Leaked photos of Jay Montonn and out-of-the biz girlfriend

By Anna Manning

Are they leaked photos or photos that were intentionally leaked? It is not so clear. The pictures shown above/below are sweet and intimate pictures of pra’ek Jay Montonn Jira and out of the industry girlfriend that he is currently dating. She is pretty! Leaked or not, it doesn’t matter, it never matter to this handsome pra’ek. Jay never cared what the reporters ever wrote. Well! We’ll just have to wait and see what he has to say and what other photos will be leaked 🙂

Source: Zubzip

Jay responds to us via twitter saying that the pictures weren’t leaked, but instead cut and paste from his Facebook!

11 responses to “Leaked photos of Jay Montonn and out-of-the biz girlfriend

  1. Intentionally leaked? I know him and they both hate this business and how they won’t have private lives. There’s no reason for them to leak it, they try to lay low as possible

  2. I like Jay Monton and his girlfriend is very pretty. These pics doesn’t look like the picture he would want the press to have. Very personal photos too.

  3. pra’ek? i don’t even see him nowadays. that’s why i think he leaked it lol like does anybody care what he does anyway? heard he’s a loser.

    • From the twitter message he sent DL it seems like the pix were taken off his FB by someone on his friend’s list.

  4. Used to like Jay a very long time ago until he came on some game show,which Sam Uranun & Rose hosted (some travel game show)where he mentioned about how Lao people don’t know how to dress & are daggy.Well I must say that I feel quite offended by that comment since I’m Lao myself. Ever since then until now,I haven’t watched any work from him !

  5. do any of you even know them? i find it funny that you can say all these things when you probably don’t know them at all. jay doesn’t want to be in the spot light, he likes what he is doing behind the scenes. how do you even know how old she is?

  6. I know the girl. her name is pailin. we use take the same bus home from school when I still lived in bangkok.

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