Celebrities Past Relationships

“Tik” Jessadaporn + “Oh” Pakjira“Tang” Saksit + “Noon” Siripan

Before the end of the month of love (February) S! News wanted to bring forth former celebrity couples who was so much in love, but now in the future each couple have parted ways and some moved on to marriage while others are still single or in the dating scene still. Who are the past former lovers?

“Pinky” Sawika + “Umm” Artichart“Pang” Ornjira + Puri

“Chai” Chattayodom + “Om” NavadeeSara Ball Malakul + Paul Pattarapol

“Ning” Kullasatree + “Touch” Na TakuatoongMarsha + “Ball” Atip

“Pinky” Sawika + “Benz” Nipit Hange“Umm” Artichart + “Kat” Katreeya English

“Tang” Saksit + “Mam” Kataleeya“Tui” Teerapat + “Aom” Piyada

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25 responses to “Celebrities Past Relationships

    • Oh was beautiful in the 90s-00s no wonder tik they dated. She still is, but you barely see her anymore. last was in mafia tee ruk for me

      • Oh was very beautiful indeed. I remember I was so envious of her in her drama w/ Katreeya English. Last time I saw her was in Yok Lai Mek…but anyone know how old she is? Because if she’s the same age as Joy S. or Katreeya English, she didn’t age as well as they did…i know she started out about the same time as those gals did

  1. Tang and Mam used to be together, wow i didn’t know that. So thats why they got so much chemistry. And i heard Aum Atichart cheated on Kat during their relationship. Can anyone shed more light on this past relationship?

  2. thank you so much for your reply naka . beacause i was wondering about paul does he has someone or no i like him so much but so sad from now on no more lk for him anymore but i still wait for his last once with yui right

  3. That’s not Sarah Ball, she’s Sarah Malakul. Sarah Ball is very much younger and she’s a model, not actress. I know her as Yaya’s close friend.

  4. It’s true that you don’t know who you can fall in love with but if it was me, I would never get myself involve with a friend’s ex. It’s just weird.

  5. What? Aum & Katreeya?? WOW!! that must have been a hot couple lol

    Just to add to the list…

    Chakrit Y. and Joy Rinalee
    Num S. and Joy Rinalee
    Chakrit & and Jakajan A.

  6. I wondered why the page’s text is smaller the what used to be. Can u please make the text bigger? Thank you. ( I noitced the STaff changes their web looks a lot.)

  7. I love Touch and Ning too, they were my favorite couple and poo pisawat was actually the first lakorn that I have watched followed by ruk rai un dud. I’m still looking for the reason of their break up on the net but found nothing. I saw an article about ning getting married to her pilot boyfriends and they were something writing about her long relationship of 7 years with touch but i couldn’t read thai. 😦

  8. Oh wow..some of these are SHOCKERS! It’s funny though…as good looking as these couples used to be together, almost all of them settled and married the average girls/guys. Guessing looks don’t matter in the long run the the elders have said.

  9. WHOA tik and Oh?..i thought he was dating his wife for five years before they married?..shocker!?..dude id din’t even know half of these guys dated!..i only know Aum and Pinky..

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