Image of “Film” Getting Close To Girl “Leaks”

Causing another round of ruckus for “Film” Rattapoom after a scandal broke out of him knocking up alleged baby momma, Annie Brooks and not accepting the wrong doings. It caused his fan club to be in shock with the scandal, but recently there was a picture of “Film” very close to a former female celebrity who used to be in rumors with Thailand’s tennis pro, Paradon Srichapan.

This caused a lot of people asking if “Film” hasn’t learned from his previous lessons or the female was the one who offered (or “leaked” the images) because she isn’t any less subordinate than “Film” as she has had many news with various guys also.

[Source via Gossip Star]

12 responses to “Image of “Film” Getting Close To Girl “Leaks”

  1. I think they need to leave Film alone. The poor guy had been through hell already with the scandal of Anna and now this? The photo looks normal to me, just posing next to each other. It could be anybody. So if a pretty girl who is a fan of him, or another celebrity or whatever posed next him, so he is interested in that girl? Plus there is people in the back too, it is not like they are kissing or holding hands. Oh please….

  2. this pix is of when they went to go help flood victims in korat.

    if the girl is unknown now but wait until the pix circulates she will be known! i can see her do a photoshoot for some magazine now.

  3. Celebrity or not, everybody do admire one another and I don’t find anything wrong with this picture. It just look like one of those pictures where someone admire someone and just want to take picture for a memory. They should really just leave this poor man alone. Thank you!

  4. She was a supporting character in that lakorn with Aun Wittaya and Sirita Jensen. She was the goth chick that liked Aun’s Cousin in that lakorn.

  5. Pic looks normal to me. It’s not like they are in a bedroom all snuggled up against each other. Now if the picture was like that then I wouldn’t be surprised if it made news. But this picture is nothing. It’s just a couple shot of two people at an event.

  6. Geezus, people are just itching crap out of their bungholes to try and stir up some drama with these celebs. Such petty people! Let the man be! Just because he’s taking a picture with a female, now suddenly he’s a cassanova?! Christ, lol…please find better things to do with your lives, thai media, instead of trying to ruin people’s lives. Let them BREATHE & LIVE.

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