Willy McIntosh to be father, Yelly 3 months pregnant!

By Anna Manning

At last, Willy and Yelly McIntosh have accomplished their goal! After being married for over 4 years and trying to have a baby, Willy announced that Yelly is 3 months pregnant. Willy reveals,

“First, I’d like to congratulate ourselves for trying so hard for the longest time. Right now, Yelly is already 3 months pregnant krub. The moment she became 3 months pregnant, the doctor told us that we can tell everyone now. And right now, Yelly is healthy krub.”

Did you guys conceive naturally or did a doctor help you?

“We had a doctor help us krub.”

How did you feel when you first found out that it worked?

“We were supportive krub. We were supportive since the beginning. I changed my name to ‘Prakong’ (meaning: to carry carefully), because I had to carry her carefully krub. But we had to try and take care of each other because we are both getting older. When we first heard, we were happy. We were scared too na. We felt a lot at that moment.”

Is there anything special that the doctor said to be careful with?

“The doctor said to not go out walking around, to not use high heels, and even to not drive a car na krub. He forbid us to do anything. I think we can still live our usual life, but we just need to be careful.”

How many times have you had the doctor help you conceive?

“About 21 times na krub. (Was there a lot of pressure) Well, there was pressure na because we are both getting older. It’s like having a little bit of time left. As for how much it cost, it should have been around millions krub. It’s not tens of millions of baht though. That’s all I can tell you krub, because it makes me feel a little wasteful too (laughs).”

Who is Yelly’s OB/GYN?

“We are still with Dr. Somjade krub at Jadenin Hosptial around Sithlom krub.”

Has the doctor said anything about any dangers or safety?

“It’s safe krub. Everything is safe. There’s nothing to worry about anymore right now krub.”

And how does Yelly feel right now?

“She extremely happy. She even changed her eating habits. At first, she ate like a model. After being pregnant, man!! (laughs). (What did Nong Mac say?) Nong Mac doesn’t know yet. I haven’t told my nephew yet.”

How have you prepared to be a father?

“I’ve been working hard and been working a lot. I’ve been working to save money because before it was just the two of us. After this, we’ll have more things to pay for.”

You’ve only planned to have 1 child right?

“Just one. I’m happy to have just one because if we decide to have more, it might be dangerous. That is why we decided to have one. As for the name, we haven’t decided krub. I was thinking about waiting after birth so I can see the baby’s face first before giving them a name.”

Does Yelly look different?

“I looked but don’t see anything. But other people see it. Like p’Bin and Hoy came over to eat, they said her body looks different. As for what changed, you guys can see for yourself (laughs).

Do you want to have a girl or boy?

“I’m afraid to ask krub. I’m afraid to guess. It doesn’t matter to me krub, they are both good. I just want whatever we can get right now. If it’s a girl, I probably won’t let her wear anything short (laughs), but if it’s a boy, I won’t let him wear anything short either (laughs).”

Source: Daradaily

8 responses to “Willy McIntosh to be father, Yelly 3 months pregnant!

  1. im so happy for them! reading the news makes me tearful. they have been trying for the longest time..i know they will both be good parents. now they will finally have a family of their own.

  2. Aww I’m glad they were able to finally conceive. Its sad when you see couples who really want to but can’t and then you just see careless people popping them out like its nothing and they don’t even want to be good parents.

  3. Congratulation to them ! After all these years they finally get what they have wanted for so long !

  4. omg the questions these reporters ask!!! they seriously dont give you any privacy! “what did the doctor tell you to be careful about” ….” how many times the doctor helped you concieve?” and “who is the OB/GYN??!!” i think theres questions thats is appropriate to ask and some isnt. are is it a cultural thing?

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