Humble Pong Says What he Lacks in Looks, he Makes up for in Acting

“The feedback is excellent. From the day it went on air, so many people are talking about it” revealed “Pong” Nawat Kullaratrak, the leading Pra Aek from channel 7 lakorn “Kah Khong Kon”.

“Most people say, Khun Luck has a very cool demeanour, he’s not incredibly handsome but charismatic. People commented that my acting was good and I felt that I can’t fix my level of handsomeness, so I need to make it up in acting abilities. I was happy to receive the compliments, some people even said I looked handsome”

“Another reason why I’m so happy is because the viewers are not disappointed by this version because the original version was very nicely done. And it had always been popular every time they made this lakorn. So I’m glad that my version of the lakorn is a good turnout, at least our generation didn’t ruin it”

In this lakorn, you had to pull Noon Warranuch’s arm, her husband said you almost broke it

“Usually whenever I touch Noon’s arm, her arm goes red. When I saw Todd, he teased me about it. He said, I left a mark on his wife’s arm and she comes home every night with bruises. So I told him what the director advised me, put some tiger balm on it.”

“I also told him that I have a very gentle touch but Noon is too fragile. In Noon’s scenes with R (Arnatpol) she goes red whenever he touched her too, I think it’s Noon’s fault, her skin is way too good”

What’s the feedback in China about “Kah Khong Kon”?

“They really want to watch this because usually Chinese fans will buy DVDs of Exact lakorns. But this lakorn is a copy right of channel 7, so they get to follow it on youtube”

Source via Entertain Teenee/Khaosod

24 responses to “Humble Pong Says What he Lacks in Looks, he Makes up for in Acting

  1. Pong can never lack in looks. He’s one good lookin fella. And to top it off he can act. This lakorn is soooo good.

  2. Ka kaung Kon is SOO GOOOD!!!
    Pong is ok looking. I wouldn’t say he’s handsome or ugly, but overall he has good looks.

  3. Pong is always portraying suave and handsome roles, couldn’t he be a Simple Jack for once? Haha, that would be something new and refreshing.

  4. I don’t care if he is good looking or not…. the way he acts in the lakorns, melts my heart…. has me squealing like a little girl… *sigh*

  5. Oh gosh, modest much???? Pong is darling– in both looks and acting! I really love reading/watching his interviews because he’s always so cheerful and humorous. He’s definitely not lacking for a lot of us.~ ❤

  6. He is playing the same role. Try something new will you? He’s ok looking. I always think the man look perverted to me. But that’s just me though. 🙂

    • i agree! The only roll i think was different was the one he played with ann and pepper. Pong is not handsome or cute but if i look at him long then he is damn fine. haha! Hes those unique looking people who STEALS your heart after watching him for a while.

  7. Pong plays the same role most of the time but i dnt really mind coz i love all of his lakorns…
    And he soo cute when he smiles..

  8. I like Pong but I wish he would get different roles for pra’ek. His character is always aggressive, arrogant, jealous pra’ek/

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