Kae says, “It’s Retarded”

Former actress turned publicist “Kae” Roungnapa held a press conference today to clarify an accusation that famous actress “Aump” Patcharapa had publicly made against her.  In a recent interview, Aump, along with her friend and boyfriend “Note” Vises came forward to accuse Kae of inappropriately ‘rubbing’ on Note’s back . This incident is making talk of town as both parties are exhibiting their grudge through the media.

In her press conference, Kae confirmed the famous actress did pull her arm and spoke to her in an impolite manner. The publicist also said she only ‘patted’ Note on the back as someone who once ‘knew each other’, that’s all.

“The reason I invited you all here today is because I wanted to give my clarification and not because I have anything against her. Honestly, I greeted her boyfriend like he was a friend. It was just a greeting”

So what happened that day?

“I already told you. If I tell you again, I would be repeating myself and this incident will never end. What I have told you before was the truth, I don’t want to drag it on any further because it is such a small matter and it was just a misunderstanding”

“Aump made 9 points in her interview, personally I feel nothing by that. People who know me in real life will know what I’m like, I see this as nonsense. A tap or a rub? That’s it? There are so many other things in life to stress about”

Were you and Aump able to sort it out with each other?

“No, for me this incident ended on the day it happened. When it was over, I took my boyfriend’s hand and I went to see my friend who was sitting in the group. I didn’t say bye to those two because I didn’t want them to think I was retaliating”

“Some people are saying that I was drunk when the incident happened. I confirm that I wasn’t drunk. People who were there on that day should know that and I am not hoping to create publicity”

Can you confirm that you didn’t rub Note’s back?

“I didn’t rub his back, I patted him on the back, that was all. But if he thought that my pat on the back was a back rub, then whatever”

“If you ask me if I knew Note, yes I honestly do know him. But at this stage, I am better off not knowing him because he said he doesn’t know me so fine, I don’t know him then”

You said Note used to date your friend

“People in our social circle will know what the real story is. Many people might say that I’m a liar or that the other party is a liar, but everyone who was there when it happened will know the truth”

Has she tried to call you to ‘sort it out’ after the incident

“No, this is not a big issue and we don’t need to sort anything out. It’s such a small matter. The point is not whether or not I patted his back or I rubbed his back all over. I have already said that it was a genuine greeting from a friend to a friend, someone I used to know”

“That day I wanted to greet my friend on that table. I knew everyone on that table, except P’Aump. When I got there, I greeted everybody, normally whenever I see Note, I would say hi to him. I didn’t know that I was not supposed to say hi to him on that day”

“As for evidence of a BB message from Aump’s friend, I don’t have it because I don’t think much of this incident. Her friend sent me a text to apologize on Aump’s behalf, I did receive this text message. But I have already spoken to this person about it. I talked to her with my boyfriend already, it’s over now. I thought for the other party it would be over too. I didn’t keep the BB message, it would be funny if I did. Why would I keep it just so I could start trouble with it? This issue is nonsense and I think everyone knows what the truth is”

“When Aump asked me if I knew him, her face and her emotion at the time displayed the mood of someone in a possessive/jealous state of mind. I understand that, she probably wanted to tap me and pull my arm to ask me questions for clarification”

“Before I gave out an interview on this matter, I wasn’t angry with her but I was confused as to why she said I would be ‘embarrassed’. It made me wonder about what is it that I’ve done that I should be ashamed of, there was nothing embarrassing. As for my comment saying ‘I’ve never been anyone’s mistress’, I didn’t purposely say that to mock anyone. It’s just that I have a legitimate job and I don’t mean for my comment to affect anyone. But if they thought that my comment was directed at them then whatever”

“Honestly, I do admire her work and I never thought that I would encounter this problem. Ever since this incident happened, I haven’t made contact with Note and the news hasn’t impacted my work or my life in any way”

“If you ask if I’m serious about this issue, no I’m not serious. I’m happy that people who know me will know what I’m like and those who read the news with common sense will know that there is really nothing to this story. Let’s just say we are better living our separate lives”

How do you feel in regards to the news about your feud with a famous actress?

“If we were feuding over a homicide it would be fun and interesting. But this is such a small misunderstanding, it’s retarded, every gossip press is writing articles over whether or not it was a back rub”

“As for my facebook comment saying ‘sawun yoo nai ok, narok yoo nai jai’ {heaven is in the chest and hell is in the heart} it’s just a saying, anyone who does something, if you do good things you will know it in your heart and if you’ve done bad you will know it too. It’s a Buddhist saying. So people who are already doing good things, they don’t need to stress”

Were you trying to attack anyone with your comment?

