Film is Destined To Be A Superstar!

Even though he has been bombarded with 2 scandalous news ranging from the scandal with “Sia Ood” or the baby momma drama with “Annie” Rungnapa Brooks, but from his star (of destiny), “Film” Rattapoom is destined to be like “Bird” Thongchai.

His stars has signs of being a superstar because Film is an obedient child, knows the value of being grateful, and not long from now the problems will shift aside on their own. An astrologer advises Film and Annie to come together and settle their differences because no matter what it’s a problem that needs to be settled by those 2 only. They both have not committed a sin nor crime, but the only thing that seems wrong in other’s eyes is of the traditional values that were deemed wrong. If they both continue to sue and counter-sue one another they will just only lose, there will be no good coming from it. If they talk out their problems and settle their differences than everything shall be fine and both will be in the entertainment business like they want for a very long time.

[Source via Sanook!/Gossip Star]

25 responses to “Film is Destined To Be A Superstar!

  1. Really like p’Bird. p’Bird is a real superstar-no drama no bad news no problem, been in the industry for more then 30 years, I think flim cant make it, I dont like him a bit and how can people forget the past

  2. lol.. i found this hilarious.. film to be the next “Bird Thongchai” oh no.. i think film is ok but singing wise… he’s improved but i think he’s better being an actor.. these scandals made him lose even more fame..

    and Bird is like a legend.. you just can’t compare >_<

  3. Bird has got his fair share of news back in the days too, a very dangerous one with the loyal family… but now its just a history, just like how Film’s scandals will become history too.

  4. I like him but I don’t think he will. He’ll be popular but not as much as p’Bird. His vocal skill isn’t good enough. His pasts are too nasty too.

  5. predicting Film will be a superstar. Film has been predicted he would be a superstar by 2007, 2009 and so forth. So, far I’m still waiting for it to happened. Film can never be as famous as p’Bird. P’Bird is multi-talented Film is not. RS has been investing in Film all these year yet I see no improvement from Film’s singing and dancing. He’s better off being a decent actor. Just because Film had the same star sign as p’Bird doesn’t mean he’ll have the same destiny like p’Bird.

    • I agree with everything you said. RS has actually been trying to promote him since ’05…trying to top themselves..trying to top D2B w/ him…nope didn’t happen and I doubt it ever will. To list the most famous celebrities from Thailand I doubt Film would even come to mind…he’s not destined to be a superstar…and i seriously want to know what has Film been doing for RS all these years for them to promote him year after year after year and have almost nothing to show for it…

  6. Lmao…they say this every year, but every year he’s the same. But got to give it to them at least they haven’t lost hope. Next year will be the same title. *Film destined to be an international star* 🙂

  7. LoL…Are they serious? P’Bird? He will never, and I mean never be able to reach anywhere near Bird’s status. One he can’t even sing, so I don’t even know why they even mention his name next to Birds’.

  8. Film doesn’t even have an ounce of Bird’s talent. Yes he may become really popular like a superstar but will he have the quality of a talented person. Honestly his voice is trash. When he proofs to me that he can sing vocally, then I will see him in a better light. Being untalented with scandals is just a bad combo.

  9. I don’t know much about Bird’s past, but I got to like him because he could sing and entertain. I knew Film through scandals. There’s a big difference if you want to compare Bird’s scandal to Film as Bird actually have raw talents.

  10. u guys should just learn how to forgive and forget…after all we all are just humans, we make mistakes and learn from them…NO ONES PERFECT.

  11. As much as I love Film, I don’t believe he could become the next Bird Thongchai. It’s just impossible !!!!!

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