Mario and Longtime Girlfriend, “GubGib” Officially OVER!

After dating for a very lengthy 4 years, in the end the young lovers relationship came to an end with their relationship not moving forward for the former couple of Mario Maurer and “Gubgib” Sumolthip.

Both had came out to give an official statement to the press and public saying that their relationship wasn’t moving forward like they had hoped for, but yet they did not end their relationship. So, right now each person has their own life to live on (with tears in Gubgib’s eyes) and there was no third hand or any arguments that caused their relationship to end. When “Gubgib” was asked if “Air” had any involvement with their relationship, “Gubgib” cried with tears in her eyes and replied, no and said they both knew each other since school and both played in a lakorn together.

As for who ended the relationship first? No one seemed to answer that question, but both knew within themselves and they have maintained a mutual friendship still.

[Source via Entertain Teenee/INN News]

To view more pictures from their break-up interview head on over to our Facebook here.

114 responses to “Mario and Longtime Girlfriend, “GubGib” Officially OVER!

  1. Well they’re youngs and it’s not like everyone expect this relationship to lead to marriage. Good luck to both of them.

  2. 1000 /1000 OK for their break-up, because mario can get another better one , i don’t like Gubgib.Fighting Mario like Weir sukollawat ! i like both break-up !Congratulation I am sorry but i am happy !

  3. this is soo sad;
    i was talking to my friend about them earlier too
    how they both maintain such a long relationship in the industry; when my sister told me this my mouth dropped;
    sooo sad ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I like GUBGIB ! Mario too !

  4. Ooh, I feel sorry for Gub-Gib because she seem to love her boyfriend head over heel. Unlike someone that just recently broke up as well but never show any emotion and refuse to tell the truth about their relationship. At least Gub-Gib reveal her emotional for her relationship with Mario and that is normal. Despite the fact that she really love her boyfriend and it just too bad that they broke up. It’s okay Gub-Gib you hang in there and one day you will find your prince.

  5. SUCH SAD NEWS! They were the only off screen couple i root for!!!! Mario looked good with Gubgib. I hope they get back together…somehow…they are still very good friends and always together still. I hope this is temporary.

  6. seriously?…ummm she doesn’t look that sad!…lol..i guess it is just the picture that makes it looks so…lol…

  7. ummm..She’s so fake. I feel like she used him to get into the entertainment business. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a mario fan, but you gotta admitt that she came out crying on purpose, if she was really sad she wouldn’t want to come out. She’s an actress. She can fake cry & act sad to get media attention.

    • i agree with you ๐Ÿ™‚ people this days are good in fake crying and if she is really crying she would not tell it to the media because it will be very painful for a girl to tell it to others……..

  8. haha. We donโ€™t really know about Thailandโ€™s entertainment industry. I think this is just a publicity stunt. lol

    • yah, me too.. i think they just look so cute together.. i see that there is somthing on mario’s eyes when he looks at baifern.. hmmmm.. i’d be waiting for that very day that they would really be together

    • yeah .. its such a nice news .. finally , mario had already wake up from his bad dream for being in a relationship with gubgib .. that girl is fake .. ohh .. so pity ! its just a sign that gubgib doesnt deserve mario .. and they are not meant for each other .. its maybe because , mario needs someone whose much better than gubgib .. and baifern is the quality of a girl that he was finding for !.. actually, fern is much more prettier than gubgib .. not just from the physical appear but also in the inside ..not like gubgib , we can see to her that shes plastic .. !! so .. she must be put in junk coz mario doesn’t care about here anymore .. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. no offence to evryone whu liked thm,, bt i am just STOKED tht they broke up!! frankly,, mario’s too good fr hr. he’s cute, talentd, dresses in a respectabl manner… thts all i wantd to say. k? k. cool. bye.

    • yes thats tru….. baifern is prettier and better than gudgib>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>. YES finally hiwalay na din cla!!!!

  10. it’s ok. it’s better this way so that BaiFern and Mario has a chance to be together..hahah.. how i wish.. its just they look perfect.. love them ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. The girl seem not that pretty..maybe she’s not the ryt girl for mario..Mario should deserve more beautiful and nice girl better that his former gf..go mario.

  12. maybe mario and shin min ah will look good together ???? what do you think ??? age dosnt matter naman at all di ba ???? lol… just kidding :))))

    • hala grbe.. hahaa.
      pde kya yun?? tas na love at first si mario kay shin min ah, tas pti c shin min ah gnun den..!! omigad..!! hahaahah


  14. godbless :)) daming girl dyan don`t lose hope maybe god is writing your love story :))
    just wait BELIVE and ypu`ll see :))

  15. my GOD!!! she’s so pLastic.. i don’t like her… i’m so thankful that they had already broke up w/ mario maurer.. i’m so sorry but.. that’s wat i feel.. lol

  16. they’re back together now..i read it in another site na kaa…hmm..mario oh mario…is she lucky for having mario *again* as her boyfriend???but she made many gals feel damn jealous…including me..LOL

  17. I’m not happy for a couple to breakup but I really don’t think that she is right for him look at her. She looks old enough to be his mother. no offence,

  18. Fu**ing FINALLY. Didn’t she cheat on him? And she’s not even cute, not sorry to say. Bye, basic b**ch.

  19. I don’t like Gubgib for Mario. I wish that they’ll break their relationship. Mario, I wish that you’ll be able to see Shin Min Ah in personal. If that will happen, I will be the happiest individual in this natural world. Why did you chose Gubgib? Shin Min Ah is better than her and will always be. Shin Min Ah and Mario Maurer are the perfect couple for each other. I hate gubgib! What happen to you Mario? What potion did Gubgib use just to attract you? Gubgib therefore is indeed a voodoo. Her existence gives Mario a hindrances in life.
    Shin Min Ah LOVE Mario Maurer! I’ll always be the number one fun of these two cute artists. Korea LOVE Thailand!

  20. I JUSt wish that MARIO and PImchaNok Are lovers. THey are So cute^^…BAgay taLAga cla^^..kaya nga nging hit ang (a crazy little thing called love)..D ko makakalimutan un…
    i CAN’t forget it..!! Cla na lng !!!!…MARIO love FERN PIMCHANoK \(^_^)/..MARio MUst MArrY FERn PImchaNOk!! i DOn’T like GUbGIb!..fern is more pretty than her!!^^

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