“No, I’m not”

Source via Rakdara

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dMWysTkNk0o – Clip 2

In a poll by Pantip Webboard in a heated topic “Honestly, who do you believe Aump or Kae”

13.15% voted Aump

74.72% voted Kae

12.13% voted neither


57 responses to “Kae says, “It’s Retarded”

  1. LOL…More people believe Kae. I do too. What does she have to gain by lying. And Aump is starting to get stupid about the whole thing. She has been like this to the girls that come in contact with Note, so who to say she did not do this to Kae? Jealousy is the devil itself. It will not make you happy.

  2. Well, I think they both need to just be quite. Aump like to be seen as the victim and when she plays it out, she seems to exaggerate and Kae, I don’t know her so I can’t say much about it. But this little drama going on here is like a flashback of middle school. Stop this cat fight. I like Aump alot cause I think she’s a good actress but I think I believe Kae more because she is quite possessive of her boyfriend so what Kae described sounds much more accurate compare to Aump.

  3. to be honest i think how aum handle it was very unprofessional and her bf look pathetic along with her but kae is right is it retarded.

  4. I believe Kae too! I was shocked to see that Kae is more trusted than P’ Aump. My first drama that I saw Kae was in Wang Waree. I love her since but never knew that she doesn’t act anymore. Sad. Like she said though, “…it’s retarded.” And I like her Buddhist saying, the good do not need to stress. I AGREE!

  5. I can’t say 100% that Kae is telling the truth but at this stage I side with Kae. None of this would’ve happened if Aump would have just let things end the night of the incident.

  6. Still on kae side, like what she said for her this incident ended on the day it happened, so aump should have never bring it up, I guess aump thought no one will talk back to her

  7. This girl wins over Aump in maturity for sure. Aump listing her 9 explanations/points whatever they were was just dumb. And no matter how Aump puts it, its very obvious that she was jealous. And Aump was the one who brought it up, this girl has every right to defend herself. Besides, Aump is too sassy

  8. this incident should of never made the headlines. the girl’s right, rubbing-gate ended the day it happened, but since aum such a crazy, jealous, and possessive person she couldn’t let it go. do not be surprise if aum publicly sends out another message to the next girl that comes into 3ft of contact with her bf.

  9. I don’t know why they are making a big deal out it. Sounds to me like someone is trying ride the fame of the famous nang’ek. Yea Kae might come out to defend herself but why? If not for fame. Good luck with these two because the transvensite did the same thing to Aump too.

    • Oh yes Kae wants to ride on Aump’s fame by rubbing up all over an autistic tofu face. 🙂

    • The thing is, why wouldn’t she come out to defend herself…? First of all, AUMP MADE THE ANNOUNCEMENT saying a socialite rubbed her boyfriend and then has he audacity to say she doesn’t want to say so “much” because socialite K would feel embarrassed by he conduct. Then it was revealed (Like it always is, people aren’t stupid Aump; you give them initials, they go digging) soon after that the woman who supposedly rubbed Note was Kae. Would you want to be branded as a girl who rubbed another woman’s man…? I am sure you wouldn’t want to be. She had the right to come out and speak rather than to be afraid of Aump’s possessive ass like all the other people she called out. Aump is always coming out to speak of other women and when one of those other women come out to speak, people call it a publicity stunt, ridiculous. Aump started all of this crap to begin with, she wanted the attention but all she got were disapproving looks/comments because of her own pathetic conduct, she gets most of the backlash and it’s her fault. She needs to get over herself and keep her relationship private; she airs out her own dirty laundry when no one needs to know, so I dont feel sorry that people are looking at her in a badlight. As for Kae, she fan speak out to clear her name, nothing wrong with defending yourself.

  10. She looks soo pretty now..
    I thought she looked familiar..
    She was in Film’s lakorn w/Donut as the rai’ Sophia..
    “Hua Jai Lud Fah” and the girl in Tik/Mam’s lakorn..

  11. she’s totally attacking aump, she wants the feuding between them to turn to big..lol..with her words, yep i could catch it up that she’s using her words trick to trick ppls believe her that she’s innocent, but not for me, girl…u know wat ur doing too, so u should go back and read those buddah books..


        • So you’re basically saying that aump can talk sh** all she wants and nobody should ever talk back and defend himself?

          • i dont mean that, i mean that aump did it then she should just dont have the conference because aump wont stop if she doesn’t stop like pinky and tanya…lol..durh..

          • so, you’ll keep quite if someone called you a liar, insulted you that you might be embarrassed of yourself because you weren’t a rue hiso or whatever, and that you were rubbing their boyfriend in an inappropriate way when you believed that you did not. i don’t know who’s more of a durh, you or aum?

          • to winterfresh, go down and read the comment i post just right now if u understand if dont then u could reply again…my point of view, we dont have the view that’s like the same..u know?..

