“Yaya” Urassaya Pre-Debut CF

Being one of the hottest rookie actress in Thai Entertainment there is no doubt actress, “Yaya” Urassaya Sperbuen bound to have fan clubs flocking and in love with her that some have even went to find pre Nang Aek days of “Yaya” in a CF (commercial film) for Genie Young Care.

Compared with “Yaya” then and “Yaya” now, we can see that her beauty has matured and “Yaya” has grown into a beautiful woman compared to the cute little lady she was before.

[Source via Sanook]

13 responses to ““Yaya” Urassaya Pre-Debut CF

    • Thanks for the link and I might not be the same J.Lee (J is just short for Julie), but I did live in S.Korea and of course who doesn’t love Rain right?

  1. omg I love yaya!! she’s so beautiful and cuuteee ! can’t wait to see her new lakorn with Barry >.< such a cute couple ..

  2. muahaha. now, you’re playing tricks with my head .. i’m curious as to who you are now .. don’t mind me ..if you know bam and paulette, then perhaps, you are the same one i’m thinking of but if you’re not, it’s alright, good to know another JLEE friend ^.^. thanks for the reply ja.

    • I am actually 1 of the 2 founders of DL. I’m pretty sure JLee is common, but although I don’t know the names that you have mentioned it’s always great to interact with our readers. =)

  3. Julie .. i just remember, jLEE’s name is Jenny — oops, my bad .. been too long since i interact with her so yup, i lost track — thank you for your wonderful reply again (so sorry lol)

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