Aump is fuming! Brings out BF & Friend to testify that Kae lied 9 times in her interview

Following ‘Kae’ Roungnapa’s interview in response to an accusation that “Aump” Patcharapa claimed ‘Hiso K’ had rubbed her boyfriend’s back in such a way that made people say ‘ooohh’. In Kae’s statement of defence, she revealed she did not rubbed Note in that manner but only greeted him in a friendly gesture because Note is an ex-boyfriend of a friend. Kae also slammed Aump in her interview by saying that Aump was impolite and sometimes celebrity who appears blunt can also be fake too.

As a result of Kae’s interview with the media, Aump is enraged beyond control. The famous actress stepped forward to justify herself through a super long interview. Aump claimed ‘Kae lied 9 times in her statement’.

As witnesses to her testament, Aump brought forward her boyfriend ‘Note’ Vises Rungsisingpipat and her friend “Kess” to further clarify her claims.

“When I read the news, I must say, I have to admit she is smart in her interview. She protected herself in every way possible and I just want to say that I can’t make the whole country believe me but I want to say that, not everything she said were all true. From what I read I can conclude in points. 1. She never greeted Note like a friend as she claimed 2. She never apologized; she mentioned she said ‘sorry now you hear that Note and I know each other so there won’t be any problems’. On that day, she never said that. 3. I never pulled her arm, I did not pull her, I tapped her. 4. She did not just put her hand on Note’s back and said ‘hey…’ that’s not true. She rubbed him on his back”

“That day, Note was sitting at the head of the table and when she got there she didn’t even greet him, she didn’t say ‘hey…’ she just started rubbing from left to right. 5. We didn’t have a fight with each other beforehand like she claimed. She said my friend told her we were in the middle of a fight that’s why I was so angry, but honestly we were not fighting. We were just out at Note’s brother’s pub, we weren’t fighting with each other. 6. I was not jealous or possessive; there is no reason for me to be. When I read the news, I decided to write everything down in points; I was confused by what she said. What she mentioned were based on true events, but everything she said in the interview, she never actually said on the day of the incident. 7. No one from my table pulled her aside and took her outside the pub”

“There was a girl sitting at our table who saw the incident and she said to Kae ‘sorry, could you please stop and leave’ and then Kae was shocked and left. No one took her outside and told her to calm down. She took herself outside. As for whether or not anyone followed her out there I don’t know. But from the time it happened to about 10 -15 minutes later, no one followed her out there”

“8. Note is not afraid of me like she said, Note is not scared of me. He told me that he knew her but he’s not close to her to the point where she should touch him like that. Note was shocked by it ‘ could she be so daring to touch me like that?’. And I asked Note, Are you close to her to the point where she could rub you like that. And Note said he’s not close to her at all. What I’m stating in point 8 is the truth. As for her remarks about me, I can’t fix that. She can say whatever she wants but my point 8 shows that what she said was untrue”

“What happened was, on that day I was sitting in the pub with my back to the door, I was sitting close to another younger guy and Note was sitting at the head of the table. Then there were two other girls sitting opposite me. One of the girl was her friend. That day, she walked past Note’s back and started rubbing it from left to right, she didn’t say anything and then she walked over to her friend. Note and I sat there and our jaws dropped. Another girl saw and her jaws dropped as well. Then I turned to Note and I said, ‘do you know her, know her to the point where she could rub you like that? And Note said he knew her but not close to her at all. I asked Note this normally, not in a hostile tone, we weren’t fighting. I just wanted to know the story. And I walked over to her, I didn’t pull her arm. I tapped her on the shoulder and I was not impolite toward her, I didn’t criticise her. That day she wore a white white strapless top and a skirt and I tapped her on the shoulder and said ‘Do you know him, why did you rub him like that’”

When you asked Kae, you asked her because you wanted to know or because you were angry?

