“Pong” Nawat Praises “Nune” Worranuch As An Angel

Having to co-star alongside actress, “Nune” Worranuch in the lakorn, ‘Kaa Kong Kon‘ for Channel 7, actor, “Pong” Nawat Kulrattanarak praises his co-star non-stop!

“For this lakorn, I’ve accepted the role as “Lak” and the character is sort of a play boy, arrogant, likes to put down others, but really he has a good heart and loves his family very much. When is brother (played by “Nam” Rapeepat) falls in love with the Nang Aek (played by “Nune” Worranuch) which “Lak” see’s as not suitable for his younger brother because she’s just a dancer (Nang Ram/Traditional Thai dancer) and being the older brother, I would interfere with it as much as I could. But I end up falling for Nune instead. It is our first time working together and I’ve seen many of her works before and I’ve been admiring her work inside. When we worked together, I was more impressed with her work, I have to give it up to her for being as an angel/goddess because when she’s on queue she is very precise and it left me doing a lot of  homework especially to prepare myself.” —Pong said.

[Source via Naewna/Entertain Teenee]


10 responses to ““Pong” Nawat Praises “Nune” Worranuch As An Angel

  1. Pong is such a sweetheart, and very respectful towards Noon. He doesn’t play around and calls her “Khun” he’s such a gentleman.

  2. i saw the original with num and noosaba, eh, typical lakorn. noon always look so pretty in traditional dance clothes!

  3. Sigh…no one is a true angel. lol. Though, I like noon’s hair. Have always have something for girl with long hair. I can’t let me hair grow to save my life. It never goes pass my neck.

  4. I love Noon. She is amazing at crying! I have never and don’t think she’s had any other role other than crying and sad lakorns.
    This will be my first lakorn w/Pong I’m watching. Excited to see his acting.

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