        • it’s stupid for anyone to say the other person should just keep quiet and not defend themselves when they are accused of something, come on, get real. even you, glassdate, would come out and defend yourself if someone said a rumor about you. what, you’d rather sit back and let everyone misunderstand you? wow, totally bright. that was sarcasm btw. and i believe Kae. Aump is a loser and she needs to just go away. she’s like a real life nang rai & it’s just too annoying now.

  12. What does Kae have to gain? She quit the entertainment many years ago already. Plus who would just sit there and act all princessy when Aum came back out to attack her. Obviously no one would but only those ab-baew nang aek’s who don’t want to look like a nang rai. As for Kae she has nothing to lose. She quit the entertainment and who knows; maybe it’s because there are too manu 2-faced people *COUGH* Aum *COUGH*

  13. yeah aump did attacked her saying she isn’t hiso and she would be embarrassed i thought it was really childish of aump to be attacking her in such manner. And not only that she called sammie lmao to confront her and her ugly bf acted like sammie wanted him.

    • i agree with you. when i first read this drama, Aump was all making personal insults about Kae. how can she NOT speak up & defend herself? while Kae just replied back being mature. Aump needs to learn to be mature like Kae & get over her insecurities. obviously the problem isn’t these other girls, it’s her bf himself that she needs to work on her trust with. i don’t think i’m gonna watch anything from Aump anymore, i dislike her childish personality at this point.

  14. btw kae is so pretty i remember watching her a long time ago with bon asanai they sure made a cute couple.

  15. Damn, that suck that everyone believes her more than
    Aum. but i don;t believe any of them. I bet they both
    are just saying shit to not make them look bad but to
    make the other look bad instead.25% of the info may be
    true but i don’t think 75% of the info was true at all.
    People are like this, only a small portion of people
    admit the true.

    • but Aump was the one who started this drama. why is it that if Kae responds, it’s probably to make the other look bad? i’ve seen Kae being more than logical & reasonable, and she’s right, anyone with common sense would realize how petty and retarded all of this is. thats just the point blank, no debates over that. obviously Aump is the one who’s making a mountain over a mole-hill. don’t blame the other girl for responding to an accusation, blame the person who started it & now looks like an idiot because of it.

  16. Lol at this kind of small issue. Wonder what aump would say back now or just shut up and lose her face.

  17. Hey either one of them could be lying or not. it’s easy to make up lies and trying to avoid being wrong. I vote for neither.

  18. I don’t believe either but I would side more with Kae. She didn’t start this. It was over a pat “rub” on the back. She has ever right to defend herself. Her side of the story sounds more realistic and more consistent.

  19. I’m not saying who is right and who is wrong. I think they are both beyond retarded. I think Aum is overly possessive and Kae got what she asked for. She must have known as with everyone how overly possessive Aum is and to touch, whether rub or not rub the way Aum said was meant to start something. Now if she was so innocently greeting him as a friend she would acknowledge his girlfriend too. I mean she was sitting right there! It isn’t like she’s an unknown person even if you don’t know her personally, you can still greet in a manner of respect to your friend. Also if she isn’t so seriously about this like she claim, she wouldn’t hold a press conference. This girl is a no body who want fame, sure she’s an actress but still a B list actress. As for Aum, that girl need to seriously see a shrink.

  20. I agree with Kae, regardless of who is lying, this whole thing is “retarded.” Do these people have nothing better to worry about than whether or not some chick rubbed some guy’s back?? Like seriously, come on. Its saddening if this is a priority in their lives.

  21. the truth doesn’t matter anymore but what i love most, like everyone else, is the fact that kae stood up for herself and all the other girls that has been accused by aum (too afraid to come out). like the latest with kae, the second after aum said she didn’t want to talk about it afraid the person will be embarrassed, she blabs right away. i’m like really? she thinks she can badmouth other people all she wants but when it’s her turn, no they shouldn’t badmouth her? i would do the same if i was kae i don’t care how famous that person is. i’m enjoying how aum is handling things right now lol like writing up 9 things. so useless. it is showing that she mai mee samong. she spends her time and effort to do that? really?? she has never done anything for the community but likes to run around chasing her boytoy. haha that’s what some people been saying.

  22. Firstly, I wouldn’t go and pat other people’s boyfriend even if I know him unless I am close with both of them and the girl is very open minded and doesn’t mind. Secondly, Aum has every right to protect her property. And last most of us may have known what kind of woman Aum is as she recently said on tv she is very posessive. So why on earth do you have to poke the bees nest. This Kae for all we know just want cheap publicity.