“I wanted to know…but if you ask if I was angry, I admit that I was but I didn’t raise my voice with her. My voice was calm but I didn’t use ‘ka’ with her, perhaps that was why she thought I was being impolite, I don’t know. She rubbed him and I wanted her to explain herself. There are many ways to greet someone. You can say ‘hey…’ and then touch their hands like other people who know each other but you don’t rub people’s back like that. And in my relationship with Note, I’m not hiding it. I’m open about my relationship with him. I believe she did what she did because she didn’t see that I was sitting at the table, if she saw me she wouldn’t have done it”

“Ok next, then I tapped her and asked her if she knew Note, and she said yes I know him. Oh now let me add point 9. She said she said to him ‘mueng mai roo juk goo lor?’ {What, you don’t know me?!} She never said that, she never used ‘mueng goo’ I think she used that in her interview because she wanted to depict closeness between them, so people would find it believable. When she said she knew him, she turned to Note and said ‘Note, don’t you know me?’ and Note said yes but not that much and I asked her, why did you have to touch his back? Is there something wrong with you?! {pen aria mark reu ploa?!} That’s what I said to her. I’m telling you honestly that that is what I said to her. I talked to her calmly, with no polite ending ‘ka’. I didn’t pull her arm and I walked back to my table”

“Then another girl on my table came up to her and she said ‘sorry can you please stop and leave’ and then she was shocked and walked over. As for me when it was over, I wasn’t angry and I was over it. Everything went back to normal. Later that night, she brought her boyfriend over to talk to her friend on my table as if to show that she was here with her man and she didn’t have anything with Note. And I knew it was nothing because Note didn’t show any reaction other than shocked from being touched. Kae said, people who know each other should be able to touch each other’s back. It’s not like he had a sign on him. I want to say, this is reality, and in real life, does anyone wear a sign on them? And does it mean that you can just walk up to anyone because they’re not wearing a sign and touch their back like that. I just want to say, you shouldn’t do that. Even with or without a sign, you’re a girl, it looks bad for you to do something like that. I’m sassy but I’ve never done anything like that”

“I don’t know how she communicates. But she is very smart in her interview. I have studied public relations but I could never write a script like she could. I could never create anything like that. I could only say what I saw and I repeat, I tapped her and asked if she knew him and why did she have to rub him like that, is there something wrong with you? That was what I said to her. And then she said, ‘I know him ka’ and then she turned to Note and said ‘Don’t you know me’ and that was all, nothing like she said in her interview”

As for the allegation that Kae claimed Aump lied when she said this happened a long time ago, Kae said, this incident only just happened recently.

“Reporters came to ask me questions at a launch 2-3 days ago. Before they interviewed me, they warned me not to say too much about the incident because it’s over already so when they interviewed me, I said exactly that. When they asked me if I had problems with a Hiso I don’t have a problem with any Hiso, then the reporter said, she’s a celebrity too and I said..ohh…if you mean this celebrity, she was in a lakorn a long time ago but transformed herself to become a social celebrity. I don’t know if this is the comment that made her so angry”

“Right now I have so many news involving guys and girls and maybe she is using this against me. Using the news that Note and I are having problems, but it’s not true. When I read her interview I felt, hey, she’s talented. I was stressed, like I said, I can’t make everyone understand me but I’m worried about my fans and what they would think. And I had a talk to them, I want them to believe what I say is true, I didn’t lie one bit. So today, I decided to clarify everything in points because I’m a forgetful person. I had to go on the internet and read what she said and noted down in points”

“Why did she have to do that? People who know each other can say hi with a slap on the shoulder and a touch on the hand, those are nothing. But rubbing? What’s the point of that? I want to communicate my feelings on that day for people to know and I didn’t think she would be so angry about it. But maybe what I said embarrassed her in front of her friends, I don’t know. I don’t know why she went to give an interview like that and her interview jeopardized me. If I had to witness an incident like this again I will have to ask because I don’t know what these people want. And I’m not aware that my questions could make people angry. If I went and pulled her arms and asked her, then she could accuse me, but I asked her frankly”

