Nichkhun Clears He Is Not The Cause of Bee and Kelly’s Break-up!

Korean superstar, Nichkhun Horvejkul falls into the accusation and being the root cause of the break-up between actor, “Kelly” Thanapat and longtime former girlfriend, “Bee” Namthip.
It is said that the “relationship” between Nichkhun and “Bee” started with a little flirt here and there through twitter and when “Khun” had returned back to Thailand, the young lad had arranged to meet with “Bee” so that both can go on a romantic date together which caused the model to end her relationship with longtime boyfriend, “Kelly”.

Even though the former couple had both came out to deny that they did not break-up because of Nichkhun, it doesn’t stop the rumors from spreading like wildfire. But now those who are still spreading rumors can put it down to rest because Nichkhun cleared it to “Jay” Jetrin through BBM on the show, ‘Mor Chit Dtit Jor’ that the rumors were all not true at all with the message, “: Ohhh myyyyyy. : It’s not Trueeeee T.T.

[Source via Entertain Teenee]

23 responses to “Nichkhun Clears He Is Not The Cause of Bee and Kelly’s Break-up!

  1. WHAT!!??? They broke up??? I didn’t know that, I thought they were gonna last, that’s the entertainment biz….nothing lasts.

  2. I don’t know why, but I still find this a funny news. Just like Nadech being the third wheeler to Pan and Weir. LOL.

  3. wow, they broke up? i don’t think anyone knows..bee is back on the market, she’s a gorgeous woman, guys will be swarming in for sure. about nickhun, i follow him and bee on twitter, i don’t see any posts to each other, nickhun twitters with jay and paula taylor more then bee.

  4. lol this is ridiculous.. nickhun is all about victoria!!! NO??? lol I’m a khuntoria fan. anyways. Nickhun probably don’t have time to make for Bee considering the korean and thai market he has to fulfill. I think he could barely fit his family in and if Bee fits in there somewhere it’s probably his last priority. also he has such a big variety of ladies to choose from. the ladies in korea and the ladies in thailand, I doubt he’ll pick Bee out of all I think it’s the age difference that makes me feel like he won’t pick Bee.

  5. Man eff everything else…the most important thing is that Nichkhun is freakin cutie!!! And where can I get one of those shirts? LOL

  6. Since when was Khun a korean? Sure he sings in korean but he’s still a thai superstar that made it in korea.

    • Gawd get over it! Next time make your own blog and translate. I’m pretty sure people understand what the blogger wrote.

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