Claudia Jakkapun makes a comeback playing opposite Ploy Cherman

By Anna Manning

After being absent from the industry for 5 years, actress Claudia Jakkapun is returning back playing opposite Ploy Cherman in new lakorn “Pimmala” by TV Scene. Here, she will give us the inside scoop of her new lakorn as well as her businessman beau.

How is it coming back to act in a lakorn?

“I miss it kaa. I love acting in lakorns and this occupation. When I have the opportunity to act, I act kaa. It’s fun. I haven’t don’t anything that I liked in a while kaa.”

Are you playing as the antagonist again?

“Well, it’s not that evil na. It’s more like the easily annoyed type. She doesn’t like anyone who is prettier than her. Whoever gets hit on her, she gets mad at them. She’s pretty, but a bit dumb. She never gets along with Ploy’s character.”

Ploy has great acting skills, are you scared?

“If I’m in character, I would feel that way. But when the director cuts the filming, Ploy is the same old Ploy that I know. Because of that, I’m not afraid.”

How do you feel coming back and working with p’Bean again?

“Personally, we’ve worked together since we were kids kaa. p’Bean has also given me the opportunity to come back. Right now, I understand that there are a lot of newcomers and fresh faces. It makes me more of the older generation. I’m happy that I’m back to act.”

How much effort are you giving?

“I am giving it my all kaa, because I already like to do this kind of thing. Because of that, it’s not something that bothers me.”

Some people say that you haven’t acted in a while, how do you feel about that? How long have you been gone?

“Well, I’m back now na kaa. When I wasn’t acting, many people asked about me and said that they miss me. Right now, I’m back na kaa. I’m been gone for a while na, about 5 years.”

What did you do?

“Well, I wasn’t absent from the industry. I mostly did events. I’d go to events, I’d sing… I just didn’t do lakorns. Many people contacted me, but when I went to the channel they would say that I look too young to play the part of a mother. Then, for other roles, I’d be too old. I never passed. This role was the only role that fit me, so I decided to play.”

And your boyfriend, are you going to introduce him?

“Probably not much, because it’s a personal matter. I don’t want it to be a big thing because he isn’t in the industry.”

What kind of personality do you look for in a guy?

“If we get along kaa. A good person with a good heart. Someone who is not mean.”

Have you guys been getting to know each other for a long time?

“We are just getting to know each other. It’s nothing big.”

Are you going to have good news soon?

“Not at all. We just want to continue getting to know each other.”

Are both of your families ok?

“I’m not sure myself, but my mom is ok.”

Have you brought him over to meet you mom yet?

“He’s met her sometimes, but not that much.”

Source: Zubzip

6 responses to “Claudia Jakkapun makes a comeback playing opposite Ploy Cherman

  1. She had a divorce so now she has a new man. It irks me though because she said she never wants to get married or be in a relationship again and then BOOM! She has another man. I used to like Claudia back in the days when she was hosting but now, not so much.

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