Pae confessed, it’s just a promotional ploy

Fans were ecstatic when news leaked out that leading actress “Pancake” Khemanid Jamikorn paid a visit to the set of Pae Arak’s 1-2 Call Commercial ‘to show her support’.

In response to the news,  Pae simply dismissed any romantic assumptions to Pancake’s visit and frankly confessed, it was just a promotional ploy by 1-2 Call.

“We were working on a commercial for 1-2 call. Pan was there as an MC and Public relations leaked out the news about her as a promotional ploy. Honestly, she wasn’t visiting me at all, she went there to work, it was nothing (laughs)”

So you knew all along that this was a promotional ploy?

“Yes I knew about it. They invited Pan to work as MC during the time when we were in the news together. They didn’t even need to say it, I already knew. They told me they would fill me in later (smiles)”

So you’re okay with this kind of promotion?

“Well in the beginning I didn’t really know Pan was going to be working as an MC and I didn’t know they were going to leak out news about her visiting me on the set. They filled me in later because they wanted us to

Source via Entertain Teenee

11 responses to “Pae confessed, it’s just a promotional ploy

  1. Someone, who wants to frame them up with false rumors, must be disappointed.

    Honestly speaking, what a lame ploy. Should just let them make the ads dedicated to A-bao and Pangrum 555.

  2. The more I see them the more they are freaking annoying me. But I’m like most people that seemed to go into a story I don’t like. lol

  3. I never liked Pancake. I just don’t know why, just like the Bieber effect. Anyway, I think that they are ‘seeing each other’, what do you think?

  4. wow what a coincidence! Why was it Pancake and not someone else? *gasp*
    The more I see Pancake, the more she is annoying me now. Now that I think about it, I’m happy she broke up w/Weir. Honestly, I felt nothing when they broke up. shrugs.

  5. stupid lier pancakeeeeeeeee hate her the most before i used to like her the most but how i use to hate her the most either .

  6. The promotional ploy is true,and it ‘s also true that they are dating.In that promotional video, they are intimate naturally.

  7. the more i see them…the more they make me sick..just admit yal is together…wtf she is so ugly and he is too…she is nothing but annoying

  8. Geeesh HATERS! Calm yo’ asses down! lol Why does her face annoy people so much, because she’s pretty? o_O I like Pae & Pancake, no reason for me to hate them. Pae seems to be a down to earth, laid back dorky guy and Pan is absolutely classy. If they were to date, that’d be like opposites attract. Hella cute 😉

  9. pae n pancake were suit together so face the fact… those who doesn’t like them just leave them alone cuz they didn’t bother you at all !!!!!!

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