Note confirms he is not close to Kae to the point where they use ‘mung-goo’ with each other

“Honestly, this is girl’s business. I don’t want to say too much about it but when I got to read the interview from the other side which was distorted from the truth I had to come out and explain the situation. On that day I went to my brother’s pub. I sat at the head of the table and we were talking normally, we never had a fight with each other before the incident. I sat there and I saw Kae walking over, I didn’t think much of it, I just sat there minding my own business but when she walked past me, I felt like she was rubbing on my back and another person who was sitting on the table gave me a shocked look and I was thinking to myself, here comes trouble, then I looked at Aump and she asked me if I knew her and if I knew enough for her to do that, so I said, no I’m not close to her at all”

Kae said she touched your back and said, “hey…”

“She definitely didn’t say that to me. We are not close to each other and I have never dated a friend of hers. My group of friends are not friends with her but if you ask if I knew her, yes I do know her but we’re not close. We met each other a long time ago, I don’t even remember where I met her. Have you ever ran into someone who know but not close to and you get this feeling like, should you say hi or not, and I decided I’m not going to say hi, I’m just going to sit still”

“We are not close to the point where we could use mueng and goo with each other, when Aump turned to talk to ask me, Kae asked me if I knew her and I said I knew her but not close, not close as in, not close enough for her to touch me like that. She didn’t use mueng goo with me, what she said in her interview made it seem like she’s trying to tell people that she doesn’t think anything of it, that’s why she said ‘mueng goo’ but honestly she didn’t say that. And when she said that I said, I know her and then changed to okay I don’t know her because I was scared of Aump, honestly, I respect Aump and when I’m not close to someone I will be honest and say that I’m not close”

“If you ask if Aump is normally possessive girlfriend. I think she is just normal, nothing out of the ordinary. If anyone rubbed your boyfriend’s back you would probably be shocked too. But I believe the other didn’t think anything by doing that because I’m just a normal guy. No one wants to touch me that much. Right now I’m in the news so much, I’m quite stressed. In other matters, I try to explain everything to everyone and with so much news out there we get to talk to each other more and reconcile with each other. We’ve been with each other for a long time and with everything that’s happened, we get to talk it over with each other and understand each other more. I like her because she’s an honest person, she doesn’t try to create a character trait for herself or fake it. In her interview she admitted everything, she said this and when someone does that, she doesn’t like it”

“However she is in the open, she is the same person behind closed door, she’s not fake”

Kes also confirmed ‘Kae’ did rub Note’s back 1 million percent

“I was there when the incident happened. P’Aump sat opposite me and P’Note was at the head of the table. He was sitting between me and P’Aump and P’Aump sat with her back to the entrance. When I saw her, I didn’t think she could see that P’Aump eas there because she had her back to the door. Then Kae looked at her friend who sat beside me, while she was looking at her friend she walked behind P’Note’s chair and rubbed her hand on his back as she was heading to her friend’s seat. When I saw it I was shocked”

“She just rubbed his back, she didn’t say anything. She walked over to her friend and rubbed his back on the way to her friend. Then she was standing behind me and P’Aump turned to P’Note and asked if they knew each other, why did she have to rub him like that and P’Note said he knew her but not close. Then P’Aump got up to go ask Kae if she knew Note and the music was so loud so Kae probably couldn’t hear so P’Aump tapped her and asked her if she knew Note and Kae said she knew him and then I stopped paying attention because I didn’t think there was anything else to it. But suddenly, Kae put her face near my shoulder to ask P’Note if he remembered her and P’note was all blurred and said yes he remembered her. P’Note’s face was like…how do I say this, it’s like he’s known over a hundred people but after a while, he forgets them. That’s my opinion. Then P’Aump sat back down and Kae didn’t stop there she kept trying to explain saying I do know Note, it’s me Kae, she tried to make him remember and putting her face near my shoulder so he could see and I was like ‘Sorry, please stop’. I felt bad for saying that to her but I didn’t want anything to happen and she left, by herself. No one walked out with her like she said”

