“Aff” and Songkran is THE Couple of The Year

Besides seeing candid and paparazzi like photos from the loving couple of actress “Aff” Tucksaorn and Bonanza heir, Songkran Taechanarong it’s good to see a change when Hamburger magazine recruits the couple who both accepted the photo shoot offer as their Valentine’s day reminder.

20 responses to ““Aff” and Songkran is THE Couple of The Year

  1. I love this shoot. Rarely do we get to see do something on the edgier side! I’ll have to admit, they are a cute couple.

  2. I think the pictures are too (what’s the word??) “modeling”…I wish it had more of a romance or sensual feeling to it. The pictures are nice, but it looks like its more about the fashion, rather than “couple of the year”.

  3. The more I see this couple the more I dislike them. Well, then again I am not really an Aff fan. So, I guess I am bias. She is pretty but something bugs me about her.

  4. This photoshoot is fierce 😉 I like them together. I prefer this guy over her other ex, which was yucky as heck. And Aff is by far one of the prettiest actresses in Thailand, imo. Songkran is absolutely handsome & cute, too 😉 Quite a phenomenal couple! You go, sexies!!! Despite how bold Songkran looks, he seems to be shy in person when I watch all his interviews, lol no wonder Aff adores him, ❤

  5. Those photos are just sooo…awkward? Not sure of the word, it doesn’t make them appear as couple, but more like individual photo snapshots. It should’ve been for adorable.

  6. aaawww i wish aff was with aum….only a fan wishing……but all the best with her an her boyfriend…but he is so not model material

  7. I dont like the pictures, I mean, not because of Aff and Songkran, but because of the person/persons that came with the idea. They would have been looked adorable, because they are, but they look ugly because of the pictures. Who was the creator of this idea. Terrible. I am sorry.

  8. Agree with Kristeeh and marceredluz. They are beautiful people, but the photos are not complimentary. I don’t see any chemistry here.

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