Paula and Edward Love At First Sight Back-story

If you have been following this newlywed couple than there is no doubt that you are jealous of the romance that has blossomed between Paula Taylor and her husband, Edward Buttery.

Well there is more for you to be jealous of as the cute couple’s wedding presentation by Narakorn Photography that both had used for their wedding in Bangkok was released. There is no doubt that everyone wishes for a cute love like this happy couple and an encounter to meet love at first sight.

14 responses to “Paula and Edward Love At First Sight Back-story

  1. Omg. That was so cute! They’re so adorable! Edward seems like a great guy and I’m sure that he’ll continue to be a great husband to Paula too.
    It was cute how they were telling about how they first met and stuff. He’s such a gentleman! ❤
    Wish them both the best!

  2. i love them!!! i want to meet my edward buttery!!! and experience “a love at first sight” like them!!! congrats to the couple!!!!

  3. i don’t really like paula, but after i watched this, i am very jealous. there love life is so SWEET! i love how he does the post it notes and all the scarfs with messages. its just so sweet. where do you find guys like this nowadays? i want one.

  4. I’ve always adored Paula, but I think I love her soo much more after watching her on Amazing Race Asia, she was just so nice and respectful towards everyone. She’s just one of those really few very prettie and very kind ppl. And Gosh! Edward…what kind of man leaves his GF love notes…that’s got to be the cutest thing ever! And the scarves were so adore…Love WYMM!!!

  5. paula is a nice person on the amazing race. they suit each other, lucky Paula to get a romantic husband… see love in his eyes every time he talks about Paula

  6. Yes! I wish Edward & Paula all the best. Maintain their love and support each other. Keep on smile to each other just like the way they did on the video…Their love will always there…Best couple ever…Wish you two a life time happiness…


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