Kae Slams Aump for being overly jealous!

Thailand’s superstar, “Aump” Patcharapa Chaichuer made an announcement that a Socialite name starting with the letter ‘K’, had rubbed her boyfriend “Note” Wises Rungsisingpipat in such a way that would make anyone say ‘ohhhh’. But despite the inappropriate gesture, Aump said she doesn’t want to say too much on the matter, because she’s scared ‘Hiso K’ would feel ‘embarrassed’ by her conduct. Aump also added that ‘Hiso K’ is not really a Hiso, just a celebrity in the social scenes.

Today, the real identity of ‘Hiso K’ is revealed and this person is none other than ‘Kae’ Roungnapa Pongthipsukol, former actress who is constantly in the limelight for her social appearances.  

Kae, upon hearing about her name in the gossip press, didn’t hesitate to clarify her side of the story to the media.

“I read the news and I felt it’s so retarded and melodramatic. But it doesn’t matter, it was just a misunderstanding. On that day, I made plans to meet with some friends and before they arrived to the venue, I walked into the shop and I saw two of my other friends with their boyfriends and I saw Note and Aump sitting with my friends. I saw them and I smiled at them, but I don’t know if they saw me because it was dark”

“When I saw my friends, of course I would want to go up to say hi, my friends were sitting on that table. Everyone on the table saw what happened. I did not touch him the way she described it on TV. Are you crazy? All I did was touched him on the back and sad ‘hey..’ and then I talked to my friends. But they probably had a fight with each other before I got there because my friend told me they had a fight and Aump was jealous and misunderstood. But I understand that girls can be possessive, so she probably misunderstood”

“She walked over to me and asked me if I knew him and I told her, yes I do know him, he used to date a friend of mine and I can confirm that I said hey to him normally, I did not rub him up and down. So I’m so confused why she decided to walk over to my table to say mean things to me. She told me that Note told her that he doesn’t even know me. So I turned to Note and I asked ‘What? You don’t know me? {Mueng mai roo juck goo lor?} I was confused why Note would tell Aump that. And Note turned to me and said, ‘umm I do know you’ then he tried to take Aump back to their table”

“And I said to Aump, excuse me, did you hear that? He said he knows me, so now we don’t have any problems with each other. But then she blurted out, if you know him, then why did you rub his back?! And I was like…Oww! I didn’t know people who knew each other aren’t supposed to touch each other. He doesn’t have a ‘don’t touch’ sign on him. How was I supposed to know she’d be this jealous about it?”

“Then my friend pulled me aside and told me to turn it down. And we went to talk outside the shop and they were like, they’ve never seen Aump like that before, she’s usually not like this. She’s usually a nice person. They were trying to defend her and I believed them because my friends told me they had a fight with each other before and they were still angry about it. But I’m thinking to myself, if they want to fight with each other, why not go home and do it, why did they come out for?”

“My friends told me that before Aump came up to me, she asked Note if he knew me and he said he knew me. And Aump asked him how, and then Note said, ‘Errr…Ok I don’t know her’. Then I think to myself, ‘why is she so possessive?!’ oiiiiii (sigh) and why did he have to say, Ok I don’t know her. It sounds fishy. And she probably got jealous , but the guy is way too afraid of her. It was nothing and they turned it into something”

“It was nonsense. That day my boyfriend was with me and all my friends knew I had a boyfriend. I don’t hide my relationship with my boyfriend and I don’t steal other people’s man. How could someone think that? I was just talking to my friends, I wasn’t being thick faced or did anything like that. From the news we all know Aump’s a sassy person. But I’m not thick faced like that”

“All my friends saw what happened. My celebrity friends were there too and a celebrity manager who was there even sent a BB message to me to apologize on Aump’s behalf. They said they’ve never seen her like that before. Everyone was trying to defend her so I think Aump is probably a good person to a point, that’s why some people are willing to apologize on her behalf”

“Anyway, I don’t mind so much but it’s funny. I understand jealous people, but who gets jealous because someone touched your boyfriend on the back? That’s overly jealous. In my point of view, if she doesn’t get it she could’ve approached me nicely, it would look so much better”

Her tone was impolite?

“Oh! Yes! Honestly, and by doing that she only made herself look bad. I mean, even if people wrote bad things about me, I wouldn’t lose much, but Aump would lose a lot. I’m not an actress anymore, but she’s an actress. I think this will have an impact on her”

Kae revealed this incident just happened recently, it didn’t happen months ago as Aump claimed.

