Tangmo on Woody: Life After Being Boycott By The Media


This week on ‘Woody Gerd Ma Kui’, famous talk show “Woody” will be interviewing actress ‘Tangmo’ Patarathida about her life after being boycott by the media.

For this interview, Tangmo bares her heart out to Woody on matters such as ‘getting paid to go out with politicians’, ‘conned into dating a gay man’ and her thoughts on her downfall.

Here is a small sample of her interview with Woody

Does it feel like you’re back in heaven after being in hell?

“Maybe in some ways, it’s probably more to do with what’s being written in the news. But in terms of my career, I think I’m still normal. I still receive good opportunities from the executives and right now I’m filming 5 lakorns”

Inside your heart, what are your thoughts?

“While I’m talking to you Woody, I feel like I’m being interviewed about being human (laughs with a serious face) ever since I’ve been in the industry, I’ve never had expectations of where I want to be, all I know is, I get good opportunities. I get to play supporting, I get to play lead. I’m gradually moving up and that’s my reward, I try to give it my best shot”

When you gave out that interview with the media, the day the incident happened. Did you not think about the outcome that could happen from your actions?

“If you mean what I said in my interview, then I have definitely thought about it. Every time I answer questions to the media, I always give them more than what they asked me. Some people even said, I reveal too much but I understand that the media and celebrities need to help each other. On the day, I had one thing in mind, but what happened was a different story….and I’m very sad about it. It was very hurtful”

So how does it end? You’ve been boycott for approximately 1 year now but you still have 5 lakorns?

“The reason why I still get acting work confirms that I can still survive as a result of my support from the elders and the public as well as some of the media press. In the past, I have tried every way possible to rectify this issue and to make all of us understand each other. I give out signals but I never receive a response in return. There was no reply and then I published my video clip. But there were still some reporters who understood and some who doesn’t. I think the media industry has changed from when I first got into the biz. In my head I always feel like I’m wrong or maybe because I’ve been victimized for so long. I couldn’t sleep and I was always thinking. I admit, it was partly my fault and the reason I came out today, I’m well prepared to a point. I’m not going to lie to myself and I’m not going to lie to others”

In the past 7 years, you’ve never been out of love

“Yes, one reason is because I came from a broken home. I need love but right now I’m totally single. I despise love, or shall I say, I despise men”

The rest of her interview will air on Woody this week. Tangmo will reveal how she was almost conned into getting into a relationship with a gay man as well as the famous gossip regarding female celebrities getting paid to ‘go for dinners with rich politicians’.

Source via Rakdara

18 responses to “Tangmo on Woody: Life After Being Boycott By The Media

  1. hold up…she and thank are no longer together anymore?i thought they broke up and then got back together?anyways…i like tangmo i want to watch her lakorns.not the ones where she is nang rai though.i like her being funny.soo soo tangmo.

  2. thanks .. i miss tangmo mak mak.. sigh.. the situation really hit her bad >___<.. im confused.. hmm

  3. Lol I guess her gaydar must be broken if she almost got conned into dating a gay guy. So is it kong karoon or thank who was gay?

  4. Didn’t she just have a magazine shoot with Thank, or was it another guy……. Whatever…anyways i thought she was still with Thank. Guess not.

  5. She was boycott because of her “mouth”, just saying a lot of stuff that piss ppl off journalist and certain entertainment circle? higher up? something like that, i didn’t fully follow it…

  6. “I despise love, or shall I say, I despise men”

    -Bravo Tangmo, couldn’t have said it better myself lol.

  7. TangMo has Lui, Pleng Rak Ban Na, Nai Roy Rak, Jao Ying Took Hok? w/Khun Kanin and Jumleuy Sanae Ha.

    I luv Mo.
    Sometime she needs to STFU though LOL. Still support her regardless!

    • That’s 5 lakorns I won’t be watching. She has a big mouth, uneducated don’t think twice before she yap. She deserved it. Now her hi-so boyfriend abandoned her too 55555555555.

      • Good for you!

        That’s 5 lakorns that I will be watching. Mo is a talented actress and guess what they’re human. No one is perfect.

  8. @logan… can i ask you what degree do you have? just because mo dropped out of college doesnt make her uneducated. i like her because she is straight forward and its not fake like other people in the business. she is one of the most straight forward person. what’s wrong for being real.

    • What’s wrong with being “real” like Mo is that she doesn’t know how to respect people, in which will cause others to disrespect her. Then those folks turn into haters like a few folks here 😀

  9. i don’t like woody! anyway, i thought she and thank were so in love? i guess she got screwed big time by guys to make her hate them.

  10. Wow,I guess she was easy. Always yearning for love andlooking for love with wrong guys. Good luck to her. I love her lakorns.

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