“In my honest opinion I felt her act was inappropriate. She’s friends with another girl, she should be touching that girl, not other people’s boyfriend. I don’t think it’s appropriate. Like her eyes were watching someone else’s face but her hand is rubbing someone else’s boyfriend. I confirmed one million percent, she rubbed his back”

“After that we changed tables because more people showed up and the table was too small. Later that night she came back, this time she brought another guy over to say to her friend that she was leaving. It was as if she wanted to say that honestly I have a boyfriend but no one cared. And her friend was like ok off you go. I confirm, P’Aump didn’t pull her arm, if she did, Kae would probably be on the floor. And they weren’t fighting before Kae arrived. That night we even took photos and P’Aump and P’Note were okay. I will show you the photo”

Source via Manager

66 responses to “Aump is fuming! Brings out BF & Friend to testify that Kae lied 9 times in her interview

  1. In one interview. Aump said she was possessive of him. Now Aump said she is not. Why bring Note out to be the witness. He will be on her side anyway.

    • I here you. I bet this Kae gal and Note has a pass…watch its going to turn out that they use to date…or have had an intimate relationship..that’s why she has the guts to go up to him and rubbed his back…if he was a “stranger” like he said I doubt she would just go up to him and rub his back…he’s not the most attractive guy

  2. I am not Aump’s fan, but I believe Aump. Aump is blunt and will say as it is. Of course this is just my opinion from observing her characteristics and many news she had given. The other girl is smart to use Aump’s news situation to blend in with her interview. It makes the story very convincing.

  3. Psychologically if a person was innocent they do not need to bring reinforcements to back them up. They also don’t need to give an interview to pass on the press to start sh*t.

    I believe Kae more than I believe a desperate h03 like Aump. Aump is an actress sge can lie out of her ass.

    • Aump started the fight by giving an interview to tell the press her whole damn business. If she doesn’t want Kae to respond… Aump should have never started the fire. She’s an idiot and unprofessional. Acting like a bunch of high school kids fighting over one fugly dude.

    • I agree with you guys. If she hadn’t brought it up, there wouldn’t be so much news about it. Reporters don’t care about the truth. Reporters are reporters. I don’t know why she’s making such a fuss about this when she brought it up. Like seriously, keep personal personal & business business.

    • A innocent person does need proof…do you think an innocent person on trial can convince the judge and the jurors that they are innocent, if had no evidences to support their claim of innocence?…having concrete evidence is the only way to get yourself out of a ugly mess.

      • P-L-E-A-S-E! If she was innocent she needs to bring in someone else besides her autistic boyfriend & her friend. She was the one that dug her own grave. If SHE didn’t want Kae to speak back then why did she tell the press her business? No one cared until she opened up her mouth.

        Anyone can be innocent as long as they have their friends there but sHE took it too far when personal matters shouldn’t be mixed in with professional matters. sHE doesn’t know how to separate it & is getting desperate & delusional that others want her autistic boyfriend.

      • But is this concrete evidence…? No, not even close to solid evidence to prove her innocence if this was actually a real court case. Solid proof is video recordings of where the incident happened (They’re in a pub, had to be some kind of security camera in there), innocent bystanders there to speak on your behalf, etc., these are solid evidence. Concrete evidence isn’t your friend and boyfriend, they prove no innocence for you because they’re biased obviously, it takes more than just friends and family to win a court case.

  4. Just because Aum is “blunt” doesn’t mean she can’t lie. Look at the situation with her older ex’s in the past. She beat up her boyfriend with a golf club before, she ended up with a new man so fast after the break up with Todd and she’s had so many scandals in the past. I can say so much about her. But to state the fact, she’s just a fake nang aek on screen. Off screen she’s just another nang rai!

