Aump?

“I don’t need to. I have said before that there’s nothing between me and Aump so please don’t say we need to sort anything out. I’m younger than Note and I know Aump. She didn’t call me to sort anything out. That day, reporters asked me if Aump called me to ask me about the news and I said yes I spoke to her and I told her the rumour was false news”

“Aump has the right to call me to ask me about it because the news claimed that I was involved. She wanted to know if it was true, so she asked. And I believe, that is fair of her to ask. There are no problems between us”

Source via Khaosod

17 responses to “Ice did not introduce Sammy to Note – She believes It’s Fair for Aump to call and ask

  1. Sometimes I wonder if the reporters have MORE interesting news. Aump’s affairs are starting to make me hate Aump. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a great actress, but her outside life is so freakin stupid!! It is her right to call but seriously, he’s not worth it.

  2. This Aump’s boyfriend, Note, involving this woman and that woman is getting effing ridiculous! Aump needs to get a hold of herself and stop being a paranoid psycho gf or just dump the guy if she doesn’t trust him being around any woman! It’s like this couple is starting drama with everyone in the industry. No one wants your ugly bf, Aump. RELAX!!!!!!!! Someone PLEASE go tell her that -.-

    • I AGREE!! If She Don’t Think her Boyfriend Is Right To Her.. Fucken Broke Up Then.. Sammy Is A New Girl From a Lakorn!! Bundai Dorruk!! Omg! i Think She Is So Pretty. But Wow She’s Already In The Bad News!!

  3. so it’s ok to ask, but seriously, is aum planning to call everyone? I supposed if someone is a fan of aum and really wants to talk to her on the phone they should start by flirting with note. It’s a sure way to get a personal phone call from aum lol

  4. Does EVERY girl that get introduces to Note have to go through Aump. Does every girl that enter Note’s life want to date him and be with him…reporters need to lay off this topic

  5. Of gosh more drama with Aump and Note. When will this end. If Aump comes out to defend Note or side with him, then she is as worthless as that man.

  6. love sammie and aump so much and for the ugly bf i couldn’t care less. Aump and note is like beauty and the beast hope aump dumps the beast real soon getting sick of it now 😦

  7. is it just me or does sammie somewhat remind me of lauren conrad… Anyways aump is getting pathetic and psycho

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