Pictures of Methee and 16 Year Old Garners Attention

Making plenty of waves around the Thai forums and news circuit is the picture of actor, Methee Amornwuthikul and a 16 year old girl.

Methee has once came to “Film” Rattapoom‘s defense against “Annie” Brooks, but what will be his defense when pictures of him and the 16 year old are scattered everywhere around the internet? No one has no clue as to who this girl is, but netizens have made their own hypothetical theory as to who she might be:

1. His daughter

2. A fan who was playing at the same internet cafe’ as he was and asked for a picture.

3. To the personn who posted this up, why does it matter? If she’s 16 or 25 it’s their choice.

4. It could be his younger sister or neice/family relative.

I rather want to believe it’s the first or second theories, but then again, love knows no limit!

[Images via Sanook!]

13 responses to “Pictures of Methee and 16 Year Old Garners Attention

    • You really don’t have to care. If you don’t care than don’t reply. It’s better to not comment than have the urge to reply.

  1. It better be his younger sister, if he has any… I don’t mean the pee-nong that celebrities uses as an excuse lol or be his neice or some close relatives. If no one knew who she is, how in the world did they come up with 16?

  2. to me they look close
    but not like boyfriend girlfriend close
    they look like father daughter close.
    idk if anyone knows what im trying to say hah

  3. Hopefully, it’s a relative or some sort. She can be his daughter, at least young enough to be. Unless, the man goes through a mid life crisis where he thinks having a young one will cure it somehow.

  4. These are fairly innocent pictures, not scandalous or anything. Now if they were swapping spit, I would say something lol…And I do agree with hmm, they kinda look alike.

  5. Photos look innocent. Does it really matter what she is to him? Even if they were dating, it’s their choice. They look happy and that’s all that matters no matter what status they have towards each other. At least the pictures aren’t bad where she’s naked and he’s about to get some action lol.

  6. how do they even know she’s 16? If they don’t know who she is, then it doesn’t makes sense to know her age -_-

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