    • what? she beat up her boyfriend with a golf O_O my goodness!!

      Anyway, I agree with Redfish, she just started it first. How come the girl would lie. That Kae girl has got a hiso boyfriend already. Although Note does seem to be richer than her bf but I don’t think she would want to rub Note’s back to flirt. I’m disappointed with Aump.

      • Yes she did. They had the pictures of her old boyfriend up on the internet a long time ago. I don’t know if it’s still up or not though.

  5. I honestly do not know where to begin and who to belive now. Why does Aump have to make a big deal out of this, it’s just a lttle touch at the back. And plus they aren’t even married yet. If note doesn’t know her(not close to her, same thing)then aump should just let it go. Note isn’t even that good looking.i think that aump plays or watch thai lakorns too much. yes mabey kea have lied a bit but it’s not her fault, every does that.

  6. do these people have anything else better to do? what a bunch of idiots. please, like note is that credible to believe. there’s probably truths and lies, and some truth that has been tweaked somewhere by all parties, but aum is still psycho and losing her mind. in order to protect herself she can lie i’m not surprised. i’m not going to believe that she’s never lied in her life, please. anyway, what i got from this is princess aum thinks highly of herself and puts other people down. so she thinks she’s the only one that can talk cuz she’s miss forever sexy and others shouldn’t?

    “ohh…if you mean this celebrity, she was in a lakorn a long time ago but transformed herself to become a social celebrity. I don’t know if this is the comment that made her so angry.”

    in bold, that’s a lie lol she’s done plenty of things that make girls look bad herself or does she thinks she’s an exception?? she ain’t got any right to tell others what girls should do when she does the opposite too. and say kae did rub his back, she didn’t need to do all that shit. if note really didn’t like it then he should be the one to tell kae. instead they needed to create a scene. note is really a dumbass. does he have a brain? anyway, this interview doesn’t make her look better at all.

  7. i don’t know this is just a small thing why they want to do like a big things just arub or touch they not sleep together why you has to lose an anergy for that kind of thing so stupid girl if you see in canada they kiss and hug each other is not thing even they just know each other ,like my fr and my bf they kiss each other for me is nothing to be jal it just a fr. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh i’m so boring with her story now ,fist is pancake and now is aum so stupid fight for a man

  8. Aump is too overprotective of her man. Helllloooo, not every girl wants her man. She looks to be manipulative anyways and can be a total b*. So sad that she had to come out with people to back her up. If you don’t want beef, dont start it by telling everyone about your business. Shes so possessive of him, her little boytoy.

  9. Like someone mention, when I see my guy friends I hugged them and kiss them on the cheek and some have girlfriends too, but I don’t mean any disrespect or that I’m interested in them, that’s just how some people greet each other. I’m asian, but Italian and Mexican/Latin culture they are they do the same when they greet each ther. Big deal! Get over it and get over yourself. She just mad b/c Kae called her out and told her what’s up. Aump just needs to sit down and stfu. Her fame is almost up. *Note* I’m not a hater but I’m quick to point out stuff 😉 Keeping it 100

  10. Lol Aump just made me look at her more in a negative light. So is she possessive of her bf or not? She is not consistent, therefore I believe Kae more. Or at least I side more with Kae. It was just a pat in the back! Grow up Aump!

  11. ahahahI knew AUmp will fire back. But She is carzy already for doing that. SOrry Aump but you are the one making a big dealof everything especially your perverted bf. He is man wh*re.Obviously everyone is laughing at her for being so stupid. I am on Kae’s side even though I don’t know who she is. Aump is like a little kid, bring her man Note everywhere and now her friend to defendher story. Now it seems like whenever she goes,she bring her man with her. She is scare he will cheat on her.

