Mindfulness and Murder Puts A New Light to Buddhism

Queued up and kept quietly while filming and shooting movie ‘Sa-dti-Seup-Sop’ (Mindfulness and Murder) was put into production by De Warrenne Pictures (who has done movies like ‘Butterfly Man’, ‘The Prince and Me 4’, and ‘The Ghost of Mae Naak’ (starring Cee Siwat and Tangmo Pattaratida)) and does a CSI type genre and the one who does the Sherlock Holmes investigation ends up being a monk.

The movie was directed and written by Tom Waller of De Warrenne Pictures who invested in being the director himself for this movie which the movie is based on a book written by Nick Wilgus a former writer from The Bangkok Post. From the cast ranging from “Way” Prinya Intachai (of Thaitanium), “Kaew” Charina Sirisinha (of Zaza), Natalie Glebova, very familiar senior actor, “See Tao” Jaran Petcharoen, and “Poom” Vithaya Pansringarm (who takes on the role as “Luang Parr Ananda” (Father Ananda) that goes into investigation and puts his detective work to good use to find what’s going on in the temple grounds).

How will the movie turn out? check the trailer below to find out if it puts a new light to Buddhism towards you.


When a homeless youth is murdered in the grounds of a Buddhist monastery in Bangkok, the Police do little to investigate, leaving Father Ananda – a former homicide detective – to try and solve the crime. With the help of an orphaned boy named Jak, Ananda travels the canals of the city to unravel the clues and catch the killer.

Due to release on April 6th, 2011

[Source via Sanook/Thai Films Magazine, Mindfulness and Murder IMDB, and De Warrenne Pictures]

10 responses to “Mindfulness and Murder Puts A New Light to Buddhism

  1. oo.. i am actually pretty interested in this movie just from watching the t-ser.. hmm.. and didnt even know way & kaew are gonna be in here too.. it’s so weird seeing way wear a robe hehe..

  2. I would watch this because these are the issues that does go on in a Buddhist temple in Thailand that you see in the news. It’s controversial but I don’t find it offensive that an ex detective goes to find what does go on in his monastery.

  3. It looks really interesting…yea im not really offended by this movie either. Ive heard a bunch of stories about some monks at some temples misbehaving here in the US but im pretty sure stuff like that doesnt happen often.

  4. This movie will make the religion look bad. I’m afraid that those who against the religion will use or gain idea for criticize. Those who have doubt in their mind of monk misbehaving will surly gain more doubt, and with doubt you will loose faith.

  5. As the writer of the book, let me assure readers that there was no intention to make fun of Buddhism or make Thai Buddhist monks look bad. Quite the opposite. The central character is a deeply committed monk who cares passionately about being a good monk, even if it means telling the truth about what goes on in some monasteries. The Father Ananda books were vetted by several Buddhist experts to ensure authenticity and accuracy. From what I’ve seen of the movie so far, they have done an excellent job and have steered clear of cheap sensationalism. Every religious group has trouble with its monks and priests. Those troubles should be addressed honestly, not swept under the rug.

    • Thank you Nick for taking the time to come and explain to us your perspective take regarding the books and the movie. I for one am looking forward to seeing this movie and reading the book.

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