No more Lakorns for Paul Pattarapol…

Paul Pattarapol wishes to pursue a career in business, he made an announcement that he will be starring in one last lakorn before saying goodbye to the lakorn industry.

Although he confessed, he will no longer be accepting lakorns, but he will still continue to work on his sitcom as well as keeping hosting jobs.

“The thing is, the business that I’m doing is quite busy and lakorns takes a lot of time to film, I lose 3-4 days in a week and it makes it very difficult for me to work for my business. If you ask if I’ll miss it,I do miss it. People are always asking about me. But at the moment, I have one sitcom, which I have to work on one day a week. Other than that, I’ll concentrate on hosting”

“If you ask if I still want to be in lakorns, I still do but I think I’ll act in one last lakorn and then give it up completely. However, I’m happy to continue working on my sitcom because it’s about timing, it’s not because I’m sick of it. I still love the industry. As for my lakorn, I’m going to have to look into the script, I want to choose a challenging role and I want to work with a good team”

“As for my job as a host, I’m definitely not giving this one up. I’ve been working as a host for 10 years now. It’s a job that I love very much and sitcom is always very fun, I get to star as someone who is not myself, it’s very extreme and it makes life colourful”

Are you afraid that your fans will miss you>

“Honestly I will miss them too. It’s not going to be one sided. But they can watch my sitcom instead. Some of my fans are upset, I received some comments on facebook from people who have been watching my lakorns for a long time, but they’re okay with whatever jobs I choose to work”

Source via Gossipstar

22 responses to “No more Lakorns for Paul Pattarapol…

  1. He may not be the cutest Pra’ek but he’s a pretty good actor. I hope the last one will be a good one. Yeah, at a certain point in life you just have to move on. Wish him the best of luck.

  2. I was saddened when I heard that he was going to be doing one last lakorn. I knew he was into his businees. He may not be the handsome-ness p’ek in the industry but he is a pretty good actor like what “fall” stated.. I will actually miss him T_T.. I hope he’ll get a great role for his last lakorn that’ll make us remember him..

  3. Good luck to Paul. I agree he is pretty good pra’ek and I’m going to miss him. I guess he needs to invest in his future because showbiz is not really a stable one.

  4. I used to think he had a weird looking nose, but I got over it quick lol He is a good actor and his English is very good.

  5. I think he is one of those oldies praek that’s been in the biz for some time….love him in funny lakorns…he can pull it off so well….will truly miss him…

  6. Awwww seriously, he is one of my favorite p’eks. I’ve seen almost all of his lakorns and for him to announce that he’s going to no longer act in a lakorn breaks my heart. Well if he’s gonna be in one last lakorn it better be with ch3 and with a good n’ek, i want a memorable lakorn to remember him by.

  7. this is soo sad; i grew up liking Paul but like what fall said “he may not be the cutest Pra’ek but he’s a pretty good actor.”
    the way he acts in a lakorn makes him handsome;
    i will miss you P’Paul !!
    good luck with your business na

  8. aww, no more lakorns for paul. if business doesn’t work out for him, he can always come back into the entertainment industry, i’ll be waiting to see him act again. he’s not so cute but he can act.

  9. Oh so sad to hear this. You shouldn’t have leave yet, we still wanna see some more lakorn. But anyway, I as one of your fanclub wish you the best luck on what you choose to do and when I miss you I’ll just go back and watch your old lakorn. 😦 ( rahut rissaya was the best!)

  10. awww…I love Paul! First time I saw him was in Prissana. Thought he was goofy in that one. Love Sapai Tornado too. The one with Noon was a bit too emo-dramatic. But him in romantic comedies. Will really miss him! Goodluck Paul! I will come watch your food show. =)

  11. At some point I will miss him. He was one of the best actors. He was the first pra’ek that actually got me into lakorns. But no matter what I will always support him in whatever job he chooses. Paul you will be miss.

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