Who Will Buy Weir’s Home? Questions Everyone’s Asking

After his nasty break-up (or what was a break-up to Weir only) with actress, “Pancake” Khemmanit there has been many wondering about the house that Weir Sukollawat bought that is in the same neighborhood as the actress.

There have been numerous news saying that Weir’s house is put on the market, but than Weir wasn’t going to sell his house to “Pae” Arak who wanted to buy Weir’s house the moment it was to be put onto the market. But the latest news according to INN is that Pancake’s name is on the deed of the house!

There’s news that “Pae” went to buy the house next to yours?“There’s nothing like that at all.”

So, the house is still in Weir’s name?“It’s in my name.”

Has he signed the deed over to you and everything?“I will let you know once again. We want to talk amongst our family first and we want to settle everything (title of the home and deeds of the home) first.”

You haven’t had the time to talk to Weir? “That’s right.”

Rumors are going around that when the house was on the market it was for ฿10 million baht (aprox. $327,118.09 USD!)

19 responses to “Who Will Buy Weir’s Home? Questions Everyone’s Asking

  1. The house belong to Weir but is in Pan’s name? The Teddy bears shop suppose to be 50/50, but now is also belong to Pan and her family ONLY?
    WOW Great going Weir, you’re very smart to let a family of leeches sucks you dried. No wonder there is rumor that you are broken. Hope you got your money’s worth and make uses of Pan for the pass 7 or so years you spend with her. LOLz 🙂
    Weir you better hire a good lawyer, or you will never going to see that money again especially dealing with a flip-flop leeches like Pan’s mom.

  2. Kind of off topic but i’ve notice in magazine shoot and normal pictures of Weir in general and he seems to look better than he did when he was in a “relationship” with Pancake. He looks younger and more refreshed, Pan must have pulled him down real hard.

  3. So wait…He uses his own money to buy a house and puts it under her name…That’s pretty damn stupid. I don’t care how much you are in love with a woman but seriously, that is way beyond idiotic. He invested in a shop, but now it’s 100% Pancake’s, he buys a house, now we find it’s under Pancake’s name….I want to feel sorry for him but he practically brought it upon himself, so I am not gonna pity him. I seriously hope he realizes he needs to stand up and fight for what is his…If I were him, believe me, I’ll make I get every penny I spent on the damn bear shop and that house, not just willingly give it up, but to each their own. I guess I should just wish him goodluck from now on….:(

    • Trust me, if you were him back then. you would have done the same thing. when you are in love, you’re doing stupid that you don’t even realize it. doesn’t matter what other said. once you are done, you’ll realize how dumb it was and how stupid you were.

      • Trust me when I say that. No matter how much I’m in love, I would never consider to buy a house and put it under my boyfriend’s name, I know better than that. I may be in love but I still have a brain.

  4. I need to clear this up a bit. It was in Weir’s name, but Pancake said it is now in her name meaning that she bought the house from Weir. Right now they are going through title transfers, but she wants to keep that business amongst her family and Weir only.

    • Thank you, that clears it up a bit. Thank god he isn’t as stupid I thought he was, hope he sold it for a reasonable price though…

  5. Suck for weir, after their relationship is over
    he have nothing left and that Pancake is in charge of
    everything now.What a bad mistake for dating her.

  6. This is so ridiculous…

    They’re Mom said they were never together…but all this drama makes it seems like they’re going through a divorce.

    Another note…Why would Pae want to buy a house that belonged to Pancake’s ex?

  7. Well he’s stupid for buying the house in the first place, and just because you break up your going to sell the house, he must be rich to do that

      • I’m with you on that shadow cause come on now they came out to say Pancake and Weir had never dated!! Who wouldn’t be pissed?!

  8. whoa Pancake! She seems to be getting quite selfish.
    Is Pan and her mom trying to like take all his money??
    Again with the “FAMILY”. Her mom says “She wasn’t grown-up enough and blah blah”-She’s fricken 22, 23 in 2 months. omg! Pan’s gotta stop using the family excuse/answer for everything.
    And again for her “break-up”, did she really not have the guts to say it herself, why make her mom do all that talking?? You’re an adult

  9. Oooh wow. Weir is really that naive for giving up everything up to Pancake. Pancake is really a b-i-t-c-h. I’m really feel sorry for Weir. I cannot believe that she is actually money hungry. I think Pae will be the next victim.

  10. I hope the next guy she’s with will suck the blood out of her. Karma is too slow with Pan and her mom. Then again, such gold digger that they are, they’ll likely go after some rich stupid guy who’ll let them rob him blind.

    Yes, love is so damn blind at times. In this case, it’s as blind as a bat. I may feel sorry for Weir to certain extend but for giving a whole lot of what he has earned I want to slap him. lol. How dumb can one be to put the name of a house under someone? Seriously, if he’s that rich to just do that he ought to buy a house for the heck of it for orphan kids. That would have been a better use than for Pancake to walk away with everything.

  11. I feel sorry for Weir to have spent lots of money with Pancake (if only he didn’t get what he wanted from her). And I feel ashame for Pancake to take all those things (If only she wasn’t truly in love with Weir).

    We have to know that they were in a RELATIONSHIP and it doesn’t matter what the reason or purpose was, giving and sharing is the right thing to do for loved one. Isn’t it? So guess what, when the relationship’s over, Weir.. you can scream all the way that you bought her house and car or whatever. But don’t call it a CHEAT just because u’re unhappy to see the girl walk away with things you GAVE ^_^

  12. To clear things up…from an interview that pancake did, He’s acutally not losing or giving away his share to the teddy bear store. She’s buying out his share.

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