Beam’s sister is getting married!

“Bua” Sarocha Tanjararak is getting married to business man “Tum” Pipat Wiriyamethakul on 11/11/11. The couple are currently building a 10 million baht wedding home in preparation for their future together.

Lately Bua, the younger sister to famous singer “Beam” Kawee Tanjararak hasn’t been very active in the ET industry. No one has heard anything from her in a long time, until recently at her brother’s business launch “Trip Buster” – Bua announced, she has good news.

“I’m getting married on the 11th of the 11th month 2011, it’s a nice number. We have planned this a while ago, when I graduated from university, P’Tum asked his parents to come and discuss our marriage with my family and we have been planning it ever since. But before that he asked me about it in the car, he said, would you marry me. And I thought? Really? I thought he was joking but he said he was serious”

“And if you’re asking if 24 is perhaps a little too young for marriage, well the thing is I’m not seeing anybody else. I’m not in a relationship to pick and choose. I’ve been with P’Tum for 3 years now and I feel like he’s the one I want to spend the rest of my life with”

Bua revealed her boyfriend is 28 years old and is already an entrepreneur in a range of industries including courier business, Brokerage firm and a Tour company. Tum is also Bua’s first boyfriend.

“Right now we’re preparing for the wedding and we already have an organizer for the event. The venue we picked for the wedding is Plaza Athenee hotel, we picked that since last year as for the wedding date, P’Tum thought of it himself. He said it’s a beautiful number. And as for dowry, I’m not asking for anything. It’s about love and as for our wedding home, it will be in Navamin area, near P’Tum’s house. It’s a new home, it’s currently in the building process”

You’re getting married straight after university, are you planning to have a baby straight away?

“I feel like I haven’t taken care of him well enough yet so maybe we’ll wait till we’re ready”

You’re speeding ahead of your brother

“He was shocked about it because it happened so fast. He even teased me to say when I leave home he’s going to miss me”

Bua’s husband to be “Tum” confessed he proposed to Bua because he felt he was ready

“We want to travel together and we want to live a fulfilled life together. Right now, we’re not married and it wouldn’t look appropriate if we were to travel overseas together. In the beginning I told my parents I was serious with my relationship with her and in the past I have done everything the right way. When the time came, I told my parents I was ready”

“As for the dowry, that would be up to the elders. But right now we are building our wedding home on a 2 acre block of land. The budget for our wedding home is 10 million baht but I think we might go over that budget”

Source via Komchuadluek

Bua & Boyfriend;

18 responses to “Beam’s sister is getting married!

  1. I think she’s really pretty. She reminds me of “Gypsy” a little. Her fiance is….well, good for them. Congratulation.

  2. just being a little nitpicky, but it’s Plaza Athenee, not Athinee. And I think you meant to type “it wouldn’t look appropriate” instead of “it wouldn’t look inappropriate if we were to travel overseas together…”


  3. Oh my!! Well congratz. He’s not cute but if he makes her happy & treats her well then yay fir them both. I guess there goes my hopevid her & Dan lmao havahsga. Wonder if he’ll attend the weddin lolol

  4. She looks a bit like Ja w/the blue dress on!
    Congrats to Bua though, although Chun Kid Teung Beam Makk 😦

  5. i think they look alike alot lol. i saw a video of them a few years back and dan was trying to hit on her but beam was like NOooo lol congratulationss!

    • “You don’t love a [man] because [he’s handsome]; [he is handsome] because you love [him].”

  6. Sorry, but I dont think it’s going to last, first it’s her first boyfriend and second she’s too young

  7. I have to disagree Praew. I have known people who has been married and still going strong at a very young age. Much younger than Bua.

    • Agree with Fun. I, too, know people who married their first boyfriend and have been happily married for a long time. Successful relationships are built on mental maturity, compatibility, and commitment; not age. Congratulations to the pair!

  8. Like friends told me, “You can’t choose who you love.” Well congrats to them. And 11.11.11? That’s wonderful. (“:

  9. congrats
    wow i cant believe she is getting married
    i stil remember her as the little girl who came on the d2b concert and special guest with them

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