    • And then Aumps turns 180 degree saying she is not possessive. She first claims she is, but after Kae came out, she said she was possessive of her boyfriend. I am not looking at this through Kae’s words, I am looking at this through what Aump has said in the past and what she recently said.

  23. OMG! It only a rub or pad in the back. Not look like a touch on the private part. If Kae want Note. Why wait until now Aum need to worry more of STD on Note issue then Kae issue. And there no part of Aum body that make her sexy. She had a nose done. Never like Aum lakorn.

  24. I’m sorry i’m with aump on this!! If another girl came by my table and put her hands on my bf back or something. I wouldn’t be too happy as well. Posessive or not! it’s still not right. I think it’s disrespectful!! If i’m out with mine i wouldnt be happy at all.

    • I think that Aum has a right to be upset, but she handled the situation poorly. She intended to embarrass her opponent. Unfortunately, her tactic backfired. If you’re prepared to throw crap at someone openly, you should expect some of that crap to land on you. Even if you disapprove of someone man-handling your boyfriend, I don’t believe you would behave like a 13 year-old school girl publicly.

  25. It Is retarded! I’m glad Kae called her out. Kae more sassy and classy than Aump any day! Seem everyone else afraid of Aump because she so call famous and felt entitle to act elementary as she want. PLEASE! Girl need to get her head check. Not everyone want her ugly man. He might be rich but he’s not a man at all. He got no balls. A real man would be embarrassed to be with a woman who act like Aump. So childish…called everyone who come across his path…how stupid. If you don’t want him to interact with people, lock his ass up in the house with you all the time then. Aump is suck a desperate woman, it’s not even funny. I guess she losing her touch because she getting older now…playing with too many men, does that to you girl!!! Not even all the plastic she done to her self, can make her look hot…expect for touch up on photoshoot! Just look at her big ass forehead! She look like and he/she! I said it once and I’ll said it again, if one day reporter found out she used to be born a man, I would not be surprise one bit!!!

  26. okay now its nonsense. Kaykay you’re right and i also liked how kae stepped out and bite right back. Now its going in a circle.

  27. I saw her press conference on tv and saw her boyfriend. Kae’s boyfriend is 100 times better looking than the autistic boyfriend of Aump’s.

  28. i durh because its true if one side stop then the other will stop or can they just pretend to come together and fake smiling at the reporters that they’re ok..and why u guys like or be on kae side so much?..it’s not like u know she’s true?..n have u read aumo article that love keeps her alive, like wat ann said in 365 days of love..so just keep quite now, cause i’m keeping quite too, cause in know here hate aump, but i dont care, because i’m not even her fan and i’m just saying my point of view!!!!

    • I agree that it’s important to keep quiet, but sometimes you have to stand up for yourself. I think it’s a good plan for Kae to address the issue once and for all, then keep quiet. Let there be no lingering questions. I don’t know who is telling the truth, but that doesn’t seem important at this point. It is now more about HOW each party will end the feud. I believe Kae has washed her hands of this mute issue and is ready to move on. That’s why people are siding with her.

    • I’m hating on Aump because she IS RETARDED!!! She act all high and mighty when ever anyone comes across her man. Just because your so called famous (famous from showing off her tits really) doesn’t gave you a right to accuse or attacked others without other fight back. Are you kidding me? Kae has every right to protected herself and her good name (other women does have pride you know). If I was accused of something I didn’t do, I would fight back as hell. Really? Does she not look at what her man look like? He’s ugly as F*ck!!!
      His money really blind her…..

      Aump is a man eater. She even state herself that she never gone without a boyfriend in her life. So in her eyes, she think everyone else like her….a man eater!!!

      Also, Aump think she special….when in reality she just like everyone else. When she goes shit, her shit still stink just like everyone here.

  29. From all Aump’s calling out, I’ll have to go with Kae as well. And I agree..if she don’t want her man to be touched, glanced at, she should put a leash on him and keep him next to her bed post. Or put him away in her tote bag. Seems to me he’s “rich” but he lives under her skirt. This possesiveness is getting out of hand and it’s so old news. Get over it girfriend! I like what Kae said….”When I got there, I greeted everybody, normally whenever I see Note, I would say hi to him. I didn’t know that I was not supposed to say hi to him on that day”. Maybe she familiar enough to him to do that and he didn’t care before cause it was just a FRIENDLY pat saying hi..but since he’s living under Aump skirt, he’s trying to act shady and for that, Kae didn’t know of such coward. I know a few people like Aump/Note. Around their girlfriend, they are super shady…not even a hi but when their gf is away, they act like you’re their bff..like you’ve known each other all your life and whatever shady attitude they’ve pulled on you never happened. Psh! Whatever!


  30. im NOT on ANY of the girls side..but i do think the reporters sure are having lots of fun with this drama…LOL..

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