“Another thing that I don’t understand is, this incident is over and done with already and it’s such a small matter. But she decided to give an interview about it and turned it into big news. Also this incident only just happened, about a week or two ago”

Aump said this happened months ago

“That’s why I don’t understand. I don’t know how to describe this. Before this incident, I thought she was a straightforward person who doesn’t like to fake. But now, I change my opinion. Sometimes, people who are outspoken and seemed honest can also be fake too. It’s a character trait they try to create for themselves in the industry”

Kae also confirmed that Aump pulled her arm – but Aump denied this

“She pulled my arm to make me face her, and I was confused. So when she said ‘it made people say ohhh…’ I think people probably said ‘ohhh’ because she pulled my arm”

Kae admitted Aump is right to say she’s not a Hiso, however Kae said she has never ‘sold herself’ or ‘being anyone’s mistress’

“Honestly, I’m not a Hiso. I’m just an average person. But the reason why I’m always in the news is because of my job. I work as a PR and I have to be in the social scenes. So I’m not Hiso, what she said was right. But I’m confused when she said I might be ‘embarrassed’. Why would I be embarrassed? I have a legitimate job, I don’t need to be ashamed. I never sold myself and I’ve never been anyone’s mistress. I’ve never done anything in my life to be embarrassed about”

“I confirm that I didn’t rub Note’s body up and down. Everyone on the scene saw what happened. So perhaps she was so wrapped up in her possessive mood and she was hallucinating that I rubbed her boyfriend  up and down. Besides, Note dated a friend of mine, I don’t date guys who used to go out with my friends”

Source via Manager

43 responses to “Kae Slams Aump for being overly jealous!

  1. ooooh….daaang this is some crazy stuff.personally i feel aump is a fake at times like in her interviews the way she talks and stuff just gave me these feelings of her putting on a face just to “be real” or whatever she calls it.aump shouldnt be a over possesive person because the dude may dump her.kae described aump like a scary lady 😀 but yeah aump shouldnt control her bf too much…the dude gonna get bored of you.and i dont understand why she still with note if he has soo many rumors and she cant handle them.she said it herself she cant see her bf with other people (saying to the celebrity in the industry) she will find another dude if she breaks up with this one.cause she clearly cant live without a dude.no need to waste your time with this one guy who gives you headaches.in the end it is note and aumps fault for not understanding and giving each other space 😀

  2. I don’t know who this girl is but I like her already! Dats what’s up. I love her response. I’m gald she standing up for herself & putting Aump in her place. Never did like Aump tranny looking azz and idk what the hype about her being sexy is about. She looks sleazy and slutty to me. And that hiso dude is butt ugly. He reminds me of William Hung…she bangs! LMAO

  3. ouch! wow i love this girl too. finally someone’s not afraid to shine some light unlike nang’ek aeb baew (who’s probably aeb baew jing jing lol) and the rest of them. sounds really funny. aum did say she can’t keep her emotions hidden lol so that’s what she does she pretends in interviews that their relationship is happy but anyone can tell that it’s not. and lmfao note is so afraid that she’ll question every girl he knows so he tells aum he doesn’t know kae ahaha this is so hilarious i know note and aum is not going to last but sounds like it might be sooner than expected.

    you go girl, that’s right don’t have to be embarassed about your legitimate job! and love how it ended===”i don’t date guys who used to date my friends.”

    nice job aum for losing your dignity and pride. you really know how to make yourself look bad.

  4. Finally,there’s others who don’t like Aum as well.I don’t understand what all the hype is as well.I went shopping in Siam Square a few years ago & they had her pictures everywhere.All the shopkeepers were trying to sell their clothing & accessories to me & they said “even Aum wears these” & I said to them I don’t like Aum & they were shocked ! I can’t understand til this day why she is nang eck.She would really suit for the role of the nang rai without a doubt.Don’t know why she’s so popular???
    She came on some show and said that she spends 100 thousand baht on shopping in 1 day.There’s no need to broadcast this on tv – seriously & have yoou noticed that she only dates rich men? What has she done for society without wanting publicity & money in return?

    I bet she even encouraged May Feungarom to fight with Kem (At 10) during the mini incident.I’m sure May isn’t that nasty.I reckon it was Aum that told May to confront Kem.

