Fai confessed ‘Film is making contact’

Even after she publicized her relationship with new boyfriend “Noom” Attaporn Teemakorn, but former girlfriend of “Film” Rattapoom is constantly letting it slip that she still can’t forget her ex-lover.

Till this day, “Fai” Arinrada Thitimaratch is still waiting to ‘sort out’ her problems with her former boyfriend.


“It’s true, Film has tried to make contact with me. During New Years he sent me a happy New Year message and I sent him one back in return. It’s a good thing because honestly, I want to communicate with him. I want to sort things out and it’s good that we could be friends with each other. The first time I saw his text message, I was shocked because he disappeared for a very long time (laughs) he stopped all communication and I haven’t had a call from him until suddenly one day his number came up and I was happy. I don’t know if there’s a purpose for this, I didn’t ask him why he disappeared”

“But he hasn’t been making contact with me very often or anything. We haven’t been talking very much. He started contacting me after New years, a little bit here and there, not a lot. We communicate via text messages and the internet. We haven’t deleted each other’s emails and I can still see him when he’s online. He would talk to me and I’m not mad at him, I’m always ready to talk to him because no matter what we could still be friends. I don’t want us to have to ignore each other whenever we meet”

Fai confessed she is afraid her communication with Film could upset her current beau ‘Num’ Attaporn – because currently Num is paranoid that Fai and Film might get back together.

“When Film started to make contact with me, I was afraid P’Num might get upset but I’m always talking to P’Num and I always tell him when Film makes contact with me. P’Num says it’s okay, he wanted us to be friends. But when Film comes back (laughs) I don’t know, whatever. Right now I need to take care of P’Num, I don’t want him to get upset. It’s not that I’m not confident because right now I am confident that I’m not going back and I think he knows that I’m seeing P’Num now. It’s in the news and he had asked me about it. He messaged me to say ‘You’re in the news. Are you happy?’ something like that”

“I have spoken to P’Num about Film. He said to me that he understands that Film and I dated each other for many years and he understands that the good feelings are still there and honestly, at this point, I still haven’t forgotten him(Film). But right now, whenever something happens, I will tell P’Num about it, when I’m feeling sad or whatever, I will tell him. But if you ask if I have given P’Num all of my heart, right now, yes I have. I will try my best because I don’t want him to think too much. I understand that no matter what, he will think too much about it. I asked him one time and he said, he’s afraid that I haven’t forgotten (Film) and he asked what would happen when Film gets back, he is afraid because Film and I haven’t sorted things out with each other before we parted ways and Film’s away right now”

“At this point, I want P’Num to come out and say something too (laughs) he doesn’t come out much but we have a job together soon. P’Num and I have been invited to an event and I think if P’Num is free he will be there. I want P’Num to say something too because I’ve been talking all by myself and I don’t know what to say anymore. I’m the only one doing all the talking, am I afraid? Yes I am, in the beginning it’s fine. But now I want him to talk too because I feel like maybe I’ve said too much”

“However, P’Num doesn’t have a problem with me giving interviews, he said it’s okay, I give good answers in interviews. But I’m afraid of what other people might think because I only broke up with Film two months ago. Honestly, I don’t know if I’m ready yet. I’m scared people would have negative feelings about me. Since my news with P’Num went out, I’ve been checking the feedback on the internet. There have been some praises and many other things. Some people say the other day I was crying and now today I’m seeing someone else. But honestly, I think by giving myself the opportunity to see someone new is not a bad thing”

Source via Manager

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“อีนี่ยังไม่เลิกบ้าฟิล์มอีก” {E Nee Yung Mai Lerk Bah Film Eek – This chick is still not over Film?!}

15 responses to “Fai confessed ‘Film is making contact’

  1. First off I think she needs to really shut up. How would they even know that Film contacted her if she didn’t open her mouth to tell? And why does she keep brining up the new years message (in which that messaged could’ve been sent to all his friends on his phone list)? This chick is just seeking for attention I swear.

  2. i’m sorry but this is really bad! wth is she saying?? does she even know that she sound really stupid? i mean, REALLY stupid.

  3. I think that she should just shut her pretty little mouth. She’s dating someone else, the least she could do is try to get over with Film, not get all excited whenever Film contact her. She sounds to me like she is using p’Num as a substitute until Film comes back. And if Film doesn’t want her, she still have p’Num and if Film does want her then she will be ditching p’Num. Crazy high school drama *-*

  4. I only knew of this girl when the whole Film/Annie scandal broke and she made herself known as Film’s GF. Seems like she is attaching herself to other well known people to keep herself in the media light. Not sure if she knows it but all this talk of her dating Num and getting all happy about Film making contact is making her look stupid.

  5. She does sound like she wants Film back and is waiting for him. I feel sorry for Noom. Geesh, stop talking about your ex and have some respect for your man. I don’t think they will last.

  6. I guess she still wants Film to admit they were together lol but seriously I don’t care about her. She should just shut up.

  7. Wait, how is Num paranoid when he said it’s ok and that he want them to be friends? This girl is too hung up on herself. I guess I can’t fault her because Num is probably her first real mature boyfriend.

  8. this is my first comment ever. LOL. Agree with y’all, she does not deserve Num. I read the whole thing word-by-word, it was interesting, but does she really have to say all of that? I like Num. He’s a cool guy.

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