“Umm” and “Nat” Plan To Wed In The Next 3 Years

After dating for almost 2 years (in February) and at the late end of last year fortune tellers said that actor, “Umm” Atichart and older girlfriend, “Nat” Myria will marry in the year of the rabbit also.

A close insider friend of the couple disclosed that the couple had talked about the future about spending their life together and “Umm” asked for time to save up money and be financially stable in the next 3 years. If nothing changes their love will continue to be sweet like how it is now than you can guarantee that their fan club from all over will get to see the wedding image of the couple.

“Umm had talked about this because of the prediction of the fortune teller and those close to the couple are cheering for them, but Umm is in the stage of working on being financially stable. Like this year there might be a shareholder business for him in China because Umm has a decent amount of fans over there. Umm asked to save money and build a financial family stability for 3 years.”

The insider went on to reveal that at the beginning of the year the couple had went to attend the house warming party of the songstress’s personal manager and “Umm” couldn’t help himself  with the 8 month old baby of his sister “Om” (who used to be a channel 3 actress) and “Nat” volunteered to take a picture of “Umm” and his nephew.

We believe that anyone who see’s this image would want to help to cheer the couple and count the days to come quicker for the couple to marry and have children of their own soon.

[Source via Entertain Teenee/Dara Daily]

30 responses to ““Umm” and “Nat” Plan To Wed In The Next 3 Years

  1. awe, this remind me of that time when ATEAM went out to do merit for their Aff’s birthday — his nephew clinging onto her and won’t let go .. the ateam fans were so crazy then — anyway, i wish happiness for them too .. Nat’s deserve a good life and i’m sure Umm can do that for her. Thanks na.

  2. BOF i don’t like this couple,Aum attichart don’t suit with Nat myria at all .He must find another girlfriend !i like Nat myria but How to say or explain they do not pair together !

  3. Not a fan of any of them but to be honest this couple is just weird. They don’t click for some reason. I think he looks nice with Aff though. Even though I’m not a fan of Aff either lol.

  4. *sniffsniff* i guess they’re really serious.. wahhh.. my ATEAM won’t come true since they both have their own special someone.. T_T.. but anyways if they really love each other then it’s fine by me.. i hope for the best.. because Nat does deserve some better than tao.. and aum too.. but don’t take aummie boy off the market yet!! ahhh…

    and aigoo.. seeing the pics does bring back memories of ATEAM hehe.. i guess i’ll just have to watch them paired up in lakorns T_T..

  5. It really doesn’t matter if this couple doesn’t appeal to the public. They’re obviously doing something right because they’re thinking for the long term and preparing themselves for marriage such is a very good sign. Wish them happiness and hope they have more good years to come!!!

  6. Others might think he can do better, but I think he already found her. It’s more about compatibility, not beauty considering he was with someone more youthful. Wish them happiness!

  7. ha.the last picture is so cute.ha.
    The baby is all like “Get me out of here!!!”
    hhahaha.While Aum like “No way!”

  8. *taking deep breaths* i hope they don’t get married, i’d rather have him single for the rest of his life. OK i;m going to be totally honest here…she looks like his mother.

  9. I always loved each individual!!! I believe both are good with each other. Aum is mature and Nat is pretty.

  10. I want Ateam but if Nat make him happy, then as a fan Im happy for them. They might not be the best looking couple together but sometime looks doesnt keep a marriage together. Look at Ken & Noi, he can do better but they have a loving family & at the end of the day that all that matter. So go Aum & Nat 🙂

    • @Lin, I totally agree with you, but can’t help being a little disappointed that my Ateam couldn’t never be **sigh***.

  11. i like the couple. i agree that every girl deserves a loving caring husband and if he is a couple years younger then thats fine. As long as theyre committed. btw that boy is ADORABLE! lol

    I like how aum is buckling down and taking it serious. I find it very sweet of a man to plan ahead when it comes to marriage.

    i have more to say but nah. ty DL for sharing =)

  12. Did they even came out to say they are “dating”. Anyway I still find it weird and uncomfortable that umm is dating his best friend ex wife, anyway umm is not cute

  13. for a sec i thought is was for real,but oh wait!its the fortune teller. sighh! i don’t they look cute together like puala and ed at all.

  14. so you ppl don’t think they should get married or be together because they don’t physically match in your eyes??That’s a bit absurd.

  15. i wonder y young actors always marry older actress like ken. it must be something those older ladies have. LOL if they r happy that’s all that matters cuz aum is everything a girl should have.

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