  12. But the thing is, I still find it hard to believe because she brought out her friend and boyfriend….I mean, would they say Aump’s the one lying…No. There had to have been some unknown bystanders there, come on people! Speak up, lol. She is possessive whether she believes it or not, it shows in her actions of approaching every women, calling them, speaking about them in the media and what not. Oh well, it that’s how she wants to keep a man, then good for her. But really, the one she needs to approach is her man, not every girl he flirts with or talks to, wake up Aump and get a grip! And she really needs to stop airing her own dirty laundry, every time she speaks of a woman who has had close contact with Note, it also shines a bad light on her.

  13. I don’t know why but my instincts says I believe what Aump said. She doesn’t seem fake. The other girl…she looks like she’s lying. lol. Just my opinion.

  14. If you’re telling the truth, people will believe you. No need to bring a load of people to confirm anything. And obviously she brought out her own people so go figure! They would obviously side with her. And no matter what I will always looks at her with a bad view because she never portrayed herself to be any better. Even when she first entered the entertainment business she had a little misfit with Khun Dang because she had a habit of partying too much and messed up her work. Not only that she had a problem with another actress many times and one of them was in Kom Phayabath with her. She always had issues even when she first entered the business so I wouldn’t be surprised her same old attitude is still there; but more violent since she thinks she’s so all that. But personally I think there are a lot of better actresses out there who aren’t scandalous, don’t sell their boobs for money or fame and they look like a women unlike Aum who looks like a transvestite.

  15. LMAO I was reading on sanook’s website and came across this netizen’s post: แฟนหน้ายังกับเด็กออทิสติค… Says Note looks autistic. I think Aump’s going crazy. She confronts all girls that come close to her autistic bf or that she thinks is a threat. There’s always news about her calling someone.

  16. Aump is stupid to even come out and speak again. This proved that she is a child. Sometime you just have to be the bigger person and leave it alone. Let whoever believe that wants to believe. All I know is that I believe in myself and probably few who was there will believe in terms of whoever they are closer too. Same situation as friends. But come on Aump don’t be so scared that people are not going to believe in your story. Also same to Kae. If I was a famous actress I wouldn’t even let this kind of thing bother me because I know that I will always be too good for Note.

  17. I totally agree with RedfishBluefish! Aum starts the drama then gets mad when Kae responds, now prolonging it into something big when all of this is really highschool immature crap. Aum is so childish. There’s far too many incidents of scandal involving her ugly man, and Aum is probably very insecure about it thinking every girl is trying to steal him away LOL Aum needs to relax and grow up! I don’t care what’s the truth, because all of this is very stupid…arguing over someone rubbing your man’s back? BIG DEAL! And if her man has so many scandals with women…she should be worried about HIM not other girls. I bet Aum gets cheated on a lot because she looks like the type to get played on lol and I don’t feel bad for her.

  18. What is going on with us girls these days? Jealousy, jealousy, jealousy. Its okay, na. I’m like this too: IF it was more than a rub on the back, I wouldn’t have had gone to the extreme like p’Aum. Girl, chill. It’s only a rub.

  19. aump is getting annoying and now she is desperate for people to believe her by bring her ugly bf and her friend into this.

  20. I think it is kind of lame how they are debating
    over something dumb;”Rubbing Note’s back” but what
    to say they are different from me. It might be too
    much over the line for them.

  21. Shut the hell up already! The girl does not know when to keep it close. Yeah, if she did not mention it in the first place no one knew what happened. But of course, being Miss Attention that she is she just started things up and when someone is able to stand up to her she then bring her friends and boyfriend to be proof. LOL. Of course, they would be her proof. Her boyfriend is so weak to do anything in the first place beside walking around holding her purse. These two needs to be lock up in a place just by themselves so no one can bother them.

    Aump has turned into one crazy girl. This guy is not even worth the time she puts in, beside his money she has nothing to fight for. Is she that desperate for it?


  23. People will never be happy…If she doesn’t come out and defend herself, she would get criticized. She defends herself, she gets criticized. None of us really know what happened but are quick to chose sides. I wouldn’t like it either if a girl came up and rubbed my boyfriend’s back. She is human too and have the rights to be jealous. I probably wouldn’t approach the other girl and ask her about it. I would probably let it slide because I am not confrontational unless I get pushed around a lot.

