Mike Pirath Believes in Karma

“Mike” Pirath believes karma will avenge those people who leaked out gossip to say he had impregnated a fan. Mike claims he is innocent and in order to defend his good name, Mike asks for concrete evidence because he believes he has been slandered.

“To the people whom are leaking this news, If you enjoy doing it then go ahead keep going. But I believe in karma. Those people who have done bad things, be careful. If this gets worse, I won’t be taking defensive measures because I believe karma will avenge those people” Says Mike Pirath in a displeased tone after being accused of impregnating a fan and paying her hush money to keep the news quiet.

“Okay, I denied this rumour from the beginning. It can’t be me 100%. I read in the tabloids they said my mother tried to pay hush money and my mom is not that kind of person. So please contemplate on this, think about what you see and what you hear. Honestly, it’s deeper than this so don’t get too carried away and believe what you read because the person who wrote it. That person doesn’t even know me and I think it’s unfair that I didn’t have the right to deny the allegation. However, I’m here now and I’m denying it”

Are you stressed by this rumour?

“No, I’m not. It’s not true, why would I be stressed about it”

You said it’s deeper than this, is someone trying to defame you?

“There is definitely someone out there who wants to defame me. But I don’t know who that person is. They said, they have an initial starting with the letter M, there are so many people with names starting with M, why does it have to be me? But I want to ask you this, I do things for the benefit of the country, have I ever done anything wrong? Why do I have to be slandered all the time? To me I have never done anything bad to anyone, I’ve never disappointed anyone or made anyone feel bad about themselves”

So you’ve never been involved with a fan?


Do you have a limit as to how close you can get to your fans?

“I carry myself very well in terms of the distance I keep from them. All my fans are aware of it”

What does your family say about the news?

“My family are not interested in it because they believe me. They know what I’m up to. Also, I’ve changed now, I’m more mature and I’m more responsible now. I’ve learnt a lot and if you still think I’m the same person, come and prove it for yourself, I dare you”

Are you afraid over having to maintain your distance with your fans?

“No I’m not afraid. I give my fans my all in terms of work and many things. I give them my all in my music because my fans have waited for it for over a year and I don’t want to disappoint them”

So you give your fans your heart, but no babies?

“No babies. I’m keeping that for when I find my true love, the person I plan to marry and spend the rest of my life with. I don’t plan to marry because of a baby either. Some people get married when they’re not ready and in the end they break up. If I’m not ready and still can’t take responsibility for myself then I’m not going to call myself mature no matter how old I get. Because some people are old in age but they still do stupid things. To me, some kids are smarter and wiser than some adults out there. I’m not criticizing anyone, I’m just saying, in this day and age you can’t judge someone based on age anymore. It’s about their way of thinking”

What does your fan club say about the news?

“They don’t believe it and none of them have asked me about it either. They don’t believe that M. stands for Mike”

Has your record label asked you about this?

“They ask me if the rumours are true and I told them it’s not, it’s not me”

Source via Rakdara

24 responses to “Mike Pirath Believes in Karma

  1. i hope it’s not him…to be honest, i just don’t think he’ll be that type of person or really he doesn’t look like one. he seems like the quiet type of guys and have like a little feminine look. Not to be mean but just my opinion. anyways, i don’t think it’s him.

  2. I doubt it was him. And if it is him, who would enjoy having sex with a guy with the face of a girl? –> If you are a heterosexual. Well, the entertainment industry is full of lies and rumors. We’ll see what happens

      • Yes, he does, I wonder how he managed to have sex with girls in the past. I mean in his statement, he hinted that he used to “be like that.” It must be very awkward in the bedroom for them

  3. “So you give your fans your heart, but no babies?” LOL. Seriously, reporters these days ask some of the most ridiculous questions ever. Anyways, people are capable of doing many scandalous things, so you never know…But like others have said, only time will tell. Btw, that is quite a bad picture of him, haha.

  4. Gosh, that is one hedious picture of Mike. He looks so freaking girly. How is that attrative anyway? His nose just doesn’t go with his face.

  5. he’s so pretty..oh Gosh..did he go under the knife or else???wow…he’s a pretty boy!!! but i still hope it’s not him…even i’m not his fan..

  6. …okay. no offense; when i first saw this picture of them I thought it was girl with boy hairc ut. ;/ But karma is true true.

  7. LOL the first time my friend showed me a picture of Golf and Mike picture i thought they were a girl band until i heard their name 😛 hehehe

  8. Although he may look like a girl. He’s always telling things straightfowardly. It’s not him. I’m a fan of him but I just know he wouldn’t do things like that!

  9. I hate his style and I find his girly face creepy. I think his brother is a mess and always sounds lame. But I do believe this guy. He sounds mad and the way he answered sounds more sincere and realistic.

  10. he looks like a lesbian sorry mike fans but he does…hes in that same category with that bieber boy.

  11. Ewww why he look so feminine! Especially with his new nose job and the ugly tank top he is wearing.

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