“Yaya” Becomes A Sexy Vampire With Super Junior

The long awaited CF for 12plus‘s “Sexy Cologne” starring Thailand’s rising rookie, “Yaya” Urassaya and South Korea’s super boyband, Super Junior is finally out! It has fans screaming with glee as their idols are being compared between Twilight.

The CF (commercial film) story line description is that Super Junior transforms into handsome vampires who then goes on a rampage yearning for girls hearts. They are met by the charming and sexy “Yaya” who works her charms with 12plus’s sexy cologne which causes the handsome vampires melt.

17 responses to ““Yaya” Becomes A Sexy Vampire With Super Junior

  1. i work in a perfume store in america and i wish there was something cool like that in our advertisement tv!!!

  2. I really love Yaya but I like her in Lipton tea or Mistine more. Anyway, she and Suju are good as always. Wish Siwon was there with her.

  3. lol.. i was in awwe.. when i was watching the cm.. ahaha gosh i love how donghae was sort of the main focus along side yaya.. ahhh ❤ ^_^.. she looked beautiful! and oo donghae was adorable!

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