  5. i’m glad someone need to put miss so call sexy queen in her place for being so damn jealous of her ugly ass bf. I’m seriously tired of aum and her bf drama she need to relax and dump his arse already.

    • If you read the actual article or watch the news it’s not touching touch. It’s a pat on the back when you meet someone.

      • yes i read it, even that i can’t tolerate. i’m also a very very jealous when someone is near my boyfriend. so i can understand aump feelings..

          • how i can do that? he’s a boy can’t forbid him to go out and stuff…
            Just somes girls have no shame to hit on guys even when their girlfriend are present

  6. You know everyone will have story to their side. I just think media need to leave Aump alone and ever since she started dating him she is always on front page. This girl clearly looking for drama and attention and I’m sure this is going to be front pages on gossip/tabloid for while.

    • The thing is…Aump is speaking of it herself and making it public herself also so why wouldn’t it not be on the front page. She’s honestly the one digging her own grave, no one else is causing this but her and her boyfriend. No one would talk about their screwed up relationship or even know about it if she herself didn’t speak up about all the women who has supposedly tried to hit on Note.

    • I guess you don’t follow the news? Miss Aump here is the one that keeps coming out and giving interviews and giving away hints to the point where they figured out it was Kae. So if you want to blame someone then blame Aump. She’s the one that dug her own whole.

  7. Ouch, but on kae side, aump wasnt this jealous when she was dating todd, maybe she scared she going to loose a”big fish”

    • lol aum didn’t have this problem with todd because most of his friends are guys..i remember reading in an interview a while ago that one thing aum was impressed most about todd was whenever they go out, todd would always have his eyes on her even when he’s sitting at a table full of girls..he would always look at her:)..she just needs to dump this note guy already..not only is he making her lose her image but i think she mite lose her brain and go crazy soon! if u were aum who would u choose between a cute/loyal boyfriend or a ugly/unfaithful boyfriend..one thing that note did better than todd was be more attentive towards aum but he was probably doing that to make up for all the bad stuff he did in the past!

      • I think Note has that perverted staring problem. When he locks eyes on someone, it looks like he wants to eat them up. Maybe that’s why she’s always so jealous without knowing his “condition”. hahaha

  8. I don’t know who is telling the truth but its a nice change to see someone talking back to aump and putting her in her place lol….I’m not a aump hater but some times I think she can be a little to dramatic.

  9. So true what this KAE girl says. I believe so in what she says. Aump just too fake. She need to stop. Also the fact is that she like to start drama. She need to stop acting cause it seems like she’s wanting to make a lakorn. LMAO stupid AUMP. That girl need to get a life. Dumb ass.

  10. finally, someone with a backbone to stand up to an established old crony! i’m glad she didn’t downplay it like everyone else when they are in that situation and stood up for herself. like i mentioned before, aum is getting truly pathetic and desperate. how many messages is she going to send out to the girls that come into 3ft of her fugly boyfriend? if that’s the case, then i suggest her to lock him up in a cave, so that he’ll not have any female contact. Or not? She’ll probably start attacking the guys that come into contact with mr. fugly thinking that they want a piece of her man. man, this girl is PATHETIC!

  11. I like Aump but i don’t understand her why she must be like this (Jealous)about her UGLY boyfriend,she’s too beautiful for him and celibrity than him ,sometime i have a doubt, all of this must be MONEY !!! because he’s rich??(Hiso thai mean rich???)and i don’t understand too she can be rich about herself because she is a super star in thailand,if it’s about love ? She is so stupid at this point for not knowing how to choose a man???
    At the final i don’t UNDERSTAND thai’s star!! Aump&her ugly boyfriend ,Wier&Pancake&Pae ?,Bee Namthip&Kelly ???
    they are really weird these stars, to believe they are spirits to make a film in their lives. i begin to hate watching thai drama;;;boring about them especially in their real life.

