Cee Siwat’s thoughts on weddings; “It’s a waste of money”

“Cee” Siwat revealed his girlfriend “Amy Klinpratoom’ suffers from cervical abnormality and the only cure is for her to conceive a child. In preparation for marriage, Cee Siwat announced he will have to go into monkhood first. But ideally, Cee confessed, he would prefer to live with his girlfriend before marriage. However, for cultural reasons, he is not permitted to do so.

“I’m concern about Amy’s heath because she has Cervical abnormality and if she gets surgery. She may not be able to have a child in the future. Right now, I have to take really good care of her. I take her to the hospital for check-ups every 3 months. The last time we went to the hospital, they said not to worry about it”

“At this stage, I know so much about cervical illnesses (laughs) if anyone has a question about Cervical abnormalities, feel free to ask me, I know everything. I’ve been reading about it ever since Amy was diagnosed. And I’ve been doing research on treatments and cures because this can actually progress into cancer”

“Her doctor said, if she gets married and has a child, pregnancy can cure this illness. But I don’t want to have a child yet. I want to live with her for another 2 years, give us some time to go travelling”

“Before getting married I also need to go into monkhood first. I’ve been wanting to for a long time and I planned to be ordained this year, but I have so much on. I was going to be ordained end of year but now I can’t because I have 2 lakorns then. So maybe beginning of next year”

“As for Amy, she’s ok with whatever. She doesn’t say too much aside from asking when do I plan to go into monkhood. We don’t argue about it. We talk about it because we care. If I give her a timeframe and I can’t stick to it, then it’s not good for me. Getting married has to be real, I can’t just say when. Whether or not I’m ready for it is not a matter of when I can give you a date, it’s a matter when I’m physically ready. I have to be truly ready”

“When I announced that I would marry her in 2 years. At the time I was under a lot of pressure. Because I don’t really talk about it and it’s not that I’m afraid we would break up because of a 7 years curse. I’m not scared of that. Maybe I might even live with her before married. I can tell you now that at this stage, I’m mature enough to do that. I feel like I’m a good citizen, a good son and I’m capable of making my own money. I like the idea of living with someone before marriage, but this is just my opinion. I haven’t discussed this with the relatives yet”
“If say, I was going to live with Amy before marriage, then it would mean that I believe, Amy is the person that I want to marry. I wouldn’t move in with her if she wasn’t. In my opinion, l’m not looking at living before marriage as the right way to do things. I understand that in Thai culture, there’s a tradition where a man needs to ask the girl’s parents for her hand first”

“I think a wedding is every girl’s dream. But to me, it’s a waste of money. I’m not stingy. But I think there are better ways to spend money than to buy cakes and whatever. But if I have to pay for these things in order to show respect for the girl I plan to marry, then I’m willing to give it my all. If she wants 9 tier cakes or 7, I’d get it for her”

“Ideally, I want a simple wedding. A little European, kind of like a garden wedding where everyone is dressed casually, I don’t want it to be too formal. As for wedding money, I don’t even have to get it. I’m not serious. I don’t want to spend 6 million baht on a wedding and then stress about whether or not I will get 6 million back from the guests. How much is everyone willing to put in their envelope (laughs) I think if I have a simple wedding, then I wouldn’t care”

Source via Manager

22 responses to “Cee Siwat’s thoughts on weddings; “It’s a waste of money”

  1. Dammit. And I’m so in Love with him. Please leave her and come to me!! No just kidding. She is really lovely and he is very handsome. They suit each other. I love his answers. Weddings is a waste but you know girls, weddings are their dreams. So boys, you better give it your all. Hahaha! I’m happy for them, one less HANDSOME guy out there.

  2. LOVE his answer about weddings. It doesn’t make him stingy @ all. Wedding ARE a waste of money but if it’s meaningful then its worth it.

    • I have to agree. If they just want a big wedding for the hell of it, then it’s definitely a waste of money.

  3. LOL I wish them the best! Wedding is a waste of money lol but yeh it’s every gurls dream so….rak Cee mak!!!

  4. WoW! what a man, he sounds very caring and understanding. I’m a bit torn about living together before marriage. I see the positive side of it and the negative. But didn’t Noi Bussakorn had what Amy does too, that having a baby will help cured it, and Ken was under a lot of pressure. That was like 2 or 3 yrs before they wed.

  5. I love this couple. ❤ They are hilrarious and open about their relationship.
    I hope Amy's health gets better.
    Cee has good opinions. I like it.

  6. they’re kids would look so cute, don’t ya think. I love the honesty in this relationship, i hope they last and live a happy life with each other.

  7. It depend how will you cherish you wedding, a simple one can be a very memorable day in every couple. I agree if you spend a millions for your wedding it’s really a waste of money. So for me just be practical and be creative just think outside of the box on how will your wedding day will be a blast.

  8. ? i think it having a child, not sex…well i hope everything goes well and wish them the best. they are so cute 2gether

  9. Cee is soooo cute and Amy is pretty they are beautiful together.. I love his answers. He doesnt want a HUGE wedding because of the cost but is willing to if thats what she wants… *sigh he is soooooo cutteee!!

  10. Cee is soooo cute and Amy is pretty they are beautiful together.. I love his answers. He doesnt want a HUGE wedding because of the cost but is willing to if thats what she wants… *sigh he is soooooo cutteee!!

  11. He just made me go, “awwww”. Me so love him. Amy is so lucky to have Cee and Cee so lucky to have Amy. They are like the only couple that I am not going against.

  12. Aww…I never knew she had that kind of illness. I also can’t wait for them to get married!

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