Scandals left no impact on Film’s career; 3 new lakorns await his return

RS Promotion CEO “Hea Hoh” Surachai Chetchotisak is waiting for “Film” Rattapoom Tohkongsub to return from England so he could be given work from the company. The famous CEO is confident that past scandals bear no impact on Film’s popularity.

“Right now Film is studying English in a London and he plans to return to Thailand in March for one week. After that he will go back to England to finish his studies. Once he has completed his studies he will return to Thailand permanently in May. While he is over in England, he will just be purely studying and working on his reality TV show about his life in London. Nowadays, he calls me occasionally. He is lonely over there and I try to lecture him about being more cautious and sensible”

What work do you have in store for Film?

“When he gets back he will have to work on his reality TV  show, he will have to edit and direct the show himself because he is also a director and a producer on the show. After that, we have three lakorns in store for him”

Do you think his popularity will descend since there has been a tremendous amount of bad press?

“Honestly, there’s been no impact. We have proven that during the phase when Film was subjected to bad publicity, in that time, we have released an MV into the market and the feedback was proven to be more popular than his previous MV’s in the past. The votes also showed that the feedback on his work during those times, were in fact better than in the past”

“All of his overseas work that were put on hold will commence again, you will probably get to see it either end of this year or next year”

How is Film right now, emotionally?

“Right now he’s fine. Honestly, this issue is not in his head anymore. As for all the other pending stuff, we’ve passed that on to the executives and the lawyers to deal with”

Source via Khaosod

15 responses to “Scandals left no impact on Film’s career; 3 new lakorns await his return

  1. I never really liked him until I saw ‘i’m beautiful, hot, and single.’ Well, actually I still didn’t like him, but, he does have some talents, I’ll have to give him that. People makes mistakes all the time, so he shouldn’t be worried. Hopefully his movies are as good as the previous lakorn that I just watched. 😉

  2. It’s funny how Film still gets work whereas Lydia, Payu and Beam’s contract with RS were put on suspension due to “scandals”. Hea Hor is the biggest hypocrite of life lol.

    • I agree w/u “ish” about hea hor being the biggest hypocrite. Film has been in a few biggest scandals then any other RS artists history yet he is still being giving work constantly. Whatever Film is doing it sure is working for him to have hea hor caring for him like that *puke*

    • Whom ever bring in more money, then they’ll be giving more chance. While Lydia, Payu and Beam might seem famous, but they don’t bring in good income, so it make sense to not invest in them anymore. It’s just business.

  3. I never liked Film. Never liked his songs. It’s so unfair how he continuously get jobs. Hea Hor is favouring him too much. Clearly, there are better and more talented stars out there. Such a bias company.

  4. I honestly don’t mind that Film will be receiving works although I dislike him before and still after scandals, I am just irrirated by idiots who does not think before they speak. Seriously I know it is all about business but what gets me is that this guy Hia Hoh is a big fat whore hypocrite.

  5. It’s annoying and sad how the boss support Film through all this time and suspended Beam,Lydia and other who are better singer. I think Lydia should play more lakorn in future i actually enjoy her lakorn with Oil

  6. OMG these stupid news are annoying but interest at the same time…

    I agree with you
    “No, I doubt its business, its gotta be something personal.” …LOL…b/c he tries to defend film everytime or be on his side…:(

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