Donut forgives Nathan for putting black magic on her

Recently it was revealed in the tabloids that the infamous liar “Nathan Oman” has done ‘black magic’ on numerous celebrities in the industry – one of them being actress “Donut” Manussanant Punlertwongsakul.

Donut confessed she is not angry at Nathan for what he’s done to her and she will not be seeking supernatural remedy to remove the black magic either. The actress said she believes Nathan is already suffering as a result of his behaviour and if she has an opportunity, Donut said she planned to visit Nathan in jail.


“I am not worried too much about this. On that morning, a friend of mine, who had also had black magic done on her by Nathan, Khun Pat of ‘Dichun’ magazine called me to tell me about it. She saw the news first and when I went online to read, I wasn’t shocked or anything. I didn’t know what he was thinking but I’m going to just leave it. Okay I will go to the temple to make other people happy but I’m not going to think too much about it. Personally, I am not worried at all. I think some people who lack guidance will sometimes do things without thinking. I don’t think Nathan put black magic on me out of hatred or anything like that”

[ Donut’s photo with black magic writings in the back, found at Nathan’s house after his arrest ]

“I can’t explain everything but if you ask if we used to be friends. Yes, that is correct. Even though at this stage, many things have happened to him and I can’t change the fact that we used to be friends. But on this day, he is already paying the consequences of his actions. He did bad things, and he got bad things in return. As for me, I have no opinion on this and I am not angry at him. As a friend I have told him that before. Some people have their own reasons for how they act and to me I think what he’s going through right now is pretty big for him. And I hope he will get past this and use this as a valuable lesson in life”

Aren’t you afraid of the black magic that he has done to you?

“Not at all, but I don’t think of it as a joke either. But in the past, no one has ever confronted me to say I look like I’ve been inflicted by black magic. My life is normal, quite busy even. And I only think about good things. If you ask if I believe in these things, well it’s kind of like ghost stories, I’ve never seen ghosts so I don’t know if they’re real or not”

“I believe if we do good things, good things will come to you. I never have bad feelings or bad intentions for anyone”

“When my mom found out about this, she just smiled and told me to go to the temple to ‘tum boon’ and then she asked me about him and I told her that Nathan got his lesson already and I believe this black magic news is probably such a small matter to him”

“I don’t want to criticize him when he’s down or anything. But I just want him to use this as a lesson. I give him moral support to get through this and today I might not be able to talk to him in person but I believe he’s probably still thinking about me”

“If I have the opportunity I would go and visit him (in jail) I would ask him how he’s doing. As for everything that’s happened, I will let it past. And I probably won’t ask him about anything in the past”

Source via manager

12 responses to “Donut forgives Nathan for putting black magic on her

  1. omg u got to love her for that… she is a lovely person and she is going to have a good and happy life…. U GO DONUT GURL…..

  2. Wait a sec…Why don’t he just save up that money for black magic and pay for his debts? Stupid Weirdo.

  3. What did he get arrested for?? Not for black magic now, correct? LoL that’ll be cool though, getting arested for doing Black Magic. Dang! Nathan, I actuallie liked some of ur old songs back in the early D2B days…*shake-heads* he looks so sane though…wow…

    I wonder what Donut did for him to put a spell/curse on her…

  4. From what I know reading some articles on some sites, they say Nathan is a Muslim. I’m a Muslim myself and true Muslim will not resort to black magic. In fact, there is no such thing as black magic. but there people out there who use verses from the holy Quran (the holy book for the muslims) and mix it with black magic. i guess that is what nathan did. i tried to read the Arabic writings but the only word that I understand is “Allah”, our God. The rest I don’t think it’s from the holy book. Nathan must bee one desparate weirdo to doing such lowly act, making us the other Muslims look bad

  5. yeah, “wow” is the word alright…i have heard of something similar in my culture where an ex-wife or ex-husband or someone vengeful will exact revenge by hiring someone skilled in black magic..In
    Thailand, you can get arrested for doing black magic! Well, that’s pretty cool…things of the supernatural are not to be messed around with…i’m a christian so i’m a lover of good supernatural things of God..

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