  12. I don’t know about Kae but the way she answered questions makes me believe her. She seemed honest and was very detailed about the whole situation. I seriously think it was an innocent friendly pat on the back, not some pleasurable and inviting rub like Aump saw…They were there in public, Note, Aump, Kae’s Bf, friends, people, who in their right mind would go up to a man in front of his girlfriend, and rub him up and down, I’m sure eyes would have turned if it truly happened. She’s just being overly possessive as usual, always approaching every girl who gets close to Note even when they are only approaching him in an innocent and friendly way. I mean, I have a boyfriend too, we meet up with friends, his and mines, girls and boys, hugs are being thrown around and pats on the back too, but I wouldn’t go up and attack his friends who only hugged him, it is obviously done in a friendly gesture, I don’t get jealous over that type of crap, overboard and unnecessary. There’s a difference from being jealous and being way too possessive. And Aump is being very possessive which is honestly tarnishing her image. I hope one day, Aump would wake up and realize that it is her boyfriend that she needs to approach, not the girls he flirt with. And kudos to Kae for speaking up, I would to if my name was thrown in the media as a person who rubbed someone the wrong way. Aump, wake up and dump that guy!

  13. I like this girl, she was in Kat and Krit’s lakorn 6 years ago. Anyways, Aum is starting to show her true colours, she’s stuck up and desperate. Does this woman have no dignity.

  14. Oh for goodness sake, just dump that buffoon already. They’re having so many problems now, just imagine what’d it be like when they’re married…she’d probably have to put a leash on him.

  15. When is Aump going to stop the childish game. Really? If someone that used to know her boyfriend and casually touch his back and say hi and that can cause an uproar? Get her head out of her ass. The man is having rumors with girls left and right and Aump is going to keep on fighting the girls who comes an inch to her boyfriend.

    She looks so dame desperate. Lesson to Aump, she can manage to keep the person but she can’t keep the heart. I don’t think the man loves he wholeheartedly if so, then he would not keep on getting into these foolish rumors one after the other.

    Sigh…Money can transform a girl. If it’s not for the money Aump would not be with his ugly behind.

  16. I really like Aum but her constant jealousy and phonecalls to girls that Note might be involved with is so ridiculous. If the man can’t treat you right, why are you still clinging onto him?

  17. Another Girl involve in Aum’s relationship.
    There is so much girl involve with the guy.
    Come on, and just break up with the guy if
    you don’t trust him and you think he is like
    a “Cheater”.I really think she and him should
    be over.This is just like a lakorn.

  18. oh..that hurt!ahh!….but then yeh, i don’t like how that kae woman will say like that too, but still, why would note be so handsome, like for me, he’s not even that handsome, aum should just break up with him, and be a popular actress like the same, and u know, guys will come to her alot, after she break up with note..lol..

  19. A beautiful, strong and posssesive girl does not last long in a relationship. She needs to learn to let things go. No matter how beautiful you are, a guy will eventually get bored of your unreasonable acts.

  20. I agreed with you iloveuy. I like aum but i think this note guy is making her go wacko . I also agreed with what this kae girl say and if i was in her situation .. i would do the same.I m not a fan of jealous or possessive kind of girl.. come on aum wake up..gosh

  21. it too much already, omg it need to stop. Tired of hearing news about Aump and her boyfriend, what the hell is wrong with her, she need to stop. Starting not to like Aump anymore :(!!!!

  22. SLAP IN THE FACE! like aump at times but girl needs to learn how to calm down. shes rich herself so theres no need for note dude. And i understand how she can be possessive but over a guy who dont treat u the way u deserve to be treated? Go get your brain checked. Especially when u start attacking others with the media. They dated for 2 yrs and so far ive heard about janie, peung i believe? , KAE this year.

  23. Hahahaha.. This girl totally slammed Aump… I love this girl respones. I totally believe. there is nothing wrong with touching or padding someone back to say hi.. Aump is too crazy and too possesive. She is thinking everyone women want her boyfriend?oh please!!!!!!!
    I could imagine Aump reading this interview and got really a slap in the face.. FInally a girl who stand up and defend herself when other girls like Janie or whoever are too scared to clarify the news.

    Aump need a wake up call.

  24. lol i like to know what Aump have to say about this. she sure looks like she’s possessive over this guy which i dont care much but to go confront or call to those girls who knew him and claim territory is just stupid. Note should dump her 😀

  25. I like this chick’s responses to the questions. Its like she tells it as it is and she doesn’t try to avoid questions or hide stuff from the media like most stars do. And she is really confident in her answers, you just have to believe her lol

  26. ok this comment has nothing to do with the story but is it possible to change the background i cant see the writing very well cause the writing is black and so is some parts of the background

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