Smart Refused to Comment on Pierce

Leading actor “Smart” Krisada Pornwaroj refuses to talk back to actress “Pierce” Kanoklada Wichakul after she announced that she has received booty call from a famous actor.

Smart said he has already answered questions in relation to that allegation and refused to give further interview on the matter. A new rumour also claims, Smart is secretly nursing romance with a supporting actress on the set of new lakorn ‘Pla Lai Pai Dang’. Smart is angry by the claims and revealed – he is not close to anyone on the set!!!

Pierce said you gave her a booty call, how do you feel about that?

“I already answered everything in my first interview. So go back and read the first one. If I say anything now, she will come back and give more interviews on it again”

But she’s confident it’s you

“That’s her news. I think if I talk about it, she will keep talking about it too and this will continue to stay in the news. I have already said everything that I wanted to say the first time I was asked about this”

What do you plan to do if she doesn’t stop giving news?

“I can’t do anything, it’s her freedom of speech. But I feel like some people used the media in the wrong way. But it doesn’t matter, the public will see it too. I don’t want to talk about it, she can say whatever she wants”

“If she has proof or whatever, then it’s up to her. I’ve said what I wanted to say already, I’m not going to talk about it anymore, that’s all”

Are you sick of it?

“I think life is always like this in the ET industry, I understand that so no I am not sick of it”

Do you think she’s trying to use you to gain publicity?

“I don’t want to talk about it because she’s a girl. But if she keeps talking about this, well then, I’ll leave it to the public to judge her”

There’s a rumour that you’re intimate with a supporting cast on ‘Pla Lai Pai Dang’

“I’ve been asked about this before. I don’t know anything about this”

How do you feel about this type of news?

“I’m used to it. I don’t have a girlfriend so people can say anything. When I hang out with guys and get photographed, people accuse me of being gay. I think in this profession, I just have to deal with whatever people say”

On the set, are you close to all the supporting casts?

“No I’m not. But on this show, I’m mainly close to P’Oh Waruth and Ah’Toy Settha. Other than that I’m not close to anyone”

Source via Gossipstar

15 responses to “Smart Refused to Comment on Pierce

  1. Poor guy…he’s getting targetted for so many things. lol. sucks how he clearly states he doesn’t want to speak of anything related to Pierce and the next question STILL remains related to the girl…good luck to him though…hopefully these rumours will clear out soon.

  2. I hope the public and Ch.3 don’t believe this girl because she didn’t offer any evidence… it’s more of a she said he said thing. It’s not really fair for Mart, and hopefully it won’t impact his work because of something stupid.

  3. that b*tch only wants to attention!!LOL! like smart will ever booty call this fugly ass whore!LMAO! if u aint got evidence then dont come out blaming whoever u think it is! fu**in slut!!! pierce famous actress????hm..never heard of her before.

  4. What happened to caller ID?
    If he apparently called her, his number should be in her phone
    sooo if she was telling the truth she could prove it by showing his number

    • I agree with you! *IF* she has proof…she’d show it, especially receiving a call from a famous actor for “booty call” lol. Smart doesn’t seem to be scared of any evidence, he just seems more agitated by all these stupid rumors…but he handles it well. I’m glad he chose not to respond to Pierce or say anything else, because that’ll be exactly what she wants! Stupid attention wh0re lady…making women look bad!!!! ;[

  5. i love all his answer it tell me that he dont care and that gurl need to back off because he dont like her….LOL

  6. The interviewer is freaking damn annoying. It’s either he or she does not understand Thai or he or she just want a beating. I usually don’t use violence but I don’t have enough patient to answer the same questions. I would have punched the person or I could have ignored the person. I don’t give a sh*t manner when I don’t get any in return.

  7. LMAO…Mart and his girls rumors. He is known really to hit on is co-stars all the time. So, it’s easy for them to target him. He might be a really outgoing guy and that can be taken out of context. Then again, he might learn to not be so outgoing with his co-stars for once.

  8. YES Go Mart.. if I’m in His Spot I Would Say The Same Thing.. But Don’t Give Up Because She Is A Slutty Girl!! Fight Like A Man, Be A Man.. And Mart Is Doing That!! I Like it!! But The Part That i Like From All The Story in Here Is When They Ask That If She’s Keeps On Going With The Dumb News What’s He’s going To Do, And Mart Said The Right Thing, I’m not Gonna Do Anything Let The Publics Judge Her!! I LIKE THAT SPEECH!!=D

  9. hmmm..mart sounds suspicious too…many actors portray “cultural family morals” in lakorns but they’re also human in reality and have temptations everywhere…i don’t think he’s completely innocent from this…

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