  24. eh … My bf was more good looking than Note , but I dumped him bec. he is a womanizer …and I’m not even a celebrity like Aump, hehe.. she can always find a better man ..she sounds desperate …haiiizz !!

        • hum..maybe so, but i only believe who i want to believe and look like the’yre saying it real, on the other news of kae, i don;t know, she seems like lying a bit though..confuse..

          • I commended Red Fish Blue Fish that s[he] has a point. So if Kae has more witness (her friends and her bf) you would side with Kae more?

            Whether I believe Kae or Aump, I refuse to believe either of their statement. But I do want to note how lame it is of Aump to let this get this far. She started her own war.

  25. Aump is just pissed that someone is willing to put her in her place. Like Kae said she’s not an actress anymore she has nothing to lose unlike Aump. So what good is Kae getting from all this but the words of a psychopath saying she rubbed up all over her autistic boyfriend?

  26. Daaaaaang, she started drama for no reason, if that were me I would’ve been like WTF?!?!? too, but I wouldn’t go up to the girl just bcus she rubbed his back side to’s not like she grabbed ass or something…she’s stupid..I think she just wants to start more third hand drama on the news just to she can be in the news, since it’s currently the hot topic right now with “j”..but she’s dumb bcus the more news of note being flirty & what not “cheating” on her the more stupid she looks for staying with him. & we all know homeboy is scared to death of her!

  27. Aump is totally losing it. Like I said before, I don’t know who is telling the truth but I like that someone has the balls to call aump out in her own game. Its starting to look like the whole tanya, Pinky and peck thing. Aump needs to understand that its not the girl that she needs to call out to, its her own man. If he is faithful there won’t be any girls for her to call out. Aump thinks she is smart by doing what she is doing but at the end she is only hurting her own reputation.

  28. We don’t know the whole story but Aump sounds really crazy and obessive! It appears to me that Note is afaid of her and she is a jealous psycho! Why else would she need to justify the truth…who freaking cares…Aump, you are so crazy!!! I’m sick of hearing about her. She sounds crazy, obsessive and jealous on her other interview too! She also looks the part!

  29. Aump thinks she an actress and people already like and she has more advantage of the spotlights. So she think she can lie to the press. This girl is so fake every time i watched her interview it was all stupid. Just like the way she acted in lakorn it was unrealistic.

  30. i don’t really care which side is truth..i just think that aump’s stupid and so unprofessional and immature, she just can’t spread work and personal. i don’t know why she brought this up at first. is she think that by doing this people will pay more attention to her and her bf or put her more on the new. if she want to bring witness why don’t bring someone that is not close to her..i am so tired of her news, even I am a fan of her.

  31. aum is just asking for attention. she knows by bringing up those girls name will make news. I give that Kae girl props for coming out to defend herself unlike those other girls who seem to be scare of Aum. of corse she’s gonna bring her man and friend into this because they will obviously have her back. like someone has mention, she’s acting like her role in mia luang

  32. lmao there’s a real life namwaan and a real life_ (what’s her character name in mai luang?) anyway, kae just gave out another interview. i wonder what aum’s gonna say next. aum v kae

  33. WTF this whore trying to do? Ok, we know that you want to grabbed a rich man,n but damn be real and not too obsessed about everything. She is very childish just like that one incident that her best friend May F have a fight over the white mini copper car with Khem. Aump was part of it too. I dont understand why people worship this whore thinks she the queen of sexiness my asssss. She is a free-hoe more like it.

  34. Aum is a jealous bitch. there i say it!..she is at teh age where she needs to get married and is dissing at anyone who say her bf sucks!..girl..wth!

  35. If Aum’s BF was Brad Pitt or Hugh Jackman I would understand her possessiveness, but Note??!! Lordie Lord, must I say anything else…

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